Tentacular Circus

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Tentacular Circus
S Band Turquoise October.jpg
Artist Turquoise October
Game Splatoon
Splatoon 2
Heard in
Gusher Gauntlet
Inkrail Skyscape
Tumbling Splatforms
Pinwheel Power Plant
Squid Beatz
Heard in
Splatoon 2
The Octopark
The Octogalaxy
Album Splatune
Splatune 2
Track list no. 12 (Squid Beatz)
10 (Splatune Disc 2)
19 (Splatune 2 Disc 2)
Genre Electronic
BPM 180
Key signature C Major
Length 2:04 (Splatune)
Audio file

Tentacular Circus is a song performed by Turquoise October.


Tentacular Circus, like many Turquoise October songs, is an electronic song, featuring many chiptune influences and unorthodox production. It appears to contain various unusual samples of vocals, whistles, bells and trumpets. It is heard in the Octo Valley missions Gusher Gauntlet, Inkrail Skyscape, Tumbling Splatforms, Pinwheel Power Plant, and can also be heard in Squid Beatz.

It makes a return in Splatoon 2, alongside Cephaloparade and Octoling Rendezvous, and is heard in Octo Canyon missions The Octopark and The Octogalaxy. However, it is unavailable in Squid Beatz 2.

Other versions

Tentacular Circus (Splatoon Single Player Trailer)

Tentacular Circus was first heard in the reveal trailer for Octo Valley. It starts playing about 37 seconds in, after a short Cephaloparade remix. Unlike other versions, it has a proper ending, consisting of a modified version of the beginning.

Tentacular Circus (Kettle)

This version of the song is simply the beat played from 0:02 to 0:04, but muffled and echoey, making it sound like it's being played from a distance. It plays when the camera is near a kettle containing a level with the main track.


Tentacular is an adjective simply describing things of or related to tentacles, but combined with the implications of "circus" could potentially be read as a portmanteau of 'tentacle' and 'spectacular'.

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