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SplatNet 2 is an online service for Splatoon 2, created by Nintendo, which allows players to view upcoming stages, personal statistics, interact with friends, and buy exclusive gear. SplatNet 2 was announced in the Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct on July 6th 2017 and launched through the Nintendo Switch Online App, available on mobile devices, on the same day as Splatoon 2. A Nintendo Account is required to use this service and Splatoon 2 must have been played on a Nintendo Switch linked to a Nintendo Account.


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Stage Info

The Stage Info screen shows the upcoming stages for Regular Battle, Ranked Battle, and League Battle for the next 20 hours. Tapping on a stage brings up the player's current win percentages for Ranked Battles. A pink arrow on the side of the page shows how far through the current rotation is. The times shown are linked to the region specified by a Nintendo Account.

Player Statistics

This is the page that is automatically opened when stating up SplatNet 2.

Personal Stats

This section located at the top of the page shows the player's Nintendo Account name, level, Ranked Battle rankings, and total turf inked, all of which are listed over their favorite color (one of six, cycled via the upper-right dashed-circle). This section also shows the player's favourite stage (changed by tapping on its name), as well as the player's current loadout of Main Weapon, Sub Weapon and Special Weapon, its Freshness Rating, total turf inked, and gear with abilities.


View Friends' Teams. If you and your friends are on the same team, you can play with them!
— Splatfest Battle

If a Splatfest has been announced in-game by Pearl and Marina, a Splatfest section will appear detailing the two sides which can be picked as well as the date/s of the Splatfest. Upon tapping this section, the Splatfest section will be opened. Here, the times of the Splatfest are shown and the teams that Nintendo Switch friends have chosen will be displayed here too. The 'Splatfest Stats' can be opened by going back on the top left of the screen. Here, all previously completed Splatfests and their scores will be displayed. The Top 100 of each team will also be shown with the top 5's weapons, gear and Splatfest Power being shown.


CPOD FM is where all of the latest Splatoon 2 news appears. This includes new weapons from Sheldon, the current stages, statistics for the last four battles from Judd, whether Salmon Run is able to be currently played, SplatNet 2 that is about to expire, the player's Lifetime Inkage, and if a Ranked Battle rank has increased.

My Stats

Located by tapping the Sunken Scroll at the bottom, the My Stats page shows the player's Lifetime Inkage, Weapons stats, Stage stats, League Battle stats, Agent 4 stats, Spaltfest stats, and Network stats.

Lifetime Inkage

Compare your lifetime turf inkage to the size of famous landmarks! Ink enough, and you might be 'rewarded!'
— Lifetime Inkage Subtitle

As ink is splatted in 'Splatoon 2' the amount of ink splattered is accumulated to where certain milestones can be reached as a form of a challenge.

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Milestone Ink Required
Yosemite Valley 4652000p
Machu Picchu 1512000p
Central Park 1031000p
New Wallpapers 800000p
Monaco 611000p
Mont-Saint-Michel 293000p
New Wallpapers 200000p
Squid Research HQ x10 121000p
Great Pyramid of Giza 16000p

Weapon Stats

The statistics of all of the weapons used are found here and can be sorted by: Favourites, Main, Sub, Special, Turf Inked, and Wins. For each weapon, the number of wins, total turf inked, current Freshness Rating, sub and special weapon are listed.

Stage Stats

All stages are shown on this screen and can be sorted by: Recently played, Win Rate (Splat Zones), Win Rate (Rainmaker), or Win Rate (Tower Control). Each stage shows their overall win percentage as an average of the win percentages of the three Ranked Battle modes which are also shown. The mode with the highest win percentage is indicated by a pink star. If a mode has not been played on a certain stage, that section of the stage statistics will be blank.

League Battle Stats

The highest League Power that a player has achieved for both team and pair will be shown here as well as the amount of wins, seconds, and thirds. The top 100 teams or pairs for each time period can also be displayed here.

Agent 4 Stats

This section shows the statistics for the Single Player Campaign in Octo Valley (mode), with the player's current title, and stages cleared shown. The best times can also be seen here which can be viewed by weapon.


This section shows the amount of communication errors suffered during gameplay.

Battle Stats

This section will show all of the statistics from a player's last 50 battles including: number of wins to losses, average splats and assists and the average amount of special weapons used per battle. Each battle can be viewed with individual statistics being shown such as a player's number of splats, number of times splatted, how many times the player's special weapon was used and their equipment. The scores given by Judd and Li'l Judd are also shown. All players statistics can also be viewed, even those on the other team.

SplatNet Gear

Check out this SplatNet exclusive gear! (One item per order.)
— SplatNet gear

SplatNet gear is an online retail service run by Annie. A new piece of gear will be available every two hours and is available for 10 hours in total. Once the time is up, the gear disappears and is unable to be purchased. All orders can be picked up from Murch in Inkopolis Square immediately after ordering. The gear available for purchase can be found again later with different main abilities. However, only one type of gear can be held at one time so if one orders a duplicate with a different main ability one will need to choose which to keep and which to throw away once the player meets with Murch. Only one piece of gear can be ordered at one time. If another piece of gear is ordered without the previous one being picked up in-game, the player is asked to replace the ordered item.


  • SplatNet 2 can be refreshed by tapping the Spawn Point-looking icon in the bottom right

Names in Other Languages

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