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An Inkling jumping into water in a pre-release version of Camp Triggerfish.
Don't fall, Agent 3! You know we sea creatures can't swim! (Heh heh...)

Water is a terrain feature in Splatoon.


Water is a liquid found in many stages and Octo Valley missions that causes Inklings to dissolve when touched, forcing them to respawn.

One of our interns recently saw a squid guy fall into a creek during a Turf War, and guess what?! The squid dissolved! This suggests that these creatures can’t maintain a solid form when submerged in water. Does this mean that they’re actually made of liquid?


In a few multiplayer stages, such as Arowana Mall, water is used as a hazard to splat players who fall in. It is often placed strategically under grated walkways and platforms, so that players who become squids while on said platforms are forced to respawn. Water also surrounds Saltspray Rig, Bluefin Depot, and Camp Triggerfish.


Arowana Mall

S Stage Arowana Mall.png

Arowana Mall is built next to a beach and includes several water features. For instance, the central platform is surrounded by water, and falling through a grated walkway into this area will cause Inklings to respawn.

Bluefin Depot

S Stage Bluefin Depot.png

Bluefin Depot is surrounded entirely by water. When leaving a team's base, the grated walkways to the left and front are located directly over water. The two central areas are also encircled by water, meaning that missed jumps and poorly-timed Inkzooka blasts can force Inklings to respawn.

Camp Triggerfish

S Stage Camp Triggerfish.png

Camp Triggerfish is built on top of a lake, meaning that a misstep can force Inklings to respawn. This stage also includes a multitude of walkways and platforms built out of net, and using squid form while on most of these platforms will plunge Inklings directly into water.

Saltspray Rig

S Stage Saltspray Rig.png

Saltspray Rig is an oil rig off the shore of Inkopolis, surrounded by water. However, because of Saltspray Rig's height, Inklings who fall off the edges of this stage will likely be splatted by out-of-bounds limitations rather than the water itself.

Hammerhead Bridge

S Stage Hammerhead Bridge.png

Hammerhead Bridge is surrounded by water, though it largely exists as part of the background and rarely causes splatting as opposed to out-of-bounds limitations.

Mahi-Mahi Resort

S Stage Mahi-Mahi Resort.png

Mahi-Mahi Resort is surrounded by water. There are lots of platforms where missed or incorrectly timed jumps will force the player to respawn. When there is 1 minute and 30 seconds remaining in Regular Battle, the water level drops, revealing more platforms. In Ranked Battle, the water level drops when there are 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining on the timer, but it drops immediately on Tower Control

Piranha Pit

S Stage Piranha Pit.png

Piranha pit is surrounded by water. If the player accidentally falls off the island, they will be splatted.

Museum d'Alfonsino

S Stage Museum d'Alfonsino.png

There is a fountain in Museum d'Alfonsino. Players who don't watch their step can fall in. This is most often when the tower is moving over it in Tower Control.

Octo Valley

Water can be found on some levels of Octo Valley, such as Propeller-Lift Playground, as a hazard to Agent 3.



  • If the player gets splatted by water, the time it takes for them to respawn will be shorter than if they got splatted. This can be useful if a player is about to get splatted by an opponent.


  • Jellyfish don't appear to have the same problems Inklings have with water, as they can be seen on boats, swimming in the water at Mahi-Mahi Resort and fishing with their long tentacles.
  • The fact that Inklings dissolve in water is when in the end of the animation, the clothing and weapon of the Inklings is now shown sinking in the water.