Candy-Coated Rocks

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Candy-Coated Rocks
Artist Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook
Vocals Rina Itou
Alice Peralta
Pearl (in-game)
Marina (in-game)
Piano Marina
Guitar Vinny Mack
Bass John Goose
Drums Garris
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Album Splatune 3
Track list no. 13 (Splatune 3 Disc 1)
Genre Pop Rock
BPM 175
Length 2:58
Audio file

Candy-Coated Rocks is a song performed by Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook that is featured in Splatoon 3.[1]


Candy-Coated Rocks is a pop rock song. It starts with an instrumentation consisting of guitar, drums, piano, and bass guitar. Then, Pearl starts singing, Marina starts singing later, and both of them sing the chorus together. Pearl starts singing again, this time with a higher pitched background. Marina sings once more before the band repeats, continuing with this higher pitch. It has a random chance of playing in a multiplayer battle.


The booklet included with Splatune 3 gives the official lyrics for Candy-Coated Rocks. The lyrics are nonsensical; the Japanese hiragana and katakana simply give the pronunciation.

Candy-Coated Rocks Lyrics (Kana version)

ぱぱぱぱぎゃざとぅじゃばい びぎゃざどぅべてぃ
しゅびでぃばちゅらちゅ ちゅ ちゅ すてい
ぎゃざすぃらばでぃる しすまきゃらじぇでぃ

Ah ピキザジョスタジズァ ファスティ
えんでてぃけなしゅ ばぎゃざとぅばでぃ
ディザキャスァディルバ ジェスティラジザウェイ

シャリキャル ジザスタウェイ

ないにゃいじゃすてぃふぁ ぴぴぶりすぷり
So いすぎ らいぷすぃばいふぁい

びぎなへいつら すみすてぃりふぁい
すばい すばい しゅぎらび


ヘイリスヌ バジザスャキャスティ
ロスティキバズィラ ビジリバ!バ!

Candy-Coated Rocks Lyrics (Romaji version)

Papapapagyazatujabai bigyazadubeti
Shubidibachurachu chu chu sutei
Gyazasirabadiru shisumakyarajedi

Ah Pikizajostajizwa fasti
Endetikenashu bagyazatubadi
Dizakyaswadiruba jesutirajizawei

Sharikyaru jizasutawei

Nainyaijasutifa pipiburisupuri
So Isugi raipusibaifai

Biginaheitsura sumisutirifai
Subai subai shugirabi


Heirisunu bajizaswakyasuti
Rosutikibazira bijiriba! Ba!


You're listening to "Candy-Coated Rocks," the latest from Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook. Our audio anthropologist says Marina's subtle piano work wraps around the guitar like an eel wrapping itself around whatever eels wrap themselves around (she's not an eel scientist).
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]
While on tour, Off the Hook seems to have scouted a few new members and reformed as an act calling itself "Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook". Listen to their hot new single, "Candy-Coated Rocks".
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[1]

Other versions

Candy-Coated Rocks (Splatoon 3 Enter the Splatlands Invitational 2022)

This version played in the Splatoon 3 Enter the Splatlands Invitational 2022 during the waiting screens. It has a proper outro and the piano is less present than in the in-game version. It is played in mono audio.

Candy-Coated Rocks (Live)

The live version of Candy-Coated Rocks performed during the Splatoon 3 Live Concert featuring Deep Cut at Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO is similar to the Splatune 3 version but without looping. The outro is also slightly truncated before transitioning into Tentacle to the Metal.


Candy-Coated Rocks is a term that can be used to describe aquarium gravel substrate, small rocks that are used to adjust the quality of life within tanks. Aquarium gravel is produced in multiple colors, with those that come in bright or neon shades being noted to look like candy.

Names in other languages

The name of the song is the same as English in all languages except for Japanese.

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゼンゲン・テッカイ
Zengen Tekkai
Eat Your Words[note 1]

Translation notes

  1. 前言 zengen means "the previous statement", while 撤回 tekkai means "retract"; together, this means retracting the previous statement.