Chirpy Chips

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Chirpy Chips
S1 Chirpy Chips Artwork.png
Artwork of Chirpy Chips from Splatoon. From left to right: Sid, Clash, Harmony, and Orion.
Species Harmony: Sea anemone
Clash: Inkling
Orion: Flapjack octopus
Sid: Crab
Hair color
Eye color
Gender 1 female; 1 male; 2 unknown
Members (Non-virtual)
  • Takafumi "CO-K" Koukei (Guitar)
  • Shuntarō Kado (Drums)
These guys are the Chirpy Chips. With their sea anemone lead singer and a sparkling electronic sound, this unique four-piece has been setting the Inkopolis Top 40 on fire! Take a listen to their latest single, Shellfie, which is also the background music you'll be hearing during battles now!

The Chirpy Chips are a four-person chiptune-style band. Two of their songs were added in version 2.0.0 of Splatoon, with two more were released as part of version 3.0.0 of Splatoon 2.[2] They briefly disbanded sometime before the release of those songs, but quickly reformed.[3]


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S Band Chirpy Chips.png
Split & Splat
S2 Band Chirpy Chips.jpg
Splatoon 2
Blitz It!
Wave Prism

Shellfie and Split & Splat are only heard in battles in Splatoon, while Blitz It! and Wave Prism are only heard in battles in Splatoon 2. Shellfie and Split & Splat also appear in Splatoon 2 as Squid Beatz 2 tracks unlocked with amiibo. All four of their songs appear as background music in the Battle Lobby in Splatoon 3.



Main article: Harmony

Harmony is the band's vocalist and synth player, a relaxed sea anemone who goes her own way.[4] Since her voice is altered in the band's music, she usually lip-syncs during live performances. She is in charge of the band's visuals. She exhibits peculiar movements when singing and talks in a loose manner between songs, which is popular with fans. However, due to her lack of motivation, she is often late for practice. Similarly to Annie, she has a bright color scheme and a small clownfish in her hair, which is dying due to neglect.[5] In the band's second album cover, she is shown making music using various Nintendo consoles.

In Splatoon 3, she appears as the shopkeeper in Hotlantis, running the store in the manager's absence.


Clash redirects here. For the weapon, see Clash Blaster.

Clash is the band's guitarist and backup vocalist, an uncontrollable, brightly-colored Inkling.[4] He has bright purple tentacles styled into large spikes and what appears to be four fangs instead of the typical three. He has a sunny disposition and epitomizes the band's energy. He was formerly a member of a punk band called BariBari and formed the Chirpy Chips with Orion later on. He likes big vending machines and has an irresistible urge to run on any slopes he sees, particularly ones going downhill.[5] Like Harmony, he lipsynchs during performances.[6]


Orion is the band's bassist, a shy flapjack octopus who does things at their own pace.[4] On both album covers, they wear a shirt referencing the album art of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, but with a squid-shaped prism. They are the band's composer, though they also compose their own music and quietly post it online. They like to make sure the band keeps a chiptune sound, but they dislike performing and standing out in public. They are an intellectual and geeky type who likes things that are strange and outdated.[5]


Sid is the band's drummer, a crab who quietly watches over the others.[4] They are the band's oldest member and have played for a number of other bands in the past, gaining a strong reputation for their musical techniques. They rarely ever take the lead, rather focusing on supporting the others. They are usually easygoing but are known to quietly snap once a year.[5] Their shirt design has what could be the Inkling version of ZR.




  • The Chirpy Chips were the first band in Splatoon to have their name changed for localization. Their original Japanese name, ABXY, is likely a reference to the A, B, X, and Y buttons on the Gamepad Wii U GamePad and other Nintendo controllers.
    • The text on their album art loosely resembles this name.
    • Additionally, the format of their Japanese name is likely a reference to the Japanese chiptune band YMCK, which has a similar style of music.
    • The Chirpy Chips are also the only non-idol music group to retain their original name in the Chinese and Korean localizations after having it changed for other languages.
  • The Chirpy Chips Band Tee is a Chirpy Chips-themed piece of clothing, featuring a recolored version of their logo and a small pin with the face of their drummer.
  • The Heavy Splatling Remix appears to be a Chirpy Chips-themed weapon; it has a sticker on the side with their name in Inkling, its color scheme is similar to that of their album art, and "Remix" may be a reference to their electronic style. However, this connection is never addressed in-game.
  • Blitz It! was first used as the background music for the Nintendo Direct preview for Version 3.0.0 of Splatoon 2.
  • The band's second album cover features frontwoman Harmony mixing chiptunes using numerous Nintendo consoles:
    • Famicom (located to Orion's left)
    • Super Famicom Naizou TV SF1 (behind Orion - a Super Scope accessory is located on Clash's right)
    • Game Boy (in front of Harmony - a Game Boy Camera accessory is located nearby)
    • Game Boy Color (in front of Harmony)
    • Game Boy Advance (in front of Harmony)
    • DS Lite (in front of Harmony)
  • Dialogue in Tentakeel Outpost reveals that the Chirpy Chips are Marie's favorite band.
  • The members glow in the dark in sync with their music during performances, which they are popular for.[6]


  • Sid's name comes from the 6581 SID (Sound Interface Device), a sound generator chip from the Commodore 64, commonly used by chiptuners.
  • Clash's name is likely a reference to punk band The Clash given his punk band origins.
    • It is also similar to his Japanese name "Noiji" (transcription of "noisy"), as in a noisy cymbal crash.
  • Orion's name is possibly a reference to Orion Software, a music production software for Mac and Windows.
    • It is also possibly due to the fact that without the "O", Orion would be pronounced similarly to their Japanese name "Raian".

Names in other languages

Chirpy Chips

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ABXY -
China Chinese ABXY -
South Korea Korean ABXY -


Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese パル子
From パルランド parurando (singing in a speaking style) and 子 ko (common feminine suffix)
Netherlands Dutch Mona Female given name, resembling part of anemoon ("anemone")
Canada and France French Monia From harmonie (harmony)
Germany German Harmony Same as the English name
Italy Italian Monia From armonia (harmony)
Russia Russian Актавия
From актиния aktiniya (anemone) and октава oktava (octave)
Spain Spanish Armonia From harmonía or armonía (harmony)
China Chinese (Simplified) 脉子
màizi (Mandarin)
Likely from 脉冲 (Pulse, パルス in Japanese name) and (ko, common Japanese feminine suffix)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 脈子
màizi (Mandarin)
Likely from 脈冲 (Pulse, パルス in Japanese name) and (ko, common Japanese feminine suffix)
Portugal Portuguese Harmony Same as the English name


Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ライアン
Transcription of the English given name Ryan


Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ノイジー
Transcrption of the English word "noisy"


Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シカク