Mask (character)

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Species Inkling
Hair color Cyan
Eye color Cyan
Gender Male
Maximum HP
Other forms
I absolutely hate Inklings... WHO ENJOY LIFE, LIKE YOU GUYS!
— Mask before match against Team Blue

Mask is a character in the Splatoon manga and is a member of the S4. He is the leader of Team Cyan.


Mask is a character in the Splatoon manga, and is the third member of the S4. He has the "Topknot" hairstyle, and wears the Gas Mask, Purple Camo LS, and Green Rain Boots. He wields the Carbon Roller Deco as his main weapon. He often has his eyed half-lidded and slouches.


Mask is stubborn at times and does not like it when people are happy, getting particularly agitated at Goggles and Bobble Hat during their battle due to their carefree, happy-go-lucky mindset. He also often brags about how he can beat weak teams without swinging his roller. Although he seems to get along well with his teammates, he dislikes working with others, especially the rest of the S4. He often seems to be the straight man, as seen in his interactions with the other S4 and Goggles, Gloves, and Emperor during the Salmon Run arc.



  • According to the Inkling Almanac, he has hay fever but is fine with his gas mask.
  • He really likes video games and wows other Inklings with his skill at Squid Beatz.
  • He is the only S4 member to be in Volume 6's Salmon Run Arc.
  • His team's special attack is called "Sub Weapon Armageddon", and it consists of his team using their sub weapons to splat the opposing teams.
  • He was on Team Order for the final Splatfest.