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Splattack! (C-Side)
S3 Band C-Side.jpg
Artist C-Side
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in Splatoon 3 Multiplayer
Length 3:32
BPM 180
Genre Rock
Key Signature A♭ Minor
Audio File

Splattack! (Octo)
S2 Band Dedf1sh.jpg
Artist Dedf1sh
Game Octo Expansion
Octo Expansion style="" Spinal Phase
Squid Beatz 2}}
Album Octotune
Composer Toru Minegishi
Ryo Nagamatsu
Shiho Fujii
Length 3:22 (Octotune)
BPM 220
Genre Electronic
Key signature A minor
Track list no. 82 (Squid Beatz 2)
25 (Octotune Disc 1)
Audio file

Splattack! (Jam Session)
S Band Squid Squad.jpg
Artist Squid Squad
Game Splatoon
Octo Expansion (as Agent 3 Appears!)
Heard in Splatoon Tutorial
Shooting Range (shortened version)
Heard in Splatoon 2 Central Station cutscene (as Agent 3 Appears!)
Album Splatune
Producer GISSAN (in-game)
Composition & Arrangement Toru Minegishi
Vocals Hiroaki Takeuchi
ICHIYA (in-game)
Guitar Susumu Nishikawa
Yoshihiko Haga
ICHIYA (in-game)
IKKAN (in-game)
Drums Akira Tsuneoka
MURASAKI (in-game)
Keyboards NAMIDA (in-game)
Length 2:16 (Splatune)
0:16 (as Agent 3 Appears!)
BPM 175
Genre Rock, Electronic
Key signature A minor
Track list no. 2 (Splatune Disc 1)
Audio file

S Band Squid Squad.jpg
Artist Squid Squad
Game Splatoon
Splatoon 2
Splatoon 3
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Heard in Splatoon Multiplayer
Squid Beatz
Heard in Splatoon 2 Squid Beatz 2 (unlocked through Inkling Boy amiibo)
Heard in Splatoon 3 Battle Lobby
Album Splatune
Fresh Kids (in-game)
Producer GISSAN (in-game)
Composition & Arrangement Toru Minegishi
Vocals Hiroaki Takeuchi
ICHIYA (in-game)
Guitar Susumu Nishikawa
Yoshihiko Haga
ICHIYA (in-game)
IKKAN (in-game)
Drums Akira Tsuneoka
MURASAKI (in-game)
Keyboards NAMIDA (in-game)
Length 3:23 (Splatune)
1:22 (E3 Version, Splatune)
BPM 175
Genre Rock, Electronic
Key signature A minor
Track list no. 1 (Squid Beatz)
3 (Splatune Disc 1)
36 (E3 Version, Splatune Disc 2)
35 (Squid Beatz 2)
Audio file

Splattack! is a song originally performed by Squid Squad, which was eventually rearranged by Dedf1sh and C-Side.


Like most Squid Squad songs, Splattack! is a fusion of rock and electronic music, with an emphasis on the backing drums and prominent guitar riffs, but also features singing in the Inkling language. What appears to be the band shouting “Squid Squad!” can be heard throughout the song, such as at the five-second mark. It is one of the five battle songs released with Splatoon at launch, and like all battle songs, it has a random chance of being played during online matches. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz, and it is included in Splatune.

Through a fictional interview contained in the Splatune booklet, it was revealed that this was the Squid Squad's first single and was originally leaked online un-named. Large amounts of people downloaded the song to their music players, instantly becoming the standard for battle music, and helped propel Squid Squad to stardom. It became a hit after catching the attention of GISSAN (the producer of Fresh Kids) from a demonstration tape.

In Splatoon 2, Splattack! can be unlocked to listen in Squid Beatz 2 as a final reward from the Inkling Boy amiibo. It cannot, however, be heard anywhere else in the base game. It has a maximum score of 280 and 528 in Normal and Hard modes, respectively.

In Splatoon 3, Splattack! can be heard in the Battle Lobby during some hours, alongside other songs by Squid Squad.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

See also: Splattack!

It is also featured in the soundtrack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, along with a new remix (see below). It has a chance of playing on Moray Towers, and can also be heard in the Sounds section in the Vault menu. Splattack was also used in the first teaser trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Remixes and covers

Splattack! (Jam Session)

A simplified cover of Splattack!, which has a minimalist bass intro, but more instrumentation is added as the track progresses. It plays during the tutorial and in the shooting range. In the tutorial, if the player does not progress, the section currently playing will loop until they progress to the next section (clarified below). It is included in Splatune, where more instrumentation is added over time.

In-universe, according to the Splatune interview, this song came from a brainstorming session and was later developed into the final version of Splattack!.

Click "Expand" to see the different versions used in-game

Tutorial Phase 1

Playing at the beginning of the tutorial, this version begins with the same bass intro as the Splatune version. However, only the part containing simple drums is looped. It consists of the bass track, synth, drums, and vocals.

