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Vibe is an indicator of the winning streaks of players in online battles in Splatoon, shown in both the lobby and the waiting room before a match. On the Vibe Meter is a title and a number of flags. Winning battles adds one flag and, conversely, losses deduct flags depending on the Meter's current level.

Speaking to Judd in Inkopolis Plaza rewards the player with cash based on their Vibe. Since it resets when the stages change, rewards are lost if the player does not collect them within the stage cycle in which they played.

During a Splatfest, Vibe was replaced by Splatfest Power. Prior to Version 2.6.0, Vibe was used for Splatfests with no alterations, allowing for very high numbers of flags because of the lack of stage rotation.

In Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, Vibe is replaced by Freshness.


The following table lists Vibe levels, flag penalties, and payouts:

Meter Level Flags Penalty Payout
Chill (NA)[a]
Lukewarm (EU/OC)[b]
0 0 Cash 0
Toasty 0.5-3 -0.5 Cash 100
Smokin' 3.5-6 -1 Cash 300
SO HAWT!! (NA)[a]
On Fire! (EU/OC)[b]
6.5+ -1.5 Cash 1,000

Players can only claim each level's reward once per stage rotation. Upon claiming one, all of the previous levels' unclaimed bonuses are included. For example, consider the following scenarios:

  • Map selection changed.
  • Scenario 1:
    • Player reaches three flags (Toasty) and talks to Judd.
    • Player receives Cash 100.
    • Player continues fighting, reaches four flags (Smokin'), and talks to Judd.
    • Player receives Cash 300.
  • Scenario 2:
    • Player reaches four flags (Smokin') and talks to Judd.
    • Player receives Cash 400.
    • Player loses a match and is now down to three flags (Toasty). They talk to Judd.
    • Judd does not give any money, just advice.

If the player reaches a certain Vibe level, drops to a lower one, and then talks to Judd, they still get the reward of the highest flag count they earned.

  • Scenario 3:
    • Player reaches seven flags (SO HAWT!) but continues playing.
    • Player loses a match and goes down to 5.5 flags (Smokin'), and talks to Judd.
    • Player still receives Cash 1400 for reaching 'SO HAWT!'

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese チョーシメーター
chōshi mētā
Condition Meter
France French (NOE) Appréciation Appreciation
Italy Italian Metro Meter
Spain Spanish (NOE) Medidor Meter
English (NTSC) English (PAL) Japanese French (NTSC) French (PAL) Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL) German Italian
Chill Lukewarm チョーシあげていこう
chōshi agete ikō
(Condition: Let's raise it)
Podría ser mejor...
(Could be better...)
Kleiner Fisch
(Little fish)
Toasty チョーシぼちぼち
chōshi bochi-bochi
(Condition: So-so)
Pas mal.
(Not bad.)
Flotte Sprotte
(Fast sprat)
Smokin' チョーシいいね!
chōshi ii ne!
(Condition: Nice!)
Classe !
Toller Hecht
(Great pike)
SO HAWT!! On Fire! チョーシサイコー!!
chōshi saikō!!
(Condition: The best!!)
Trop classe !
(Hammerhead shark)


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