Suffer No Fools

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Suffer No Fools
Artist Off the Hook VS Fire & Ice
Vocals Rina Itou
Anna Sato
Laura Yokozawa
Pearl (in-game)
Marina (in-game)
Frye (in-game)
Shiver (in-game)
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Splatfest Battle
Tricolor Battle
BPM 178
Key signature G Minor
Length 2:04 (before looping)
Audio file

Suffer No Fools is a song performed by Off the Hook and Fire & Ice as "Off the Hook VS Fire & Ice". It is one of five songs that can play during the first two minutes of Splatfest battles, added into rotation during Fresh Season 2024 and first playing in the Lightly Salted vs. Consommé vs. Salted Seaweed and Drums vs. Guitar vs. Keyboard Splatfests.


Suffer No Fools is a rap battle between Off the Hook and Fire & Ice. It starts with a sung introduction from Marina and Pearl, followed by a rapped part from Pearl, who repeatedly interrupts Frye from talking. After Frye takes her turn, she and Pearl diss each other until the chorus, which is a reprise of the introduction. After the chorus, Shiver goes against Marina singing in her usual enka style and giving her backhanded compliments in a stereotypical Kyoto fashion, which Marina fails to understand as such, replying with earnest thanks. The two continue singing until Pearl interrupts them, reprising the chorus again.


Translation needed
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The music video gives official lyrics for Suffer No Fools. Much of the lyrics are nonsensical; however, parts of the lyrics are translated.

Singer Legend
P: Pearl

M: Marina

F: Frye S: Shiver

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (Japanese version)

ヒメ(意訳):地元ラジオ チヤホヤ
ここの代表って? いやいや


ヒメ(意訳):アタシら沸かすぜ バンカラ


ヒメ(意訳):イヤなら かかってき


ウツホ(意訳):きにはさせんぞ このワシ
スジさんか シマ荒らしが

ヒメ(意訳):マンタなしじゃ アンタたちは ただ
かしましいだけ できるこたねェ

ウツホ(意訳):ぜんぜん 見当違
ハイハイ 浅理解

ヒメ(意訳):そのデケー目 節穴

ウツホ(意訳):子分 キンギョフンじゃろが


M:スパタ ラディクダ

P:じばた でぃや でぃや

ウィガス ダリナイ

P:ちゅのす がり ばいら

ディジュク ペノ リドウィ

P:じばす とぅり どぅや

チュノス ガリ ヴァイラ
ディオン ダンガリ ダンガリラ

M:ディオン ダンガリ ダンガラ
P:でぃおん だんがり だんがら[a]

フウカ(意訳):街中 キレ〜声…
にぎやかお隣さん うれしおすな

イイダ(意訳):アナタ唄も とってもステキ

フウカ(意訳):まねっこ お上手 かぁいらしいこと
近所お子さん そっくりどすえ

イイダ(意訳):ほめられてHappy 乗せられてGroovy

フウカ(意訳):バンカラ漬けでも ごちそうしましょか?

イイダ(意訳):おいしそう♪ ではお言葉にあまえて

ヒメ(意訳):どーだ 参ったか

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (romanized from Japanese version)

M:Supata radikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigasu Darinai

P:Chunosu gari baira

Dijuku peno ridowi

P:Jibasu turi duya

Chunosu gari vaira
Dion dangari dangarira

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (official romanization and translation)

P (translation):Small fish, stick to your bowl.
We're money makin', rakin',
takin' control.
Watch this一
I'll show you kids
the art of diss!

F (translation):Listen一

P (translation):Step back! Don't need you hacks.

F (translation):I一

P (translation):We're glory houndin', poundin'一

F (translation):Wait your TURN!

F (translation):News for you, Princess一
you're not the boss here.
Don't waltz into our turf
expecting us to cheer!

P (translation):Where's your big buddy to help you pass this test?
Tuneless, too-stressed, true pests,
two goons making a mess!

F (translation):Yap-yap-yap, your jaws go
flap-flap-flap, but tell me,
who's backing you up?
Imaginary friends?

P (translation):Check behind一she's divine, one of a kind,
voice so fine, BIG mind!

F (translation):How nice for you that
you got your own grouper!

P (translation):As if! Listen to this!