Tutorial Phase 2

As soon as the player is asked to move with Left Stick, the song can loop into this version. Guitar riffs and additional drum sounds are now added to the track. This version appears to be used to help segue between Phase 1 and 3; this version will loop into Phase 3 directly after the drumroll in the middle of this version if the player is asked to look left and right with Right Stick before the drumroll.

Tutorial Phase 3

As soon as the player is asked to look left and right with Right Stick, the song can loop into this version. The guitar riff now plays simple melodies reminiscent to the verse of the standard Splattack!, kick drums are added, and the vocals are removed.

Tutorial Phase 4

As soon as the player is asked to turn into their squid form with ZL, the song can loop into this version. The guitar riff now plays the verse, the drums build up, the vocals return, and the synth is removed. This version appears to be used to help segue between Phase 3 and 5.

Tutorial Phase 5

The song immediately loops to this version after Phase 4. A different, continuous synth melody is now added to the track.

Tutorial Phase 6

As soon as the player is asked to dash jump (by jumping while swimming) across a gap, the song can loop into this version. The guitar and the bass now play different melodies.

Tutorial Phase 7

As soon as the player is asked to throw S Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bombs with R, the song can loop into this last used phase. The synth is removed, the bass plays a melody reminiscent to the verse of Splattack!, and the guitar now plays a different, oscillating melody.

Tutorial Phase 8 (unused)

Ripping the music from the game shows a hidden phase that cannot normally be heard in-game. This phase is also not heard in the Splatune version of the song. Playing right after Phase 7, this part consists of a simple bass melody, different from Phase 1.

Shooting Range

Used in the Shooting Range, it is identical to the "Tutorial Phase 1" version, which only loops the first part of the song, but the vocal is removed.

Splattack! (Inkredible New Stages and Gear)

A remixed version of Splattack! played during the first half of the Inkredible New Stages and Gear trailer released on November 12, 2015, while announcing Museum d'Alfonsino. It features a classical-style intro to suit the museum theme, before transitioning into a composition more like the original version. It is not used anywhere else other than the trailer. The song stops when the second half of the trailer begins, announcing Mahi-Mahi Resort and using Shellfie. The backing soundtrack to the entire trailer without any sound effects was released in the Splatoon Live in Makuhari -Shiokalive- album, which also includes the second half of Shellfie in the file.

Splattack! (New Stage Squid Dance)

Another Splattack! remix used exclusively in a trailer, this version played during the New Stage Squid Dance (Piranha Pit & Ancho-V Games) trailer. It features a very similar composition to the Jam Session version but also has a lot of Inkling sound effects incorporated into the tune. It appears in Splatoon Live in Makuhari -Shiokalive-.

Splattack! (Octo)

The Octo Expansion features the proper return of Splattack! in Splatoon 2, with a remix known as Splattack! (Octo). This is performed by Dedf1sh, who remixed the original from Squid Squad. It is played during the Spinal Phase where Agent 8 battles a mind-controlled Agent 3. It resembles a glitched version of the regular song, transforming it into being purely electronic, rather than the rock fusion of the original. A sample from the intro of I am Octavio and a segue from Octavio's remix of Bomb Rush Blush can also be heard. It can also be heard in Squid Beatz 2 after it has been heard in-game, with a maximum score of 297 and 666 in Normal and Hard modes, respectively, and it is included in Octotune.

Splattack! (C-Side)

Since C-Side is the new main band in Splatoon 3, a hard rock cover of Splattack! by them appears as a multiplayer battle song, having first been heard in the game's announcement trailer. It follows the same structure as the original version, having a similar rock style as the original since most of C-Side songs have a rock-esque style.

Splattack! (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)

A new remix was composed for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for use on the Urchin Underpass map. Although it initially sounds very similar to the original, there are many minor changes to the composition. For the main riff of the track, there is an emphasis on the off-beats, akin to the composition of jazz music, to match the rest of the game's jazz-based soundtrack. There are also samples of the Jam Session version of the track. During the final minute of matches, however, the music shifts to Now or Never!.

Splattack! (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

See also: Splattack!

Arranged by Taito Corporation and supervised by Shohei Tsuchiya (ZUNTATA), a new Splattack! remix was composed for use in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The song now has a jazz-like composition, with the use of trumpets and saxophones, rather than the rock sound of the original. It also includes the melody from the Opening for starting a match at the beginning and Now or Never! at the end. By default, it is the song with the highest chance of playing on Moray Towers, and can also be heard in the Sounds section in the Vault menu.

Other versions

Splattack! (E3 2014)

During the initial reveal trailer for Splatoon, an early version was used. It was rougher than the final version, with a louder emphasis on vocals, which had a slight echo and was re-recorded for the final cut. The intro (which was moved in the final version) appears to resemble the opening of a live performance, as it features what appears to be a crowd chanting. It is included in Splatune, where it is listed as having no artist, possibly as the band had not been developed at the point of the song's creation.

