With Flying Colors

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With Flying Colors
Artist Octoplush
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
0106 Zip, Splat, and Jump
0305 Conveyor-Belt Tightening
0506 Zipping over the Neighborhood
0508 Making Waves with Splashdowns
0511 Simply Zipcastic!
0606 Keep It Rolling
0611 Don't Tease with the Keys
Album Splatune 3
Track list no. 21 (Splatune 3 Disc 2)
Genre Electronic
BPM 178
Key signature A major
Length 3:16
Audio file

With Flying Colors is a song performed by Octoplush.


With Flying Colors often plays in levels that make use of an infinite special weapon, such as the Zipcaster, or are otherwise centered around mobility. The music makes heavy use of trumpets in the intro and the chorus.



"Flying colors" references the phrase "passing with flying colors", which means to succeed at something."Colors" refers to the ink used. "Flying" may be a reference to the fact that the Zipcaster, the most common weapon used for missions that use this song, can "fly" through the air.