M:Spata ratikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigoss darinaee

P:Chunoss gari baeera

Dijukk peun ridori

P:Jibos toori duya

Chunoss gari vaeera
Dion dangari dangareera

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

S (translation):Your haunting voice一there's no escape.
How nice it must be for your fans.

M (translation):You're far too kind! I love your vibe.
I can learn so much from your style.

S (translation):You remind me of my neighbor's little daughter...
What's that saying? "Octo see, Octo do."

M (translation):Glad you approve一your praise has left me moved.
Thanks to your notes, I'll find my groove!

S (translation):Oh, look at the time.
Isn't it getting late?

M (translation):Not at all! I could go on
like this all night long.

P (translation):How's that? Had enough yet?!

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (Dutch version)

P (translation):Klein grut, blijf in je kom.
We zijn rijk, beroemd, geliefd. Kortom: de bom!

(Small fry, stay in your bowl. We are rich, famous, beloved. In short: the bomb!)

P (translation):We zijn vissen
die niet missen bij het dissen!

(We are fish who don't miss when dissing!)

F (translation):Ik-


P (translation):Stapje terug! Wij zijn te vlug!

(Step back! We are too swift!)

F (translation):HÉ-


P (translation):We happen en snappen...

(We are snapping and catching...)

F (translation):Nu is het mijn beurt!

(Now it is my turn!)

F (translation):Nieuwtje, prinses: het zal je verbazen...
Maar er zit geen gup op je geblub te azen!

(Newsflash, princess: it might surprise you... But there is no guppy that desires your glubbing!)

P (translation):Waar is jullie keyboard? Is die man overboord?
Zonder rog in je kielzog is er toch niemand
die je hoort!

(Where is your guys' keyboard? Is that man overboard? Without ray in your wake surely there is no one who hears you!)

F (translation):Je doet flink uit de hoogte
voor een vis op het droge!

(You act very high and mighty, for a fish out of water!)

F (translation):Zo vinnig, zo gemeen,
zo eenzaam en alleen!

(So acrimonious, so mean, so lonely and alone!)

P (translation):Beter kijken! Ze is zonder gelijke!
Stem als een dijk en weet van geen wijken!

(Look more closely! She is without equal! Hell of a voice and won't give an inch!)

F (translation):Ha, en net als jij raakt
ze geen toon!

(Ha, and just like you, she can't hit the right tone!)

P (translation):Geen gehoon! Luister gewoon!

(No derision! Simply listen!)

M:Spata ratikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigoss darinaee

P:Chunoss gari baeera

Dijukk peun ridori

P:Jibos toori duya

Chunoss gari vaeera
Dion dangari dangareera

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

S (translation):Jouw gezang houdt me gekluisterd.
Ik kan het in mijn hart horen.

(Your singing is keeping me bound. I can hear it in my heart.)

M (translation):Leuk dat het je kan bekoren!
Ik leer van jou. Ik ben het die luistert.

(Glad it can captivate you! I am learning from you. I am the one listening.)

S (translation):Inspireer ik jou? Meen je dat nou?
Is dat wat je fluisterd, zonder te slijmen?

(Do I inspire you? Are you serious? Is that you are whispering, without sucking up?)

M (translation):Ja, met jou is het fijn rijmen!
Ik rijmel en zwijmel met jou!

(Yes, with you it is nice to rhyme! I am versifying and swooning with you!)

S (translation):Lieve schat, denk je niet dat het laat wordt?

(Sweetheart, don't you think it is getting late?)

M (translation):Het kan me wat.
We gaan door, door, door!

(The hell with it. We keep going, going, going!)

P (translation):Horen jullie dat?
Het dak gaat eraf!

(Do you guys hear that? Raise the roof!)

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (French version)

P (translation):Hors de mon chemin, le menu fretin !
Pas d'embrouilee pendant qu'on se remplit
les fouilles !
Prenez place
et admirez l'art de la casse !

F (translation):Je...

P (translation):Bas les pattes ou je t'eclate !

F (translation):Oh!

P (translation):Retourne a ta radio et laisse-nous les projos !

F (translation):Minute!

F (translation):J'ai un scoop, sirene! Ici, t'es pas la reine !
Et si tu la ramenes, tu recolteras la haine !!

P (translation):Le grand raplapla est pas la pour sauver la casbah?
Y a que ta pote a la tignasse mauvasse ?
Bonjour le duo de la ramasse !

