Octo Valley (mode)

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Octo Valley
Type Single-player campaign
Players 1
Weapons Hero Shot
Specific sub weapons
Specific special weapons
Controllers width=auto GamePad
Release Date Launch
This article is about the mode. For the location by the same name, see Octo Valley (location). For the song, see Octo Valley (song).
Use your smarts and squid powers to save the Great Zapfish for the evil Octarian army in single-player story mode. Go get those Octojerks, bucko!
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Octo Valley (also known as Hero Mode) is a single-player mode in Splatoon. It involves the player donning a Hero Suit and venturing into the titular location where the Octarians dwell, to rescue Inkopolis's stolen Great Zapfish and defeat the Octarian menace.


Cap'n Cuttlefish and an Octotrooper.

After the Great Zapfish, Inkopolis' primary power supply, is stolen, Cap'n Cuttlefish employs a Splatoon of Inklings to travel to the Octarians' secret underground base and retrieve it. Players assume the role of Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon and traverse the treacherous landscape of Octo Valley in order to reclaim various lost Zapfish, Sunken Scrolls, and Power Eggs.


Octo Valley incorporates various puzzle mechanics and 3D platforming elements. Gameplay has been compared to Turf War and Super Mario Galaxy, in the sense that it sees players shooting ink to defeat enemies, transforming into a squid, and traversing floating platforms. The player's only available weapon in Octo Valley is the Hero Shot, a modified version of the Splattershot. However, some amiibo challenges have the player complete select Octo Valley missions with other weapon types.


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Many different mechanics make an appearance in Octo Valley, such as Inkrails, sponges, and Balloon Fish. These elements behave in various ways and can help or hinder players' progress.


Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Area 5



Regular enemies

This table is sorted by order of appearance.

Image Name Description Debut
Octotrooper The basic grunts of the Octarian army, Octotroopers stand on small machines that allow them to shoot single, very slow ink globules. They have very little health and mobility and so are easily defeated, but may pose a threat in numbers. #1 Octotrooper Hideout
Shielded Octotrooper Octotroopers with shields in front of their machines. This shield is invincible, so the enemy must be distracted by swimming around them or throwing a sub weapon to attack their back. Also appears in Octodiver and Twintacle Octotrooper forms. #1 Octotrooper Hideout
Twintacle Octotrooper Stronger Octotroopers with two tentacles. These enemies have better mobility than the normal Octotrooper and greater ink-firing capability but are still easy targets. #1 Octotrooper Hideout
Octoball Spherical Octarians that roll around to move. These enemies leave a trail of ink behind them and usually only get pushed back when attacked, but become vulnerable when stranded in Agent 3's ink. #2 Lair of the Octoballs
Octopod Small metallic creatures that run around on sneakers, Octopods jump to attention upon seeing Agent 3. Upon reaching them, they explode in Octarian ink, dealing some damage. They can be attacked to be defused. #2 Lair of the Octoballs
Although incapable of dealing damage, these small robots serve as nuisances, attaching to walls and automatically sucking up Agent 3's ink. They can sometimes carry items and slow down upon being attacked. #2 Lair of the Octoballs
Octobomber Large flying Octarians similar to improved Octocopters. They hover around and shoot Splat Bombs out of their helmets which detonate fatally one second after landing. However, they are large, slow, and unwieldy, making them obvious targets. #3 Rise of the Octocopters
Octocopter Flying enemies propelled by their helmets. They hover above the ground and shoot at Agent 3 on sight, but their projectiles and general flying speed are slow, like Octotroopers. #3 Rise of the Octocopters
Octostamp Cuboid machine-like creatures that resemble small versions of the Octostomp. Although they are not fast, they can leap into the air and face-plant the ground, dealing fatal damage. They can only be defeated from behind, which is exposed by their method of attack. #4 Gusher Gauntlet
Octodiver Octotroopers wearing snorkels, which allow them to breathe under their ink. They pop out without warning to attack and can dive to hide like Agent 3. Also appears in Shielded Octotrooper and Twintacle Octotrooper forms. #7 Spreader Splatfest
Octoling Some of the strongest Octarian foot soldiers, these enemies are battled in unique stages and have all the abilities of Inklings. Therefore, they can use the Octoshot and Splat Bombs, Super Jump, and transform into an octopus to hide in their ink. Black-haired Elite Octolings are much harder to defeat and act similar to human opponents in multiplayer modes. #8 Octoling Invasion
Octostriker Exclusive to "Flying Object" stages, these elite Octobombers act as mini-bosses. They attack by firing Inkstrikes throughout the stage that are huge but marked in advance. When battled directly, it also summons other Octarians for backup. #9 Unidentified Flying Object
Flooder Huge machines on stilts that rain down Octarian ink from under them and move in set patterns. They charge at Agent 3 on sight and can defeat them instantly, but their tops also act as platforms if it is possible to climb that high. #12 Flooder Junkyard
Octosniper Elite enemies that shoot long, thin, and very powerful shots of ink, similar to chargers, while stationed on immobile platforms. Like charger users, they have an extremely long line of sight but are mostly incapable of close-quarters fighting, while their shots require some time to charge and are marked with a laser line. #17 Octosniper Ramparts
Octorpedo Missiles filled with Octarian ink fired by DJ Octavio's Octobot King. Acting like flying Octopods, they home in on Agent 3 and explode, but can be easily shot down. However, amongst the rest of the final boss battle, they can serve as major distractions. #B5 Enter the Octobot King!


