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SplatNet 3 is an online service for Splatoon 3, which contains features like checking battle records and ordering special in-game gear from the SplatNet Gear Shop, as well as the new feature Crusty Sean's Wandercrust Tour.[1] It is a sequel to SplatNet 2 and was announced in the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct on 10 August 2022. Like its predecessor, it was made available through the Nintendo Switch Online app when Splatoon 3 launched. A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use this service.[2]


There are four main tabs, which are always accessible on the bottom of SplatNet 3: Home, Schedule, Battles, and Salmon Run.


This is the home and start-up page after opening SplatNet 3. On the top of the page, an unlabeled series of tabs advertises My Outfits as one of four other unknown pages. Directly underneath is an option labeled Online, which displays the Nintendo Switch Online User Icons of the player's currently online friends. Twelve other labeled page icons appear underneath this, with SplatNet Gear Shop, Freshest Fits, and History having larger icons than the other nine. [2]


The SplatNet Gear Shop is an online retail service that allows players to order special in-game gear not sold in shops using their in-game cash. This version of the gear shop hosts the The Daily Drop, and appears to have a daily stock themed after a particular gear brand. At the bottom of the page, the brand's favored ability is displayed.[2]

After ordering from SplatNet, the player may meet Murch in Splatsville to pay for the ordered gear. Unlike ordering gear from another player, gear ordered from SplatNet can be bought immediately and is kept indefinitely until purchased or removed.

Freshest Fits

This allows players to view and edit their Freshest Fits.[3]

While viewing a Fit, the player can see the total number of ability points granted by the gear in that Fit.[3]


This page displays the player's Splashtag, equipped weapon and gear, the date they started playing, their all-time best rank, total wins, total badges, and favorite weapons.[2]

Wandercrust Tour

Main article: Wandercrust Tour
Crusty Sean's going on a journey, and the more you ink, the more points you'll get to cheer him along. Who knows, he might even bring you a souvenir!
— SplatNet 3
To all my best battered barnacles...

Wandercrust Tour[2], also called Crusty Sean's Wandercrust[1] is a new milestone system where the player can support Crusty Sean on a trip and earn rewards from inking turf during battles, including special wallpapers for their smart device.[2] A similar functionality was present in SplatNet 2.


This page provides access to the current catalog and the player's progress in it.


This page is related to the in-game Photo Mode. 20 photos can be stored for up to 3 months.


This page shows the player's weapon stats, such as the number of wins, turf inked, and freshness, as well as the weapon's information, like its sub and special weapon. A similar functionality was present in SplatNet 2.


This page shows the player's stage stats, including recently played stages and win percentages. A similar functionality was present in SplatNet 2.


This page shows the teams for the current Splatfest, it allows players to plan to vote for one of the three teams, and see what teams players on their Nintendo Switch friend list decided to vote for.

Story Mode

This page shows the player's stats for Splatoon 3's Story Mode, including level clear times and percentage of missions cleared. A similar functionality was present in SplatNet 2. Special wallpapers can be earned as rewards for 100% exploration, and clearing the story.

View Replays

This page is related to the battle replays accessed in-game at the Lobby Terminal. 50 replays can be stored for up to 30 days.

QR Code Reader

The QR Code Reader allows users to "scan specific real-world QR codes to get special rewards," and states that "detailed information about QR code locations will be announced in the future."[4]


This page provides access to app settings.


This tab shows the current and upcoming Regular Battle, Anarchy Battle, and Salmon Run Next Wave[4] map and mode schedules for the next 24 hours. A similar functionality was present in SplatNet 2.


On this tab, detailed stats from the player's last fifty battles are displayed. At the top, the player's current win ratio and average splats, deaths, and specials are displayed. Further down is a detailed list of battles showing if the player won or lost, the stage, how many points they had, and what weapon they used, as well as the same match information for other players in the match. The list of battles is divided by what mode was played. Unlike in Splatoon 2, this information is also viewable in-game instead of exclusively available in SplatNet.[2]

Salmon Run

This tab shows the player's Salmon Run Next Wave stats and shift information, as well as detailed stats from the player's last fifty jobs. Similar functionality was present in SplatNet 2.


Main article: List of SplatNet 3 staff

The credits are found in the Settings menu. SplatNet 3 was developed by Hatena and published by Nintendo. Every staff member is listed in the credits alongside the icon of their favourite weapon.


SRL Web Team here! We stole the tweeting device from User Interface and paused our office foosball tourney to tell you this: SplatNet 3 is rad! You can see your rank history, support Crusty Sean's Wandercrust Tour, and more. Check it out in the Nintendo Switch Online app! Woo!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[5]


Names in other languages

SplatNet 3

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Japan Japanese イカリング3
Ikaringu 3
Squid Ring 3