Splattershot Jr. (character)

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Splattershot Jr. (character)
Splattershot Jr. (manga).png
Species Inkling
Hair color Unkown
Eye color Unkown
Gender Male
I can see that they enjoy the battle from the bottom of their hearts.
— Splattershot Jr. whilst fighting with Team Blue.

Splattershot Jr. is a character in the Splatoon manga. His only known appearances thus far is in Volume 8 and Volume 14.


Splattershot Jr. wears a White Headband, a Basic Tee, and Cream Basics, which are the pieces of gear given to new players. He wears the "Shorts" and has the "Topknot" hairstyle. He looks slightly younger than most of the characters, given the fact that he just started Turf War.


Splattershot Jr. is a round-faced Inkling boy with a lighthearted attitude, although he seemed overwhelmed when he was playing in his first Turf War. He relaxed when Goggles got shot wriggling around. When he first got to Inkopolis Square, he noticed Team Blue, but almost immediately decided they were ridiculous.


  • After realizing Team Blue's secret to success, he decided that he wanted to make a team to have fun with.

Names in other languages

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