Steel Platemail

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The Steel Platemail is a piece of clothing in the Splatoon series.
It is a 2-star item produced by amiibo and comes with the primary ability Ink Saver (Sub). It is only available from the Octoling Boy amiibo. It cannot be ordered through Murch.


The Steel Platemail is a medieval knight's chestplate with arm gauntlets.

Splatoon 2

Steel Platemail

Steel Platemail

S2 Icon Clothing.png
Brand amiibo amiibo
Ability S2 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).png Ink Saver (Sub)
SplatNet 2
amiibo Octoling Boy Octoling Boy
Rarity Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-empty.png


The Steel Platemail comes with Ink Saver (Sub) as the primary ability. As a 2-star item, the Steel Platemail comes with two additional slots for secondary abilities, which may be increased to a maximum of three slots with a Super Sea Snail for each slot. Since it is made by the amiibo brand, it has equal chances to roll any secondary ability.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコティカルなよろい
Takotikaru na Yoroi
Tacotical Armor
A pun on Tactical and Tako, octopus.
Netherlands Dutch Octoridderharnas Octo knight armor
France French (NOE) Armure d'Octaguerrier Octo warrior armor
Germany German Oktoritter-Rüstung Octo knight armor
Italy Italian Corazza da octoguerriero Octo warrior armor
Russia Russian Латы осьморыцаря
Laty os'morytsarya
Octo knight armor
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Armadura de acero Steel armor
Spain Spanish (NOE) Armadura octoguerrero Octo warrior armor