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S Band Turquoise October.jpg
Performer Turquoise October
Album Splatune
Splatune 2
Game Splatoon
Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon Rise of the Octocopters
Propeller-Lift Playground
Inkvisible Avenues
Shifting Splatforms
Spinning Spreaders
Splat-Switch Revolution
Spongy Observatory
Squid Beatz
Heard in Splatoon 2 Octoseeker Shakedown
Secret Bowling Alley
Length 2:54
Genre Electronic
Key signature -
Track list no. 13 (Squid Beatz)
11 (Splatune Disc 2)
20 (Splatune 2 Disc 2)
Audio file

Cephaloparade is a song performed by Turquoise October.


Cephaloparade, like many Turquoise October songs, is an electronic song, featuring many chiptune influences, unorthodox production and signature "burp" sounds. It is an upbeat song with a repeating start made out of the burp noises. Eventually, more effects are brought in, such as a trumpet, pipes, and electric guitar, before transitioning into a full electronic style beat. It is heard in the Octo Valley missions Rise of the Octocopters, Propeller-Lift Playground, Inkvisible Avenues, Shifting Splatforms, Spinning Spreaders, Splat-Switch Revolution and Spongy Observatory, and can also be heard in Squid Beatz.

It makes a return in Splatoon 2, alongside Tentacular Circus and Octoling Rendezvous, and is heard in Octo Canyon missions Octoseeker Shakedown and Secret Bowling Alley. However, none of these tracks are available in Squid Beatz 2.

Remixes and covers

Cephaloparade (Splatoon Single Player Trailer)

Cephaloparade was first heard in the form of a short, roughly twelve-second remix, heard in the reveal trailer for Splatoon's Hero Mode. It starts playing about 37 seconds in, cutting off Splattack! and functioning as sort of an intro to Tentacular Circus. It has a very sparse instrumental, consisting mainly of distortion, and the signature "burp" melody from Cephaloparade is played over it.

Samples and interpolations

Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape

The very beginning of Cephaloparade can be heard in the Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape exactly 30 seconds in. It remains exactly the same, cutting off when the background instrumentals normally start as a transition to Shooting Starfish.


Cephaloparade is a portmanteau of 'cephalopod', the class of animals including squids and octopi, and 'parade'.

Names in other languages


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