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The Squiddor Polo is a piece of clothing in the Splatoon series.
It is 3-star item produced by Grizzco and comes with a random primary ability generated when it is received. It is only available as a reward from Salmon Run as the monthly gear or in a Pink Capsule. It cannot be ordered through Murch.


The Squiddor Polo is a green and white striped, short-sleeved polo shirt. The sleeves and collar are solid green. On the right breast and back is the IShipIt logo and on the left breast is a solid green pocket with a name tag.

Splatoon 2

Squiddor Polo
Squiddor Polo
Star power


The Squiddor Polo comes with a random primary ability that can also appear as secondary abilities, which prevents the wearer from having Ability Doubler, Haunt, Ninja Squid, Respawn Punisher, or Thermal Ink as they are exclusive to Clothing and cannot appear as secondary abilities. This primary ability is assigned randomly when the item is received. As a 3-star item, the Squiddor Polo comes with three additional slots for secondary abilities. Since it is made by the Grizzco brand, it has equal chances to roll any secondary ability.



  • This was the first piece of gear rewarded through Salmon Run.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イカテンくんポロ
Ikaten-kun Poro
Ikaten Boy Polo
Netherlands Dutch Bedrijfspolo Company Polo
Canada and France French Polo rayé Striped Polo
Germany German Kurier-Polohemd Courier Polo Shirt
Italy Italian Polo da lavoro Work Polo
Russia Russian Майка курьера
Mayka kur'yera
Courier Shirt
Spain Spanish Polo corporativo Corporate Polo