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Splatfest Power, shown before battle in Splatoon.

Power level, also known as Splatfest Power, League Power or X Power, is a feature introduced in Version 2.6.0 in Splatoon that replaced the vibe meter during Splatfests.

The concept of power level has also been extended in Splatoon 2 to apply to Ranked Battles and League Battles.

One of our interns has learned that starting with this Splatfest, you may notice some small improvements and differences!

During Splatfest, what was previously the Vibe Meter will now display your Splatfest Power. Your initial Splatfest Power level depends upon your current Ranked Battle rank, and your Splatfest Power level will change depending on wins or losses during Splatfest Battles.

The player with the highest Splatfest Power on the winning team will receive a slightly larger boost to their Splatfest Power than their teammates after the match.

Also – until now, Splatfest matchmaking favored grouping players with similar play styles. Players will now be more likely to play with those of similar Splatfest Power level. The higher a team’s average Splatfest Power level, the more Splatfest Points they will earn after winning.

Squid Research Lab Live from Squid Research Lab (14 March 2016)


Power level changes depending on wins or losses during battles. In Splatoon 2, The power rating was changed to Glicko-2 rating system.[1] Splats, getting splatted, turf coverage and playing the objective do not count towards the power rating. The opponents' power ratings are put together as a single value and used when calculating a new value for the player. In addition to rank and power, players also have a rating deviation (RD) number for each mode. The RD measures the accuracy of a player's rating, with one RD being equal to one standard deviation. For example, a player with a rating of 1500 and an RD of 50 has a real strength between 1400 and 1600 (two standard deviations from 1500) with 95% confidence. Twice the RD is added and subtracted from their rating to calculate this range. After a game, the amount the rating changes depends on the RD: the change is smaller when the player's RD is low (since their rating is already considered accurate), and also when their opponent's RD is high (since the opponent's true rating is not well known, so little information is being gained). The RD itself decreases after playing a game, but it increases slowly over time of inactivity.

Splatfest Power

In Version 2.6.0 of Splatoon, a feature was added to Splatfests that replaced the vibe meter with a Splatfest Power level meter. The initial Splatfest Power level depended on player's current Ranked Battle rank.

In Version 2.7.0, the initial Splatfest power of players who were in Rank S+ was changed from 1600 to 1700, and the initial Splatfest power of players below Level 10 was changed from 800 to 1000.

Initial power
Approximate Rank Initial Splatfest Power
Below Level 10[a]
B 1200
A 1400
S 1600
S+ 1700
  1. 800 prior to Version 2.7.0.

In Splatoon 2, the initial Splatfest Power is 1,600, with 250 RD and 0.6 volatility[2] and has seven calculation matches.

  • Splatfest Power level changed depending on wins or losses during Splatfest Battles.
  • The player with the highest Splatfest Power in a team gained a slightly bigger amount of points.
  • Players were previously matched up based on playstyle but were later matched up with players with similar Splatfest Power.
  • More Splatfest Power was gained after a match if the opposing team had the higher average Splatfest Power.
  • In Splatoon, at the top-left corner of the box showing the player's Splatfest Power was a pair of eyes representing the Squid Sister they had sided with: players on Callie's team saw scowling eyes and those on Marie's team saw more laid-back eyes. Both versions had their signature pupils, but with a dark red color instead of the usual gold.
  • In Splatoon 2, since Version 4.0.0, Splatfest Power was no longer displayed in Normal mode, only in Pro mode. However, the game still kept track of it internally, even in Normal mode, to determine how much a team gets for a winning bonus.
  • As of Version 5.3.1 of Splatoon 2, the names and levels of all players in a match were removed from the lobby waiting screen and replaced with question marks if the player's Splatfest Power was above 2,200. Due to this, players were made able to battle against people blocked in their Nintendo Switch system settings as long as their power was also this high.

Players with the highest Splatfest Power for each team are featured in the Splatfest Top 100 rankings.

In Splatoon, The rankings were announced at the Nintendo official Japanese Splatoon website for Japan, Squid Research Lab Live from Squid Research Lab for North America and Facebook SplatoonUK for Europe/Oceania.

In Splatoon 2, the rankings are announced in SplatNet 2.

League Power

Players get their initial League Power based on their performance in their first seven matches. Every change of rotation resets the League Power. Only the League Power of the enemy team can be seen before battles.

Groups whose League Power is high enough receive commemorative medals, either League Battle Gold Medal Icon.png Gold Medals, League Battle Silver Medal Icon.png Silver Medals, or League Battle Bronze Medal Icon.png Bronze Medals and the top 100 of the rotation are displayed in previous records.

