Wave Goodbye

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Wave Goodbye
S3 Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Artist Squid Sisters
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in Splatoon 3 End credits after finishing Story Mode
Vocals keity.pop
Mari Kikuma
Callie (in-game)
Marie (in-game)
Length 5:28
Genre Pop
Key signature
Track list no.
Audio file

Wave Goodbye is a song performed by Squid Sisters. It is played during the end credits of Splatoon 3's story mode: Return of the Mammalians.


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Wave Goodbye is an electronic J-pop song, featuring drawn out long vocals and a calm demeanor slowly building to a crescendo. The song begins with a slow tempo, but transitions into an upbeat style as it continues. Towards its middle section the song slows again, and the Squid Sisters pause singing as unknown deeper vocals briefly sing the lyrics to Calamari Inkantation. The Squid Sisters then accompany the other vocals in a canon style, mixing the lyrics from Wave Goodbye's chorus and the Inkantation.

Wave Goodbye plays during the credit sequence while the player is free to shoot ink out into space where the final boss battle takes place. The ink will explode like the shot from a Blaster before fading into the abyss.

Parts of the song are based on the Chorus of Calamari County and Fresh Start.


Wave Goodbye is a pun on wave, and waving goodbye as the Splatoon 3 credits song.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シオカゼの星
shiokaze no hoshi
Star of the Sea Breeze
Canada and France French Wave Goodbye -
China Chinese Wave Goodbye -

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