Jel La Fleur

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Jel La Fleur
S3 Jel La Fleur Render.png
Species Jellyfish[1][2]
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Male
Shop Man-o'-Wardrobe

Jel La Fleur is a character in Splatoon 3 and runs the clothing shop in Splatsville, Man-o'-Wardrobe.

Personality and traits

Jel La Fleur is enthusiastic and up-to-date regarding fashion, but is very snooty and tends to look down on his customers. Similarly to how Jelfonzo uses outdated Inkling due to learning the language through ancient text, Jel La Fleur uses archaic speech mannerisms.


SRL Fashion Desk again—it’s our time to shine! Today we’re showing off Man-o’-Wardrobe, the clothing shop operated by Jel La Fleur. No need to be jelly of this jellyfish’s style when you can shop an intensely curated selection of tees, jackets, shirts, and more!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]
A jellyfish with a keen eye for fashion.
Jel La Fleur may be soft and squishy, but the trendy clothing this jellyfish offers is on point. Jel runs the clothing boutique Man-O’-Wardrobe[sic], which specializes in tops like T-shirts and jackets. These stylish items have function as well as form—they come with abilities that can help you in battle.
— Play Nintendo[3]

USA North America (English)

  • "Ah, you are here. Good. Or not. Tell me - can one below level 4 not see one's own level? The audacity of shopping at such a low level! Please, visit the lobby and partake of many Turf War battles before you return. I REQUIRE IT." - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.
  • "Ah, you are here. Good. Welcome to Man-o'-Wardrobe. I see that you are a fresh and fashionable person, so I will allow you to shop here. HOWEVER! You must respect the merchandise. Filthy hands are a lifetime ban. Now then, surely you are aware of gear abilities, yes? These can help you fight and win battles. Do you wish to attain the same level of knowledge as me? Then press and prepare to learn!" - When a player of level 4 or up enters the shop for the first time.
  • "Ah, you are here. Good. Or not. It seems you are disconnected from the internet. Is this the style now? I WILL NOT ABIDE IT. Make your way to the lobby and connect before fashion changes again." - When entering the shop without an internet connection.
  • "Ah, you are here. Good. Welcome to Man-o'-Wardrobe." - When a player enters the shop.
  • "Thank you very much. But you cannot change clothes now–we are in the middle of a Splatfest. IT SIMPLY ISN'T DONE." - When a player purchases an item of clothing during a Splatfest.

Netherlands Dutch

  • "Ah, daar bent u dan. Ik zou u graag welkom heten, maar ik vermoed dat mijn mode nog wat te hoog gegrepen is voor uw bescheiden niveau. Kunt u uw niveau wellicht verhogen tot minimaal niveau 4? Ik raad u aan naar de lobby te gaan en meerdere partijen Grondoorlog te spelen. Dat zal uw niveau ongetwijfeld ten goede komen."
("Ah, there you are. I would gladly welcome you, but I suspect that my fashion is somewhat too ambitious for your modest level. Can you perhaps raise your level to a minimum of level 4? I recommend you to go to the lobby and to play multiple parties of Turf War. That will undoubtedly benefit your level.") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.



  • Despite him being a jellyfish, his shop's name and his appearance are based on a man o' war, a hydrozoan which resembles and is often believed to be a jellyfish, yet is actually a siphonophore, a colonial organism made up of many individual unicellular organisms.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハナガサ
From ハナガサクラゲ (flower hat jelly)
Netherlands Dutch Kwalbert Pun on Albert (a male name) and kwal (jellyfish)
France French Mehdi From méduse (jellyfish)
Germany German Jamie-Pasquall From the names Jamie and Pascal + Qualle (jellyfish)
Italy Italian Meddy From medusa (jellyfish)
Russia Russian Желье Ле Щуп
Jel'ye Le Shchup
From желе zhele (jelly), месье mes'ye (monsieur) and щупальце shchupal'tse (tentacle)
Jellsieur Le Tent
Spain Spanish M. Arqués From Marqués (Marquis).
South Korea Korean 꽃우산
Flower umbrella, from 꽃우산해파리 kkoch-usanhaepali (flower hat jelly)