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Species Machine (Octarian-made)
Hair color
Eye color Purple
Location Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, Deepsea Metro, Flooders in the Attic, Alterna
Maximum HP
Other forms
Flooders... These things can't be destroyed.

Flooders are Octarian machines that appear as enemies in Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, the Shifty Station Flooders in the Attic, and Return of the Mammalians.


Flooders are large, cylindrical machines held up by four legs with one wheel each. They have a flat top and two purple "eyes" with a nose-like knob between them. Encircling the top of each Flooder is a ring of light purple lights. Flooders vary in height, with some (known as Big Flooders) being taller than others.

Flooders constantly shower Octarian ink from their undersides, coating all surfaces underneath them and instantly breaking the player's armor or splatting them if they are caught in the torrent. Flooders themselves cannot be splatted. They are restricted to move along perpendicular pathways, but upon noticing the player, they will rush towards them to the best of their ability, as indicated by a red laser that comes out of their eyes and points at the player (although this laser is harmless and serves only as an indicator). The tops of Flooders function as platforms and can be inked and stood on, and may have an Octarian, crate, or vault present on them. A Flooder cannot spot the player if it is under them, including if the player is on top of it. In Return of the Mammalians, throwing Smallfry at a Flooder will cause Smallfry to latch onto the top and disable it by repeatedly attacking it, preventing it from moving and spreading ink; however, it will return to normal when Smallfry leaves it.


Octo Valley

Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion

Shifty Station

Return of the Mammalians

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  • Players are able to pass by through Flooders. To do this, if there is Flooder moving closer, it can be side-hopped with momentum. Without momentum, it is not possible to successfully get past Flooders. A result is falling out of bounds or instantly dying by standing under an active Flooder.
    • Using this strategy, it can also be used as a shortcut.
  • In Splatoon 3, Smallfry can be thrown at a Flooder, causing it to stop spraying ink as long as Smallfry attacks it.




Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコドーザー
Octo-dozer [a]
Netherlands Dutch Doucher Showerer
CanadaFrance French Pulvérisateurs Sprayer
Germany German Oktofluter Octoflooder
Italy Italian Verniciatore Varnisher
Russia Russian Роболей
From робот robot and водолей vodoley ("water carrier, aquarius")
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Entintadores Inker
Spain Spanish (NOE) Tintapisonadora Inksteamroller
China Chinese (Simplified) 章鱼推进洒墨机
Zhāngyú tuījìn sǎmò jī
Octopus pushing ink-sprinkler
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 章魚推進灑墨機
South Korea Korean 문어도저 Same as Japanese
 Internal Msn_EnmOctFlooder_01 [1]
Big Flooder
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タカタコドーザー
Tall octo-dozer
Netherlands Dutch Reuzendoucher Giant Showerer
Germany German Großer Oktofluter Big Octoflooder

Translation notes

  1. From タコ tako ("octopus") and ブルドーザー burudōzā ("bulldozer")