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Species Inkling
Hair color Sun yellow
Blue (During the Ranked Cup arc)
Eye color Sun yellow
Age At least 19 (Volume 3)
Gender Male
Relations Prinz (younger brother)
Location Inkopolis Square
Maximum HP
Other forms
The king cannot be defeated.
— Emperor in volume five of the manga.

Emperor is a male Inkling from the Splatoon manga. He is the leader of Team Emperor and his ink is sun yellow, and blue whilst temporarily joining Team Blue. He first appeared at the end of Volume 3 and has been in Volumes 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14.


Emperor has a hairstyle similar to the "hipster" style, with no ponytail. He wears the Eminence Cuff, Milky Eminence Jacket, and Milky Enperrials. His weapons are the Enperry Splat Dualies. He wears an identical outfit to his younger brother, Prinz, apart from his coat having a hood, which is later passed on to Prinz when he becomes leader of the team. He is taller and older than most other characters, and has rhombus-shaped eyes with lash-like points on his eyemask. His main ink color is sun yellow, though this can change, as shown when he has to join Team Blue to replace Specs, due to the latter having been attacked by bees (the same thing having happened to Army, although he was replaced by Rider). Unique to him and Prinz, he has red pupils.

In the Ranked Battle Arc, he wears a Black Velour Octoking Tee instead of his coat, but the rest of his gear remains the same. He wears a ring on the pinkie of his right hand. In Volume 11, whilst replacing Specs due to wasp sting injuries, he shatters the lenses of his Retro Specs and wears them for the battle against X-Blood.


He is infamous for getting 99.9% in a Turf War and leading the highly regarded Team Emperor. Emperor was known for being very prideful and cocky, (calling lesser players 'peasants' and declaring that the only joy in turf war was reserved for the winners), but has developed a more carefree side after fighting and losing to Team Blue. Though he is strict with his brother Prinz and his team's actions in battle, he does seem to care for them and praised them when they did their best in their fight against Team X-Blood. During the finals match with Team Blue, he sees his team having fun and begins to doubt their battling method.

In Volume Five after his match with Rider, he dirtied the sole of his shoe with Rider's ink, which Rider comments on to Emperor's annoyance, as Emperor prides himself for the fact that his team was known for never stepping foot in enemy ink.

After losing to Blue Team in the Square King Cup, Emperor leaves on a journey of self-growth and to train, leaving Prinz in charge of the team. Since then, he has become more of a funny man, but maintains his arrogant air and habit of referring to himself as "The King," and calling others commoners. Despite these quirks, he seems to genuinely want to improve himself, for both himself and his team. During a Salmon Run shift with Goggles, Mask and Gloves, he does not seem to take the boss salmonids seriously, even riding on a Steel Eel. Despite his more carefree personality, he maintains his competence in battle.

After the Square King Cup tournament ends, he asks to work at the Crust Bucket, although he admits to Crusty Sean that he has no part time job experience. Despite being incredibly motivated, he is completely incompetent at every task given to him. He tells Crusty Sean at the end of the day that he feels new experiences can help him become an even mightier king, and that he has a lot to learn. Later, he accidentally blows up the Crust Bucket due to not understanding the heat settings on the stove, setting off the events of the Ranked Cup arc.



  • His gear is the first set of manga-exclusive gear available. Serial codes exclusive to Japan were released in an issue of CoroCoro magazine to unlock the Eminence Cuff, Milky Eminence Jacket, and Milky Enperrials.
    • These codes have since expired, and this gear is therefore unobtainable.
  • He gave Gloves his first set of Splat Dualies before the events of the manga.
  • Emperor refers to himself with the kanji for 'king'. Given his and Prinz's names, as well as their appearance and status, their family appears to be rich.
  • When getting pantsed, Emperor's privates are censored like other characters, but unlike them who have symbols of their species, Emperor's censor is his team's symbol.
  • The team naturally gathers to practice, even without Emperor's order to do so.
  • The parents of Emperor's teammates have known each other for a long time.
  • It was stated that Emperor had won the Square King Cup four years in a row, implying that he is much older than the rest of the characters.
  • In Chapter 23, Emperor accidentally works a Grizzco Industries shift because Mr. Grizz said it would be good training. He ended up being with Mask, Goggles and Gloves for a Salmon Run.
  • He was on Team Order for the final Splatfest.