Image Name Description Debut
Octostomp A giant robot with an ink-covered face. He attempts to attack Agent 3 by face-slamming them, leaving ink behind but revealing his weak tentacle on his back in the process. His sides are inkable and must be climbed to reach the tentacle, but side panels will be removed during the battle to make this harder. #B1 The Mighty Octostomp!
Octonozzle A kelp-covered machine that attacks from its nozzle-shaped nose. It has several octopus-like suction cups on multiple layers around its body that need to be attacked to reveal its tentacle. However, doing so adds an extra vertical layer of suction cups. #B2 The Dreaded Octonozzle!
Octowhirl A huge spiky clam-like Octarian robot that attacks by rolling and spinning around its arena. Like Octoballs, it can only be stopped by getting stranded in Agent 3's ink, which reveals its tentacle. Later on, the floor starts moving while it attacks. #B3 The Rampaging Octowhirl!
Octomaw A large metallic creature that attacks by lunging out of its ink with its huge mouth and many sharp teeth. Upon doing so, its teeth can be attacked, leaving its mouth open. When a Splat Bomb is thrown in its mouth, its tentacle is revealed, but its teeth become reinforced for the next round. #B4 The Ravenous Octomaw!
DJ Octavio and the Octobot King The leader of the Octarians and mastermind of the Great Zapfish kidnapping. As Agent 3 gives chase, he uses a wide variety of attacks, some of which can push his Octobot King flying machine back slightly. When he reaches the edge of a platform, he launches an enormous octopus bomb that sends him to the next area if sent back at him. Agent 3 must work with the Squid Sisters to dodge and counterattack across many small platforms to rescue Cap'n Cuttlefish and the Great Zapfish. This boss fight increases in difficulty if the player's gear is fully upgraded. #B5 Enter the Octobot King!


In Octo Valley, players don the Hero Suit and are equipped with a variety of weapons.

Hero Suit

Agent 3 in the Hero Suit.

The Hero Suit is a special outfit worn by Agent 3 and other members of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. It appears to be largely gray with blue highlights and triangular-shaped earpieces. Many of the Hero Suit's specific functions are unknown.

Hero Shot

The Hero Shot is a modified version of the Splattershot, usable only in Octo Valley. It is able to be upgraded by spending Power Eggs.

Ink tank

The ink tank holds Inklings' ink content. It is depleted by using weapons and can be replenished by swimming in ink of the player's color. The ink tank can be upgraded by spending Power Eggs.

Splat Bomb

Splat Bombs in Octo Valley behave very similarly to the Splat Bombs found elsewhere in Inkopolis. They are pyramidal with four transparent faces. Like the Hero Suit, they adopt a gray and light blue color scheme. When thrown, Splat Bombs explode after a short amount of time. This weapon can be upgraded by spending Power Eggs.

Burst Bomb

Burst Bombs in Octo Valley behaves very similarly to the Burst Bombs found elsewhere in Inkopolis. They are shaped like water balloons, and, like the Hero Suit, adopt a gray and light blue color scheme. When thrown, Burst Bombs explode immediately upon contact. This weapon can be upgraded by spending Power Eggs.