Ranked Battles and X Power

Power Level of the lobby, displayed in the bottom left corner. (Visible after completing ten matches for player's initial power level)

The player has a power level for each Ranked mode, although it is never exposed to the player until they reach Rank X. The game has a list of target power levels - one for each rank. If the player's power exceeds one of these thresholds when they rank up, the game skips them to that rank. Ten calculation matches are used for the Glicko-2 initial power calculation.

In Splatoon 2, with the addition of Rank X at version 3.0.0, the rank bar was replaced with an "X Power" level. Each month, X rank players get their power level reset. The power level is exposed after the calculation period that lasts 10 matches. After every month, for each of the 4 different Ranked Battle modes, 500 players with the highest X Power are announced on SplatNet 2 alongside their most used weapon in the last 50 matches in that mode.[3]

  • The starting X Power seeded for the initial calculation is between 2,000 and 2,300. The initial Rating Deviation (RD) in Glicko-2 is 250.
  • If the player ends up below 2,000 power at the end of the month, they rank down to S+9.
  • If the power is revealed to the player and is below 1,900 power during the month, they get "Danger" warning. If they lose while they are in danger, they rank down to S+9.[1]
  • X rank players can not rank down during the calculation period, this may lead to:
    • Players getting significantly below 1,900 power if following initial calculation matches places them there.[4]
    • Players ranking down at the end of the month instead.
  • As of Version 5.3.1 of Splatoon 2, like with Splatfest Power, the names and levels of all players in a match were removed from the lobby waiting screen and replaced with question marks. Due to this, players were made able to battle against people blocked in their Nintendo Switch system settings as long as they are in the top 2,000.

Version History

Version Adjustments
Splatfest Battle
  • The Vibe meter has been changed to a Splatfest Power meter.
    • Splatfest Power will be decided when Splatfest starts and is based on factors such as rank.
    • Splatfest Power will change based on the player's wins and loses of Splatfest matches.
    • The player with the highest Splatfest Power in a team will gain a slightly bigger amount of points.
    • Players were previously matched up based on playstyle, but will now be matched up with players with similar Splatfest Power.
    • More Splatfest Power will be gained after a match if the opposing team had a higher average Splatfest Power.
    • Players in a team who chose "Continue" after a game will have the number of consecutive games they have played displayed.
Splatfest Battle
  • Changed the initial Splatfest Power value for Rank S+. 1,600 → 1,700.
Version Adjustments
Base game
  • Glicko-2 rating system.
  • Power level has been added to Ranked Battle and League Battle.
Ranked Battle
  • Adjustments have been made to refine matchmaking criteria in Ranked Battles so players with much closer Power Rating will get matched up even in the same rank. How much ranks rise or fall will be adjusted based on this criteria. The tendency for ranks above S+0 to be matched up will not change with this update.
Splatfest Battle
  • In Splatfest Battle (team), when the player with the highest Splatfest Power on a team has a power exceeding 2200, all players on the team will be treated as having that higher Splatfest Power value for matchmaking purposes.
League Battle
  • Fixed an issue where immediately after a team's Highest League Power was updated, if results could not be uploaded due to a poor network connection or other reasons, that Highest League Power was not reflected in the online ranking list until Highest League Power was updated again.
Ranked Battle
  • A new rank type, “X Rank” is now available. (Individual power level is exposed to the player.)
Splatfest Battle
  • Splatfest Battle (Pro)
    • This category is closer to what you've experienced when battling solo in previous Splatfests. Players join battles on their own, and seek to increase their Splatfest Power while putting their turf war skills to the test.
    • When you win a battle, you increase your own Splatfest Power and receive Clout equal to the opposing team's approximate Splatfest Power. The side with the most Clout when the Splatfest concludes wins.
      • Clout is not added for battles between the same side.
    • Battle participants are chosen from players that are as close in Splatfest Power as possible.
    • The top 100 players in the Splatfest Power rankings on each side will be displayed on SplatNet 2 in the Splatfest Top 100 list.
  • The amount of Splatfest Power does not increase in '10x Battles' and '100x Battles'.
Ranked Battle
  • Fixed an issue occurring on the X Rank results screen while calculating X Power in which the highest X Power would temporarily be displayed incorrectly, preventing the actual number from being displayed.
Ranked or League Battles
  • When playing Ranked or League Battles as a pair, your rank meter, X Power, or League Power will no longer decrease when playing with fewer members on your team due to internet disconnections for an even shorter period than was previously the case.
  • If internet disconnections prevent a player from finishing enough matches out of the last few dozen matches played, the decrease to their rank meter or X Power for each subsequent unfinished match will be greater than it was previously.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese パワー
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Kracht Power
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Power Power
FlagGermany.svg German Power
FlagItaly.svg Italian Energia Energy
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Fuerza (Fza.) Force
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Energía Energy

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