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An Inkling going through a grate on Urchin Underpass.

A grate, or mesh, is a terrain feature in the Splatoon series.


Grates are ink-resistant metal bars that can be laid both vertically or horizontally. Inklings and Octolings can pass through them in swim form, though while in humanoid form, they can walk on them without passing through. Ink can also be shot through them.


In multiplayer modes, grates are used as a natural territory barrier so players must transform into a squid or octopus to pass. Grates can also be used to ambush enemy players who are not expecting an attack from above them. In single-player modes, grates should be explored as they often lead to hidden areas with Sunken Scrolls or additional Power Eggs.

List of appearances


Cap'n Cuttlefish looking out of the grated manhole in Inkopolis Plaza.
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish occasionally peeks out of a grated manhole in Inkopolis Plaza. This is also where players enter Octo Valley.
  • Grates allow players to travel inside kettles in Octo Valley.
  • In Arowana Mall, grated side walkways can be used to reach higher ground and attack enemies with chargers. However, falling through many of these grates will cause players to land in water.
  • Blackbelly Skatepark contains small, rectangular areas next to the central tower that are guarded by fences. These fences act as grates, and can only be passed through when in swim form.
  • Bluefin Depot utilizes many grated features, including grated walkways leading to teams' bases, and small, grated platforms used to access the stage's lower areas. Going into swim form while standing on any of these grates will cause players to fall into the water.
  • Hammerhead Bridge heavily features grates throughout the map. The grates are connected to several raised platforms, effectively working as a bridge on top of the rest of the stage.
  • Kelp Dome encourages players to heavily rely on grated walkways that lead to the center area. These walkways serve as popular spots to ambush enemies and infiltrate the opposing team's territory.
  • Saltspray Rig includes a mobile grated platform attached to a crane. It allows players to ink the large, top area from a safe distance.
  • In Urchin Underpass, the fastest way to enemy territory is guarded by a large, metal fence. Both side passages are also blocked by grates on the sides nearest each team's base.
  • Walleye Warehouse uses grates in a minor way, allowing players to travel to different elevations quickly.
  • In the centre of Flounder Heights, a grate connects the two highest parts of the map.
  • In Camp Triggerfish, there are some grates and also walkways made of rope which act like grates.
  • There are spinning art display stands at Museum d'Alfonsino which can be climbed up in swim form. There are grates to stand on attached to it.
  • Near each spawn in Mahi-Mahi Resort there are grated walkways that come out when the water level drops. This allows easier base invasions. There are also two grates in the middle, near the back walls.

Splatoon 2

  • Marie stands atop a grated manhole in Inkopolis Square. This is where the player enters Octo Canyon.
  • The Shooting Range has two sets of grates, one in each room.
    • In the right room, it circles the back wall and a portion of the side walls. There are two Squid Bumpers located on these sets of grates.
    • In the left room, it branches off the left side of a small ramp, connecting to the side wall.
  • Like in Octo Valley, grates allow the player to travel inside kettles in Octo Canyon.
  • In Musselforge Fitness, there are grated walkways on the left side of each team's spawn point as well as two grated walkways that connect to the elevated platform in the middle of the stage.
  • In Starfish Mainstage, grated walkways are located on the left side of the block in front of each team's spawn point, and other grated walkways that extend from the front of the tall vantage points to the side of the elevated platforms that connect to the main stage.
    • In Tower Control, another block in front of each team's spawn point has been placed with grated walkways that extend to each team's right side of their spawn point.
  • In Humpback Pump Track, grated walkways are located on the middle platforms along the outermost tracks.
  • Inkblot Art Academy has small grated walkways attached to the buildings in front of each team's spawn point.
  • Small grated walkways are located in Moray Towers close to the middle area, on the right side of each team's spawn point.
  • Manta Maria has grates around the central mast, connecting the team's upper areas, as well as the two masts nearby each team's spawn point.
  • There are elevated grates towards the right side of Goby Arena, at each team's end of the stage. There are also grates in front of the platform in front of the center of the stage, closer to the player's spawn point.
  • All returning stages from Splatoon such as Blackbelly Skatepark and Arowana Mall have grates in identical places.
  • New Albacore Hotel features a large on the center, which is used for access to the other side of the map, and a small grate on the very right of the stage, which is also used for crossing the middle.
  • Sturgeon Shipyard features one large grate below the bridge with a bumper in the center. There are also grates in front of a moving bridge.



  • Grates do not show up on the Gamepad map in Splatoon, but do appear on the map in Splatoon 2.
  • Returning to humanoid form from swim form while in the middle of a grate push the player out of it.
  • Krakens, being based on squid form, also be able to go through grates.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese カナアミ
Kana Ami
Wire Mesh
Netherlands Dutch Hek
Canada and France French Grille Grate
Germany German Gitter Lattice
Italy Italian Grate Grate
Russia Russian Решётка
Spain Spanish Rejilla Lattice