Splatfest Tee

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Splatfest Tee
Splatfest Tee
Category Clothing
Availability Splatfest Logo.png  Splatfest
Rarity 3Star-full.pngStar-full.pngStar-full.png

The Splatfest Tee is clothing in Splatoon. It is produced by the SquidForce brand, comes with the main ability Special Saver, and has a 3-star rarity.

This item cannot be purchased, as it is a Splatfest-exclusive piece of gear. With the termination of Splatfests on July 24, 2016, the Splatfest Tee is at present completely unavailable.


The Splatfest Tee took on a variety of appearances depending on the Splatfest for which it was worn and the team the wearer was on, but its basic structure was always the same: a short-sleeved shirt that was primarily one solid color with the illustration of the wearer's chosen team on both the front and back, accompanied by a light-colored plastic wristband worn on the right wrist. On the wristband was the SquidForce logo in white, and at the left side of the hem was a small white tag with the same logo in black. The wristband changed color to match that of the wearer's Ink, allowing it to be a different color from the Tee when worn prior to a Splatfest.

The Splatfest Tee also had a default appearance, primarily gray with the Splatfest logo on the front and back. This could be seen in three instances:

  1. In the equip menu, with a green wristband in the icon.
  2. When another player in Inkopolis Plaza had not started the game after the last Splatfest, and thus still had their Splatfest Tee.
  3. When another player taking part in an upcoming Splatfest in a different region was wearing their Splatfest Tee ahead of time.


The Splatfest Tee comes with Special Saver as a main ability. As a 3-star item, it also has three slots for secondary abilities. Since it is made by the SquidForce brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Damage Up and a lower chance of rolling Ink Saver (Main).


Upon choosing a team at the Pledge Box in Inkopolis Plaza, the Splatfest Tee was automatically put into the player's inventory. On the days leading up to the Splatfest, it could be equipped and unequipped at will, but it had to be worn for the duration of the Splatfest itself, and could not be switched out during that time. Jelonzo would even comment on this, informing the player that they could not equip any new clothing bought. Once the Splatfest ended, however, the Splatfest Tee was removed from the player's inventory; when the player returned to Inkopolis Plaza at the end of Splatfest or upon starting the game, he/she would automatically start wearing the Basic Tee. Because of this, having Spyke re-roll its abilities was not recommended.


  • Variants of the Splatfest Tees worn for the Japanese Splatfest, Mountain Food vs. Sea Food, can be bought in real life from online magazine Clip!SAGA, as Saga Prefecture collaborated with Splatoon.[1][2]
  • Splatfest Tee designs have been reused twice:
    • Europe and Oceania's Cats vs. Dogs Tees had the same designs as the North American ones.
    • Japan has used Red Fox vs. Green Tanuki twice, with the same Tees in both instances.
  • The promotional images for Splatfest Power show the Cats vs. Dogs and Rice vs. Bread Splatfest Tees and Ink colors despite it having not existed when they were used.
  • The logo on the Splatfest Tee is similar to the Squid Sisters' dresses.
  • The wristband was glow in the dark. This could only be seen in the Splatfest itself, as it was at night.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese フェスT
Fesu T
Fes (short for "festival") Tee
FlagFrance.svg French T-shirt festif
FlagGermany.svg German Splatfest-Shirt Splatfest Shirt
FlagItaly.svg Italian T-shirt festival Festival T-shirt
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Camiseta festiva Festive t-shirt


  1. Clip!SAGA: Sagakeen コラボTシャツ(イカ)
  2. Clip!SAGA: Sagakeen コラボTシャツ(牛)

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