F (translation):Bla bla bla, tu l'ouvres
mais tout ce que tu prouves,
c'est que t'as zero pote a l'horizon,
sauf dans ton imaginaton !

P (translation):Je te presente... Divine et siderante,
voix ravissante et cervelle GEANTE...

F (translation):T'as amene ton merou de compagnie,
comme c'est mignon !

P (translation):Ecoute plutot ce son !

M:Spata ratikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigoss darinaee

P:Chunoss gari baeera

Dijukk peun ridori

P:Jibos toori duya

Chunoss gari vaeera
Dion dangari dangareera

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

S (translation):Quelle voix! C'est captivant...
Tes fans ont de la chance.

M (translation):Oh, c'est trop gentil! Moi, j'adore ton style.
Avec toi, tout a l'air si facile.

S (translation):Tu veux m'imiter, c'est ca?
Comme ma petite voisine, elle est trop chou...

M (translation):Marci du compliment, ca me fait plaisir que t'approuves !
Grace a toi, je vais ameliorer mon groove !

S (translation):Oh, t'as vu l'huere? Il se fait tard, non ?

M (translation):Pas du tout! Je serais ravie
de chanter dusqu'au bout de la nuit !

P (translation):Vous en voulez encore ?

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (German version)

P (translation):Kleine Fische im ganz großen Teich!
Wir sind heißer, die Reißer, und zeigen euch gleich
wie's geht!
Wie sauber man euch abserviert!

(Little fish in a big pond! We're hotter, the go-getters, we'll show you how it's done! How to do away with you neat and clean!)

F (translation):Ich一


P (translation):Was für Sprotten! Schaut euch mal an!

(What sprats! Just look at you!)

F (translation):HEY!


P (translation):Ihr könnt nur dümpeln, in Tümpeln, und--

(You can only float around in puddles and--)

F (translation):ICH BIN JETZT DRAN!


F (translation):Mit feinen Kerlchen wie dir Perlchen sind wir fertig!
Schwimmt ab und nervt nicht in unserem Revier!

(We're done with fine guys like you, little Pearl! Swim off and quit bugging us on our turf!)

P (translation):Was, echt? So mutig allein?
Kommt euer Rochen nicht gekrochen,
dann seid ihr doch ganz klein!

(What, really? That brave on your own? If your ray won't come crawling, you're just a tiny thing!)

F (translation):Ganz große Klappe
für dich kleine Quappe!
Muss schwer sein,
nur solo zu sein!

(Big talk for a tadpole like you! Being solo's gotta be hard!)

P (translation):Von wegen, du Clown!
Meine Schöne schreibt Töne
und ist schlau wie ein Traum!

(No way, you clown! My beauty writes tunes and she's smart like a dream!)

F (translation):Und schlägt genau wie du wohl
nur sinnlosen Schaum!

(And probably stirs up all nonsense foam just like you!)[b]

P (translation):Hör selbst! Und heul nicht zu laut!

(Hear for yourself! And don't wail too loudly!)

M:Spata ratikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigoss darinaee

P:Chunoss gari baeera

Dijukk peun ridori

P:Jibos toori duya

Chunoss gari vaeera
Dion dangari dangareera

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

S (translation):Welch reines Herz, welch klarer Klang,
Gesang, der die Seele erhellt...

(What a pure heart, what a clean sound, a song that lights up the soul...)

M (translation):Zu lieb von dir! Doch glaube mir,
Surimi-Sound ist der Schönste der Welt.

(You're too kind! But believe me, Deep Cut's is the most beautiful sound in the world.)

S (translation):Du erinnerst mich an ein Mädchen nebenan!
Kleines Fischlein, ganz großes Musikerherz!

(You remind me of a little girl next door! Little fish, big heart for music!)

M (translation):Ich gebe alles! Ich find meinen Groove!
Sooo klasse, dass es euch gefällt!

(I give it my all! I'll find my groove! How great that you like it!)

S (translation):Bedaure, mein Schätzchen,
wird's nicht langsam spät?

(Sorry, sweetheart, isn't it getting late?)

M (translation):Von mir aus kann's noch ewig
weiter, weiter, weitergehen.

(If it were up to me, it could go on and on and on.)

P (translation):Hört ihr's!? Wir legen los!

(Ya hear!? We're getting started!)