Splattack! (Single Player trailer)

The early E3 version of Splattack! was once again used at the beginning of the Splatoon Single Player Trailer. The song is mostly the same as the E3 version, but a radio-esque filter was added to emphasise the contrast between the multiplayer and single-player campaigns, and to signify the warfare-like theme of Octo Valley. A similar effect is used on Sheldon's version of Lookin' Fresh. Due to the nature of it being an intro, it is very short, playing for only sixteen seconds before it transitions into Tentacular Circus for the rest of the trailer.

Splash Screen music

During the Splash Screen for Splatoon, the percussion line from Splattack! plays.

Agent 3 Appears!

In the Octo Expansion, when Agent 3 responds to Agent 8's CQ-80 distress signal, activated by Marina, and jumps through the roof of Central Station to save them and Cap'n Cuttlefish, the Splattack! (Jam Session) plays very briefly until Agent 3 gets knocked out. Known as Agent 3 Appears!, this version is mostly the same as the original but only lasts sixteen seconds and ends in a guitar chord. The version extracted from the game still has the sound effects of Agent 3 smashing the glass of the roof and the blender. In Octotune, it is merged with Completion (which is played before Agent 3 Appears in-game) to create one music file called Completion.

Splattack! (Splatoon 3 reveal trailer)

The reveal trailer for Splatoon 3 features a different version of the Splatoon 3 cover of Splattack! that plays over footage of new gameplay features from the game. It uses a different instrumental and the shout after the intro is similar to that of the Squid Squad's Splattack! instead of the high-pitched one heard in the Splatoon 3-themed Nintendo Switch - OLED Model promo. After the synth part, the instruments are stripped away, leaving a serene bass melody and drums until the song ends.

Samples and interpolations

Maritime Memory

Main article: Maritime Memory

Maritime Memory by the Squid Sisters takes inspiration from multiple songs, with Splattack! being one of them. A series of notes from Splattack! play in the background at one part.

Inkoming! (Splatoon 2 reveal trailer)

Main article: Inkoming!

The song Inkoming! by Wet Floor was played during the initial reveal trailer of Splatoon 2 at the Nintendo Switch Presentation. During the end of the trailer, a series of notes that make up the melody of Splattack! can be heard. This outro is not heard in any other version of Inkoming!

A message from Grizzco Industries

The song that played during the intro of the Salmon Run trailer in the April 2017 Nintendo Direct, interpolates the melody of Splattack!

Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape

Main article: Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape

Splattack! is the last track in Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape. After the Squid Sisters’, Off the Hook’s, and Wet Floor’s fusion of Now or Never! finishes, a long, silent pause immediately follows. When this pause is over, the very beginning of Splattack! is briefly heard.

The Plan

Main article: The Plan

The Plan by Off the Hook interpolates a few songs heard during the final phases of Octo Expansion, one of them being Splattack! (Octo). Around the section that interpolate's Marina's singing into notes from Shark Bytes, the main melody of Splattack! can be heard.


  • Splattack! is considered the theme tune of Splatoon, with the song being played during the initial reveal trailer of the game. It is the first song on Squid Beatz and among the first on Splatune. The song and its variants have been played in multiple trailers and commercials for Splatoon, more than any other song.[1] [2]
    • Splattack! can also be seen as the theme tune for Agent 3, due to their prominent role in Splatoon. In the Octo Expansion, during major scenes featuring Agent 3, such as when they save Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish, or when Agent 8 battles Sanitized Agent 3, a version of Splattack! plays in the background.
    • Inkoming! could be seen as the theme tune of Splatoon 2, and similarly shares having an exclamation mark at the end.
  • A behind the scenes video was released showing the recording of Splattack!. However, the video itself uses the final recording instead of the raw performance. The Jam Session version was also used as the intro music for the video as the band warms up. In the video, the track was called Splatattack!, possibly a beta name.
  • The maximum score in hard mode for Splattack! in Squid Beatz 2 is 528, which is likely a reference to the release date of Splatoon in Japan.
  • The Splattack! (Octo) remix resembles a corrupted version of the original, paralleling how Commander Tartar corrupted Agent 3's mind. It could also represent the corruption of Dedf1sh from being sanitized and losing her free will.
  • Splattack! (Octo) has the largest possible score on Hard mode out of all of the songs in Squid Beatz 2, at 666, respectively.
    • As a result, there are only a few documented cases of the song being completed with a full combo.[3] [4] [5]
  • A clip from Splattack! is used by one of the LINE stickers in the Splatoon: Inkling Injection pack.
  • In September 2015, Splattack! (E3 2014) was added to Daigasso! Band Brothers P. In April 2016, Splattack! (Jam Session) was also added.
  • During a Splatoon 2 event that took place from 12 July 2019 to 15 July 2019 in Tetris 99, getting 100 or more points awarded the player with a Splatoon theme, changing the graphics, music, and sound effects to those from the franchise. When this theme is applied, Splattack! is heard as soon as a match begins. It continues to play until there are 50 players left in the match when the music switches to Ink or Sink.


Splattack! is a portmanteau of “splat” and “attack”.

Names in other languages

Splattack (E3 2014)

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese Splattack!(2014 E3PV)