CΘld StΘrage

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CΘld StΘrage
S3 Band Free Association.png
Artist Free Association
Game Splatoon 3 (Side Order only)
Heard in
Splatoon 3
During the Pinging Marciale boss fight
BPM 185
Key signature C minor / Eb major
Audio file

CΘld StΘrage is a song performed by Free Association. It is played during the boss fight against the Pinging Marciale in Side Order.


Cold Storage is an extremely energetic electric song which contains synths (some of which bend the pitch), and chopped-up breakbeats from preexisting drum samples. Throughout the song, it also incorporates the Hero Mode - Onward! motif as the melody in some patterns.


"Cold storage" may be a reference to the computing concept of cold data, data that is infrequently accessed and is therefore less likely to be placed on more expensive and high-performing storage hardware. It could also be a reference to the environment around Pinging Marciale's arena, resembling a document storage area in the middle of a desert at nighttime, a biome that is remarkably cold during that period of the day. Additionally, the use of Θ (theta) to replace the visually-similar "o"s in the song title may be a reference to it being the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, tying into the octopus theming of Side Order.

Names in other languages

The name of the song is the same as English in all languages.

Language Name Meaning
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