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For the hub world of Splatoon 2, see Inkopolis Square.
Inkopolis Plaza

Inkopolis Plaza is the main hub of Splatoon and the heart of Inkopolis. From here players can access various modes and shops, as well as interact with other players' Inklings via Miiverse.


The Plaza is roughly square-shaped, with a large sidewalk. At the far north side is Inkopolis Tower which houses the Battle Lobby, allowing the player to access online battles. To the south is a train station just outside the bounds of the accessible area.

The Plaza.

On the west side of the Plaza is Booyah Base, a small set of shops in which the player can buy items, including weapons at Ammo Knights, headgear at Cooler Heads, clothing at Jelly Fresh, and shoes at Shrimp Kicks. Each shop has a charismatic shopkeeper representing a different type of marine life. These include Sheldon the horseshoe crab, Annie the sea anemone (and Moe the clown fish), Jelonzo the jellyfish, and Crusty Sean the shrimp.

In the northeast corner is a grated manhole from which Octo Valley can be accessed. Next to it is a Café and above it is a small catwalk, which leads to the Battle Dojo and the Inkopolis News Studio. On the eastern side of the Plaza is Spyke's alleyway, and at the southeast corner is the amiibo box.

After playing with others online, their Inklings will temporarily appear in the Plaza, first in front of Inkopolis Tower, then scattered around the rest of the area. The player can see their name, Level, rank, and the weapon and gear that they had equipped when the player saw them last. Gear can be ordered from here via Spyke.

Tanuki and Fox statues in Inkopolis Plaza

Inkopolis Plaza also features two large statues: a tanuki on top of the Squid Sisters' studio and a fox on Booyah Base. The animals depicted by these statues were involved the second Japanese Splatfest, Maruchan Red Fox vs. Green Tanuki.


Inkopolis Plaza during Splatfest.

During a Splatfest, it is nighttime in Inkopolis Plaza. Decorated with colored lights and lanterns, small team-colored sparks rising from the ground, and neon signs and fireworks with Miiverse posts, it takes on a much more festive tone. In the center are two trucks outfitted with stage equipment upon which the Squid Sisters perform a song unique to Splatfests which serves as the background music in the Plaza and, to a lesser extent, the Shooting Range. Jellyfish and Inklings alike are gathered in front of the trucks, wearing Splatfest Tees and dancing to the music. Since players must wear their Splatfest Tees, Jelonzo will have special dialogue informing them that they cannot equip new clothing bought.


  • The layout and design of Inkopolis are based on the city of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.
  • As stated in a developers' interview, the fox and tanuki statues above Inkopolis Plaza are leftovers from when Splatoon's main characters were to be rabbits. The central theme to the character design was originally going to be Japanese folklore, including such animals as cats, foxes, and tanuki - hence the statues. It is unknown how the aquatic inhabitants of Splatoon's world came up with the designs for them, but they were nonetheless intended to show respect for the past.[1]


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 広場
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Place de Chromapolis Inkopolis Square
FlagGermany.svg German Zentrum Center
FlagItaly.svg Italian Piazza centrale Main Plaza
FlagSpain.svg Spanish La Plaza Square


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