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Note: Shellmet is her official Japanese name.

Species Octoling
Hair color Purple
Eye color
Gender Female
Location Splatsville
Maximum HP
Other forms
Hehe. I'm not weak.
— Shellmet before fighting Team Blue

Shellmet is a character from the Splatoon manga. She first appeared in Volume 17.


Shellmet is a female Octoling with the "Tentatwists" hairstyle. She wears the Winkle Stripe Helm, Khaki Ranger Vest, "Ripped black leggings", and Arctic Duck Boots. She has the "Classic" female Octoling eyebrows. She uses the Hydra Splatling.


At first glance, Shellmet is seen as rude, as she calls Team Blue stupid several time, this might imply she tends to look down on people. However, Shellmet is not heartless, as she offers to help Team Blue train for the upcoming fight with Glassless anyway of her beliefs and believes Team Blue can defeat him.

During the fight with Goggles, Shellmet is shown to be very flexible, furtive, and strong, as she repeatedly is a threat for Team Blue and catches them off guard several times. She seems disappointed when all of Team Blue dies to her Booyah Bomb and gives them advice to on how to fight Glassless and herself.

Once hit by Goggles' Trizooka and defeated, Shellmet admits that Team Blue could defeat Glassless as they are a strong team that does not give up.

Shellmet's teammates seem to worship her for her flexibility, they see her as noble and claim her agility is beautiful. They also refer to her using "ms." whenever Shellmet refers to them.


  • Shellmet's design and appearance are based on "TakoTruck" from Splatoon 3's promotional art.
  • She is rumored to be as strong as Glassless.
  • Goggles has mistaken Shellmet's hair for chocolate cornets.
  • Shellmet is one of Splatsville Great Eight.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シェルメット