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The White King Tank is a piece of clothing in Splatoon 2.

It is a 1-star item produced by Enperry and comes with the primary ability Haunt. It can be purchased from Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe for Cash 600 or from SplatNet 2 Gear Shop for Cash 1,500.


The White King Tank is a white tank top. On the chest is a large Enperry logo in navy blue. Part of the logo is repeated on the back near the wearer's left hip with a crown similar to the one worn by Pearl added to the design. Also on the back is a dark green tag with an alternate Enperry logo in red, just below the wearer's neck. The top is accompanied by a shiny black bracelet on the right wrist, adorned with dots in the shape of an arrow that glow in the dark. The arrow stripes on the bracelet change color to match the wearer's ink.

Splatoon 2

White King Tank
White King Tank
Cash 600
SplatNet 2
Cash 1,500
Star count
Initial Release (1.0.0)


The White King Tank comes with Haunt as the primary ability when purchased from a shop or ordered from Murch, which, being exclusive to the main slot of Clothing, prevents the wearer from also having Ability Doubler, Ninja Squid, Respawn Punisher, or Thermal Ink. When purchased from SplatNet 2, it comes with any other primary ability normally available to Clothing (with the exception of Ability Doubler). As a 1-star item, the White King Tank comes with one additional slot for secondary abilities, which may be increased to a maximum of three slots with a Super Sea Snail for each slot. Since it is made by the Enperry gear brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Sub Power Up and a lower chance of rolling Ink Resistance Up to fill its secondary ability slot.

Splatoon 3


This item is present in the game data for Splatoon 3, but it cannot currently be obtained. It is likely present because it is worn by the Splatoon 2 Inkling Girl amiibo. It can be seen in promotional images and the trailer for Fresh Season 2024, indicating it will be available starting then.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese キングタンク ホワイト
Kingu tanku howaito
King Tank White
Netherlands Dutch Witte Calamars-tanktop White Calamars tank top[note 1]
Canada French (NOA) Camisole DUX blanc (Splatoon 3)
Débardeur DUX blanc (Splatoon 2)
White Enperry tank top[note 2]
France French (NOE) Débardeur DUX blanc White Enperry tank top[note 2]
Germany German Weißes King-Tanktop White King tank top
Italy Italian Canotta bianca Calamars White Calamars tank top[note 3]
Russia Russian Белый танк-топ «VIP»
Belyy tank-top «VIP»
White "VIP" tank top[note 4]
SpainMexico Spanish Tirantes blanca Theutik Theutik white suspenders[note 5]
China Chinese (Simplified) 王者坦克背心 白色
Wángzhě tǎnkè bèixīn báisè
King Tank Top White
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 王者坦克背心 白色
Wángzhě tǎnkè bèixīn báisè
King Tank Top White
South Korea Korean 화이트 킹 탱크
Hwaiteu king taengkeu
White King Tank

Translation notes

  1. "Calamars" comes from the French word "calamar" (calamari / squid)
  2. 2.0 2.1 "DUX" is the French name of Enperry
  3. "Calamars" comes from the Italian word "calamaro" (calamari / squid)
  4. "VIP" is the Russian name of the King label of Enperry
  5. "Theutik" comes from Teuthida, one of the biological orders of squids and it is the Spanish name of the King label.

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