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For the term as used in Splatoon, see Level.

In Splatoon 2, Freshness refers to a player's skill ranking with a particular main weapon, replacing Vibe from Splatoon. Similarly to Vibe, it increases by one point when a player wins a match and decreases by a variable amount when losing based on the player's current Freshness rating. However, unlike with Vibe, Freshness is tracked for each specific main weapon and does not reset. It also changes only from Regular Battles and not from Ranked Battles, League Battles or Splatfests.

As of version 3.0.0, when the player loses while having fewer teammates than the opposing team, the Freshness rating does not change.

Whenever a player reaches a new Freshness rating with a weapon, they earn a large one-time Battle Points bonus. This bonus is not affected by the use of a Crust Bucket Ticket. Losing and regaining a rating does not grant the bonus a second time.

Each rating has a specific flag color that is displayed beside a weapon's name in the weapon select. The flag's color is representative of that weapon's highest Freshness rating, not its current rating. Therefore, if Fresh is reached with a weapon before dropping back down to Raw, it will still display the Fresh flag on the weapon select. Max freshness is at 99.0.

Title Score to Reach Score Penalty on Loss Bonus on Reaching Flag Color
Dry 0 -0.5 N/A Grey
Raw 5 -1 3000p Green
Fresh 10 -1.5 4500p Orange
SUPERFRESH! 15 -2 6000p Silver
SUPERFRESH! 20 -2.5 No bonus White
SUPERFRESH! 50 -3 No bonus Gold


Names in other languages

Freshness meter Freshness bonus
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese チョーシ
Tune, rate, condition, rhythm
Netherlands Dutch Versheidsmeter Freshness meter
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Versheidsbonus Freshness bonus
Germany German Style Bonus Style Bonus
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Valoración Valuation
Spain Spanish (NOE) Estilo Style
English Japanese Dutch French (NTSC) French (PAL)
Dry チョーシあげていこう Groentje
German Italian Russian Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL)
Kleiner Fisch
(Small Fish)
English Japanese Dutch French (NTSC) French (PAL)
Raw チョーシぼちぼち Middenmoot
(Mid range; pun on "moot", 'a piece of fish')
Pas mal.
(Not Bad)
German Italian Russian Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL)
Flotte Sprotte
(Brisky Sprat)
(Green; as in, "unripe")
English Japanese Dutch French (NTSC) French (PAL)
Fresh チョーシいいね! Neusje van de zalm
(Nose of the salmon; phrase meaning 'the best of the best')
Classe !
German Italian Russian Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL)
Toller Hecht
(Nice Pike)
English Japanese Dutch French (NTSC) French (PAL)
Trop classe !
(Too cool!)
German Italian Russian Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL)

(Hammerhead shark)