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (Italian version)

P (translation):Resta nella tua boccia, avannotta.
Noi incassiamo, tu sei già cotta.
In anteprima,
ti insegno l'arte della rima!
(Stay in your bowl, you fish fry.
We make cash, you're already cooked.
In advance,
I'll teach you the art of rhyming!)

F (translation):Ascolta...

P (translation):Taci! I tuoi versi sono fallaci.
(Shut up! Your lines are fallacious.)

F (translation):Io...

P (translation):Ci aspetta la gloria, faremo la storia...
(Glory awaits us, we'll make history...)

F (translation):Ora tocca a MEEE!
(Now it's my TUUURN!)

F (translation):Principessa, tu qui non sei nessuno.
Se cerchi applausi resterai a digiuno!
(Princess, you are nobody here.
If you're looking for applause, you'll be starving!)

P (translation):Tu e il tuo amicone blaterate di evolvere.
Stonati, stressati, uno per tutti e
tutti nella polvere!
(You and your buddy blather about evolving.
Out of tune, stressed, one for all and
all in the dust!)

F (translation):Bla-bla-bla, dai aria alla bocca
come un pesce fuor d'acqua.
I tuoi gregari?
Calamari immaginari!
(Blah-blah-blah, you give air to your mouth
like a fish out of water.
Your wingmen?
Imaginary squids!)

P (translation):E invece no: è divina, una beniamina,
voce cristallina, mente sopraffina!
(Actually not: she is divine, a darling,
crystalline voice, refined mind!)

F (translation):Capirai!
Una fanatica!
(Yeah, of course!
A fanatic!)

P (translation):Certo, come no. Ascolta, piuttosto!
(Sure, why not. Listen up instead!)

M:Spata ratikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigoss darinaee

P:Chunoss gari baeera

Dijukk peun ridori

P:Jibos toori duya

Chunoss gari vaeera
Dion dangari dangareera

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

S (translation):La tua voce rimbomba in testa per ore.
Dev'essere un piacere per i tuoi fan.
(Your voice echoes in the head for hours.
It must be a pleasure for your fans.)

M (translation):Grazie mille, sei troppo gentile!
Io ho molto da imparare dal tuo stile.
(Thank you very much, you are too kind!
I have a lot to learn from your style.)

S (translation):Per caso sei un'imitatrice?
Mi ricordi i ragazzini del quartiere.
(Are you by any chance an imitator?
You remind me of the neighborhood kids.)

M (translation):Oh, le tue lodi mi hanno commossa.
Grazie a te migliorerò ogni mossa!
(Oh, your praises moved me.
Thanks to you I will improve every move!)

S (translation):Beh, si è fatto tardi, no?
(Well, it's getting late, isn't it?)

M (translation):Per niente! Ho benzina
per arrivare fino a mattina.
(Not at all! I have fuel
to get to the morning.)[c]

P (translation):Allora? Vi arrendete?!
(Well then?
Won't you give up?!)

Suffer No Fools Lyrics (Spanish version)

P (translation):Escucha bien, renacuaja de las ondas.
Te hare dar vueltas como una peonza.
Soy artista del vilipendio
Mis versos provocan incendios!

F (translation):Pero...

P (translation):No sabes que replicar? Lo siento.

F (translation):oye...

P (translation):Que lamentable esperpento!

F (translation):Queme toca mi!

F (translation):Perdona, insolente senorita.
Este es nuestro terreno. No te iras de rositas!

P (translation):A quien debo temer? A tu amigo la raya?
Te humillare menos si te callas!

F (translation):Bla-bla-bla...
Solo te miras el ombligo.
Normal que
no tengas ni un amigo.

P (translation):Vengo con mi colegui, la mejor.
Puro cerebro, arte demoledor!

F (translation):Sera la que pone la inteligencia
en el grupo, porque tu...

P (translation):Como te atreves! Ya veras!

M:Spata ratikuda

P:Jibata diya diya

Wigoss darinaee

P:Chunoss gari baeera

Dijukk peun ridori

P:Jibos toori duya

Chunoss gari vaeera
Dion dangari dangareera

P/M:Dion dangari dangara

S (translation):Tu magica voz se proyecta en el espacio.
Seras la estrella del vecindario.

M (translation):Ese halago me emociona un kilo.
Confieso que tu estilo yo asimilo.

