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S2 Band SashiMori.jpg
Performer SashiMori
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon 2 Multiplayer
Squid Beatz 2
Vocals Hiroaki Takeuchi
Unknown; taken from ancient records (in-game)
Guitar CO-K
Taichi Sawaberu (in-game)
Bass KARLA (in-game)
Drums Takashi Kashikura
Ryū-Chang (in-game)
Synth PAUL (in-game)
Length 2:35
Genre Electronic
Key signature
Track list no. 53 (Squid Beatz 2)
Audio file

Chopscrewey is a song performed by SashiMori.


Chopscrewey is a rock song. It features a muffled main vocalist, as well crowd-like secondary vocals during the bridge and chorus. Like all battle songs, it has a random chance of being played during online matches in Splatoon 2, and was added in Version 4.0.0 along with the other SashiMori song, Entropical. Chopscrewey starts with heavy percussion, leading into a brief guitar and violin intro, interrupted by the first verse. The verse features a very sparse instrumentation, with the previous guitar picking up gradually. The guitar fully picks up, leading into the bridge: a guitar buildup that interrupts the vocals, as the vocals call on a crowd-like other set of vocals. The chorus consists of that same call and response between vocalists but stronger, ending with more violins, before the song loops. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz 2, with a maximum score of 150 and 326 in Normal and Hard modes, respectively.


"Chopscrewey" alludes to both 'Chopped and Screwed,' a name for a Hip-Hop remixing technique, and Chop Suey, a Chinese-American dish. The title of this song may also reference System of a Down's song 'Chop Suey'.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese チャンポン・チャント
chanpon chanto
Champon Chant. Can also refer to a similar Korean dish called jjamppong.