Seekers in Octo Valley behave very similarly to the Seekers found elsewhere in Inkopolis. They appear to be small, mechanical devices that travel on the ground toward nearby enemies, leaving trails of ink in their wake. Upon reaching an enemy or after traveling for a short time, they explode into a burst of ink. Seekers can be upgraded by spending Power Eggs.


Agent 3 wearing armor.

Armor can be found throughout Octo Valley. When wearing it, Agent 3 appears to be wearing a helmet and safety pads and can take extra damage without getting hurt.

Special weapons

Special weapons can be found throughout Octo Valley in the form of canned specials. Upon collecting a canned special, a certain special is immediately charged up.


Many types of collectibles can be found in Octo Valley.

Power Eggs

Power Eggs appear to be small, orange fish eggs that can be found throughout Octo Valley. They can be collected by splatting Octarians, destroying crates, and shooting or running near individual ones scattered around the environment. They are used for upgrading equipment. It is later revealed that these Power Eggs were obtained from the Salmonids in exchange for Octarian technology.

Sunken Scrolls

Sunken Scrolls are rolled-up pieces of paper that can be found in Octo Valley. They are long-lost drawings and other pieces of information that depict the history and lore of Inkopolis. One Sunken Scroll can be found in each level of Octo Valley. The scrolls earned from boss battles grant the player new weapons for use in online play.


The player is awarded a full replica of the Hero Suit set (the Hero Headset Replica, Hero Jacket Replica, and Hero Runner Replicas) and a set of Octoling gear (the Octoling Goggles, Octoling Armor, and Octoling Boots) when defeating the final boss. Also, the Sunken Scrolls found in each boss stage unlock further weapons in Ammo Knights that are available for purchase once the appropriate level requirement is met.


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
N/A Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme
Octo Valley Area 1 version:

Area 2 version:

Area 3 version:

Area 4 version:

Area 5 version:
Turquoise October
Eight-Legged Advance
Tentacular Circus
Inkstrike Shuffle
Octoling Rendezvous
Octoweaponry Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:
N/A Hero Mode - Onward!
Hero Mode - SPLAT!
Sunken Scroll
DJ Octavio
I am Octavio Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Missile version:
Squid Sisters
Calamari Inkantation
Maritime Memory


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  • Boss battles feature a quiet but startling mechanical ambience accompanied by screeches and moans that sound similar to Zapfish cries. This usually cannot be heard due to music and sound effects during gameplay but is easy to listen to before and after battles. The source of these eerie noises is unknown. When asked about the noises, Splatoon director Tsubasa Sakaguchi responded "It's the first time I've heard this! I was the one who was in charge of the mechanics and the effects for the final boss. Towards the end, though, I was running out of time so I was asking the staff around me to do things for me - like the staff credits and many other things. Maybe it's a curse from those other staff. The final boss was one of the last things that we were working on. We were all high on adrenaline. Maybe there's some element of that in there, of that energy in there. Once I go back to Japan, I'll play it and have a look."[1]
  • If the player replays previous missions after Cap'n Cuttlefish is kidnapped by DJ Octavio but before he is rescued, he will not be there to provide his previous over the radio dialogue. Rescuing him amends this.

Names in other languages

Octo Valley
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボバレー
Takotsubo Barē
Octopus Pot Valley
Netherlands Dutch Octovallei Octo Valley
Canada French (NOA) Octavallée Octo Valley
Germany German Okto-Distrikt Octo district
Italy Italian Distretto polpo Octo district
Russia Russian Осьмо-Дол
SpainMexico Spanish Valle Pulpo Octopus Valley
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Distrito Pulpo Octo district
Hero Mode
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヒーローモード
Hīrō Mōdo
Hero Mode
Netherlands Dutch Heldenstand[2] Hero mode
France French (NOE) Mode Héros Hero Mode
Germany German Heldenmodus Hero Mode
Italy Italian Modalità storia Story mode
Russia Russian Режим «Агент»
Rezhim «Agent»
Режим героя[3]
Rezhim geroya
"Agent" mode

Hero mode
Spain Spanish (NOE) Modo héroe
Modo historia
Hero mode
Story mode
CzechRepublic Czech Hero Móda Hero Mode
Hungary Hungarian Hős mód
Hero Mód
Hero Mode
Poland Polish Tryb Hero Hero Mode
Portugal Portuguese Modo Hero Hero mode



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