S (translation):Pero no me plagies las rimas
como la jeta de mi prima.

M (translation):Me inspira tu <<flow>> fenomenal.
Y le doy mi toque personal!

S (translation):Esta hora es ya? Se nos hace tarde...

M (translation):Que dices! Yo me quedaria
aqui varias horas mas...

P (translation):Teneis suficiente?!

Music video

The music video for Suffer No Fools was released on 21 March 2024. It features text with translation of some parts of the song, and transcription of other parts.


A new song featuring Off the Hook & Fire & Ice, "Suffer No Fools" drops as Splatfest battle music!
When Frye heard Off the Hook was having their 1st Splatsville concert, she got mad! Ignoring the starstruck Big Man, Frye & Shiver went to Off the Hook's green room for some words!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
This off-the-cuff battle came about when Frye demanded to know, "You think you can play OUR town without going through us?!" Pearl retorted with, "If you got something to say, say it on stage!"
No Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass necessary for this taste of Off the Hook!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]
Keep an ear out for Suffer No Fools in future #Splatoon3 Splatfests, an MC battle between Off The Hook and Deep Cut's Shiver and Frye!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[3]



  • Suffer No Fools can be considered a parallel to Liquid Sunshine, as both are collaborations between another idol group and one or more members of Deep Cut, the latter of which are performing under pseudonyms (except in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions).
  • Suffer No Fools, Big Betrayal, and DJ Octavio's rendition of Bomb Rush Blush are the only songs in the Splatoon series to have officially translated lyrics.
  • In the music video, Marina's bracelet can be seen on her right wrist during the chorus, but on her left when she goes against Shiver.
  • In the Japanese artwork for the music video, Pearl's teeth are incorrectly depicted as if they were like those of a regular Inkling, with two fangs on the sides rather than one in the center top of her mouth; this feature was corrected in the international artwork.
    • The inside of Marina's mouth is also colored seafoam green instead of the usual red; since it has been maintained in all localizations of the video, this could have possibly been a stylistic choice.


"Suffer No Fools" is a derivation of the idiom "suffer fools gladly", often used in the negative as a derision of those one perceives as stupid.

Names in other languages

The name of Suffer No Fools is the same as English in all languages except for Japanese.

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 蛮殻 MC BATTLE ~The King of Tentacular~
Bankara MC BATTLE ~The King of Tentacular~
Splatlands[d] MC Battle ~The King of Tentacular~
 Internal Versus_Fes_Thunder_05
Off the Hook VS Fire & Ice
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese テンタクルズ vs 空帆&楓火
Tentakuruzu vs Utsuho & Fūka[e]
Off the Hook vs. Frye & Shiver
Netherlands Dutch Tentacool VS Vuur & IJs Off the Hook VS Fire & Ice
Canada French (NOA) Tentacool c. Feu & Glace Off the Hook vs. Fire & Ice
France French (NOE) Tenta-Cool vs Feu & Glace Off the Hook vs Fire & Ice
Germany German TentaCool VS Fire & Ice Off the Hook VS Fire & Ice
Italy Italian Tenta Cool vs. Fuoco & Ghiaccio Off the Hook vs. Fire & Ice
Russia Russian Off the Hook против Fire & Ice
Off the Hook protiv Fire & Ice
Off the Hook versus Fire & Ice
SpainMexico Spanish Cefalopop con Fire & Ice Off the Hook with Fire & Ice
China Chinese (Simplified) 腕儿姐妹 vs 曼曼&莎莎
wàner jiěmèi vs mànmàn & shāshā
Off the Hook vs. Frye & Shiver
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 腕兒姐妹 vs 曼曼&莎莎
wàner jiěmèi vs mànmàn & shāshā
Off the Hook vs. Frye & Shiver
South Korea Korean 텐타클즈 VS 우츠호 & 후우카
tentakeuljeu VS ucheuho & huuka
Off the Hook vs. Frye & Shiver

Translation notes

  1. Sung simultaneously with Marina's line
  2. This along with the previous line is a play on the proverb "Träume sind Schäume" ("dreams are foam"), meaning an unlikely dream.
  3. As in "I have the energy to stay up until the morning."
  4. "蛮殻" can also be translated as "Anarchy".
  5. Frye and Shiver's names are written in kanji, as they are written as real given names, instead of in katakana, as in-game.