Flooders in the Attic

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Flooders in the Attic

Flooders in the Attic

Added in 4 January 2019 (Family vs. Friends)
Total area 2,254p
Features Flooders, Bounce Pads, sponges
Hazards Abyss

Flooders in the Attic is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was the eighteenth variation of Shifty Station, and first appeared in the Family vs. Friends Splatfest. It returned in the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest. As of version 5.0.0, it is exclusively available in Private Battles. Flooders are the main feature of this stage, surveying small areas on both sides of the stage. Bounce Pads can be used to ride on top of the Flooders.


The Spawn Points are located from opposite ends and are accessible to the other team. Down a layer is a flooder that moves around that entire area. Three inkable pillars are there and can be used to get onto the Flooders and are the only way to get to the other team's base. Down is a little pit that ramps up to where the Flooder is. A block can also be climbed to get on top of the Flooder in the left. To the left is a Flooder that takes up most of the left area. A Bounce Pad is located near the middle of its path and can be used to on top of the Flooder. Behind the Bounce Pad is a sponge that expands enough to get to the other area with the other Flooder. In the middle are two tiny pits that go lower than the rest of the middle. Uninkable blocks are added in the middle: One diagonally in the middle and the another is added near the edge of the middle platform, close enough to get on top of the Flooder that is near.




  • The file name for this stage is "Deli18" and the codename is "Dozer". "Octo Dozer" is the Japanese name for Flooders.


Flooders in the Attic is named after Flowers in the Attic, the first book in the Dollganger Series by V. C. Andrews, and Flooders, which it features.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ドーザームーン
Dōzā Mūn
Flooder Moon. A pun on Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon), by Naoko Takeuchi.
Netherlands Dutch Dolle Douchers Out of control Flooders
CanadaFrance French Passion sous pression Passion under pressure
Germany German Flut der Gefühle Flood of feelings
Italy Italian Verniciatori lunatici Lunatic Flooders
Russia Russian Роболей-зона
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Vía Entintador Flooder Way
Spain Spanish (NOE) Vía Tintapisonadora Flooder Way