Kraken Up

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Kraken Up
Artist Squid Squad
Composer Toru Minegishi
Arrangement Toru Minegishi
Vocals Hiroaki Takeuchi
Ichiya (in-game)
Guitar Susumu Nishikawa
Yoshihiko Haga
Ichiya (in-game)
Quinn (in-game)
Drums Akira Tsuneoka
Murasaki (in-game)
Keyboards Nami (in-game)
Game Splatoon
Splatoon 3
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Heard in
Squid Beatz
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Album Splatune
Fresh Kids (in-game)
Track list no. 4 (Squid Beatz)
6 (Splatune Disc 1)
Genre Rock
BPM 155
Key signature B♭ Major
Length 2:14
Audio file

Kraken Up is a song by Squid Squad.


Kraken Up is, like most Squid Squad songs, a fast-paced rock song with prominent drums and guitar. The song mostly features singing to accompany the backing instruments but also includes some short instrumental sections on synthesizer, the latter of which is played alongside the vocals. This is followed by a rap section with slightly stripped-back instruments which plays twice before the first sung line is played again and the song loops. Kraken Up is one of the five battle songs released with Splatoon at launch. Like all battle songs, it has a random chance of being played during online matches. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz, and is included in Splatune. In Splatoon 3, this song can sometimes play in the lobby.

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It is also featured in the soundtrack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It has a chance of playing on Moray Towers, and can also be heard in the Sounds section in the Vault menu.



Kraken Up is a pun on 'cracking up' and Kraken, a mythical sea monster that is also the namesake of a special weapon in Splatoon.