Squid Sisters at Japan Expo 2016

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Squid Sisters at Japan Expo 2016 was a virtual live concert that took place at Japan Expo 2016, a convention dedicated to Japanese pop culture in Paris, France on 8 July 2016. It was the first concert to be held outside of Japan.



On 1 June 2016, it was announced that the Squid Sisters would be performing at Japan Expo 2016. Among other Nintendo events at the convention were daily Splatoon tournaments[1] and autograph sessions with art director Seita Inoue and composer Toru Minegishi.[2] It was held on 8 July 2016 at 1:45pm, the same day as the European release of the Callie and Marie amiibo. The concert was supposed to be uploaded online within a few hours of the concert,[3] but technical difficulties delayed the video's release.[4] It was eventually uploaded onto YouTube and Niconico on 12 July 2016, translated by Nintendo of Europe into various languages.

Live musicians[5]


  • Despite sharing the same setlist as the previous concert, there are some differences that makes this concert more unique.
    • Callie greets the audience in French, and not in the Inkling language. This is also the first time where a Splatoon character speaks in a human language.
    • The dialogue shown at this concert is not a direct translation of any previous concert's dialogue. The Inkopolis News broadcast is also unique for the event.
    • The version of Maritime Memory that was performed is the longer version from the concert at Tokaigi 2016.
  • While there is no official number of attendees at the concert, the Karasu stage was said to accommodate a crowd of up to 4,000 in 2016.[6]




Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 「シオカライブ」フランス公演 in JapanExpo2016
Netherlands Dutch Optreden Squid Sisters op Japan Expo 2016
France French (NOE) Concert des Calamazones à la Japan Expo 2016 Squid Sisters Concert at Japan Expo 2016
Germany German Konzert der Sea Sirens bei der Japan Expo 2016
Italy Italian Concerto delle Sea Sirens al Japan Expo 2016
Spain Spanish (NOE) Concierto de las Calamarciñas en la Japan Expo 2016 Squid Sisters Concert at Japan Expo 2016

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