Salmon Run

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Salmon Run
Salmon Run logo.png
S2 Salmon Run 1.png

Type Online multiplayer mode
Players 4
Controllers Joy-Con, Switch Pro Controller
Release Date Launch

Salmon Run is a mode in Splatoon 2. It can be played via local multiplayer (local wireless or LAN) at The Shoal, or online via Grizzco Industries during certain time slots.


Players must collect Power Eggs Power Eggs and Golden Eggs Golden Eggs by defeating Salmonids in order to complete waves. Players must bring enough Golden Eggs to the egg basket to reach their quota in order to complete the wave, and move on to the next wave. If the Golden Eggs are not collected within a certain amount of time, they will be taken away by a Snatcher. Each game is 3 waves long; surviving until the end will increase the player's pay grade, which also determines the difficulty of the mode. Players are still paid if they fail, but their pay grade may be reduced.

Inklings in this mode are equipped with special gear. Inklings that get splatted will return on a Lifesaver. Players should attack this to revive the inkling. Each player is provided a different main weapon for each wave, and two uses of a special weapon (the S2 Weapon Special Inkjet.png Inkjet, S2 Weapon Special Sting Ray.png Sting Ray, S2 Weapon Special Splashdown.png Splashdown or S2 Weapon Special Splat-Bomb Launcher.png Splat Bomb Launcher) for the whole game. There are also various special waves called Known Occurrences, like Fog and Rush.[1]

Ink level and special weapon stock are visible on the Inkling. The Ink Tank is obscured by the lifesaver, but the lifesaver also displays the ink level. The special weapon stock appears as silver packets strapped to the head.


Salmon Run is not always playable online, as the Grizzco Industries building is sometimes closed. In opens in an irregular pattern, but as a rule of thumb can be expected to be available every other day. Each Salmon Run rotation features one random stage and four random weapons to be assigned to players.

The stages menu shows the opening times of the next five Salmon Run rotations, with the stages and weapons shown for the next two. Due to the rotations being laid out in advance, newly-added stages and weapons may not appear for some time.

Loaned weapons

All main weapons can show up in a Salmon Run rotation, not including their variants.

Based on the special weapon a player is loaned, they will not get one of the four main weapons in the rotation. In the order that main weapons show on the Salmon Run schedule:

  • The player with S2 Weapon Special Sting Ray.png Sting Ray will not get the 1st weapon.
  • The player with S2 Weapon Special Inkjet.png Inkjet will not get the 2nd weapon.
  • The player with S2 Weapon Special Splashdown.png Splashdown will not get the 3rd weapon.
  • The player with S2 Weapon Special Splat-Bomb Launcher.png Splat Bomb Launcher will not get the 4th weapon.

Rare weapons

A rare weapon being loaned to a player during a rotation with randomized weapons.

Grizzco Grizzco tweaks the stats of some weapons to make them more suitable for splatting Salmonids.


There are currently three stages available for Salmon Run:

Wildcard rotation

A wildcard rotation as it appears in the schedule.

On September 16th, 2017 at 00:00 UTC, a new type of Salmon Run rotation appeared. During the rotation, there are no pre-determined weapons. Instead, all main weapons are randomized, not being shown until the player spawns at the start of a wave. The weapons change between waves, there are no limits as to how many players can be using the same weapon at once, and the player can receive the same weapon multiple times in a game.

During these events, players have a chance to spawn with a powerful, rare Grizzco Grizzco brand weapon from Mr. Grizz's personal stash, the only known rare weapon being the S2 Weapon Main Grizzco Blaster.png Grizzco Blaster.


Main article: Known Occurrence

There are currently 7 different events in Salmon Run, with some having variants.


There are 6 possible ranks in Salmon Run:

  • Intern (2 tutorials)
  • Apprentice (0 - 99)
  • Part-Timer (0 - 99)
  • Go-Getter (0 - 99)
  • Overachiever (0 - 99)
  • Profreshional (0 - 99+)


Completion of a round of Salmon Run grants players Grizzco Points, which they can redeem for bonus prizes at the window outside Grizzco. The reward amount is based on the number of Golden Eggs Golden Eggs and Power Eggs Power Eggs collected and the player's current pay grade. The player's Job Score is equal to one point per Golden Eggs Golden Egg plus one point for every Power Eggs 200 (rounded down), and the final reward is the Job Score times the player's Pay Grade (rounded down).

Pay Grade goes up by 20 points (not 20%) when a player makes quota for all three waves. Pay Grade goes down by 20 points if the first wave is failed, or by 10 points if the second wave is failed. As Pay Grade increases, players are awarded titles. Titles are retained across hiring periods, but pay grades are reset to the 40-point mark within the player's current title. Titles are: Intern (during the tutorials only), Apprentice, Part-Timer, Go-Getter, Overachiever, and Profreshional.

Every 100 Grizzco Points (200 after reaching 1200 points in a rotation) earns the player one bonus "capsule," which come in different colors representing the type of the contents, or a piece of Gear. The gear is selected from a list of items available only through Salmon Run, and is rotated every calendar month. The main ability of this item is randomly determined when the bonus is redeemed. It usually has three blank slots for sub abilities, but there is a random chance that the sub ability slots may come already filled. The pink capsule can contain any Grizzco gear that has been released, including gear from previous months. If the player receives gear they already have, they can either replace the old gear with the new version, or receive Cash cash (if the new gear has no slots filled) or ability chunks (equal to the filled slots) instead.

Bonus capsules can contain Cash cash, meal or drink tickets, ability chunks, or Grizzco gear.

Reward Type 50% 40% 10%
Blue Capsule Cash 4,000. One drink ticket. Three drink tickets.
Gear No slots. One slot. Three slots.
Green Capsule Cash 4,000. Two ability chunks. Four ability chunks.
Orange Capsule Cash 4,000. One 1.5× ticket. One 2× ticket.
Pink Capsule (gear) No slots. One slot. Three slots.
Yellow Capsule Cash 4,000. Cash 16,000. Cash 32,000.

At 600 and 1200 points the player will earn a superbonus, which always contains the 10% chance reward. The type of superbonus capsule is fixed for the length of a rotation. After 1200 points the player will only earn gear, alternating between the current monthly gear and gear from previous months, until the rotation ends.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese サーモンラン
sāmon ran
Salmon Run
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Salmon Run Salmon Run
FlagFrance.svg French Salmon Run Salmon Run
FlagGermany.svg German Salmon Run Salmon Run
FlagItaly.svg Italian Salmon Run Salmon Run
FlagRussia.svg Russian Salmon Run Salmon Run
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Salmon Run Salmon Run

Salmon Run Rank Names

English (NTSC/PAL) Japanese Dutch French (NTSC) French (PAL)
Intern けんしゅう
Apprentice かけだし
Part-Timer はんにんまえ
Go-Getter いちにんまえ
Overachiever じゅくれん
Profreshional たつじん
German Italian Russian Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL)


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