Brown FA-11 Bomber

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The Brown FA-11 Bomber is a piece of clothing in Splatoon 2.
It is a 2-star item produced by Forge and comes with the primary ability Bomb Defense Up DX. It was obtainable in Japan through a 7-Eleven promotion and is available as a My Nintendo reward. In Europe, it was given to those who purchased a limited-edition Final Fest T-shirt in mid-July. In the Americas, it was made available as a My Nintendo reward from 22 July 2019 until 1 February 2020. It cannot be ordered through Murch.


The Brown FA-11 Bomber is a reddish-brown, long-sleeved aviator jacket. It has faint white lettering on the right breast and logo patches on the left breast. The underside of the left sleeve is a bright orange.

Splatoon 2

Brown FA-11 Bomber
Brown FA-11 Bomber


The Brown FA-11 Bomber comes with Bomb Defense Up DX as the primary ability. When purchased from SplatNet 2, it can have any other primary ability normally available to Clothing (with the exception of Ability Doubler). As a 2-star item, the Brown FA-11 Bomber comes with two additional slots for secondary abilities, which may be increased to a maximum of three slots with a Super Sea Snail for each slot. Since it is made by the Forge brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Special Power Up and a lower chance of rolling Ink Saver (Sub) to fill its secondary ability slots.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese FA-11 オモテ カスタム
FA-11 Omote Kasutamu
FA-11 Right Side Custom
Netherlands Dutch Pilotenjack FA-11 Pilot jacket FA-11
France French (NOE) Blouson aviateur 11 (endroit) Bomber jacket 11 (in law)
Germany German FA-11-Jacke FA-11 jacket
Italy Italian Giacca FA-11 Jacket FA-11
Russia Russian Бомбер FA-11
Bomber FA-11
Bomber FA-11
Mexico Spanish (NOA) FA-11 marrón Brown FA-11
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chaqueta FA-11 Jacket FA-11