Iso Padre

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Iso Padre
Species Giant isopod
Hair color
Eye color
Age 39 (Splatoon 2)[1]
Likely 44 (Splatoon 3)
Gender Male
Location Deepsea Metro (Octo Expansion)
Inkopolis Square (Splatoon 3)
Maximum HP
Other forms
I've been riding this train a long, long time, but a thing I've never left behind is myself.
— Dialogue on the Deepsea Metro

Iso Padre is a character who appears in the Octo Expansion in Splatoon 2, as well as making a minor appearance in Splatoon 3.

According to Iso Padre himself, he originally had a different name but cannot remember it after spending so long on the Deepsea Metro.


Iso Padre is a periwinkle giant isopod wearing tinted pince-nez glasses with a gold rim, a golden neck chain, and a black leisure suit under his carapace. While he has a relatively realistic appearance like many of the other denizens of the deep, he has fewer pair of legs compared to a real isopod, with three pairs near his chest, and one near the bottom of his body that is not a part of his carapace, giving him an anthropomorphic appearance. He has some colorful stickers of cute cartoon characters on his carapace and a red-and-yellow wristwatch of similar design, and is typically seen besides a briefcase filled with plush toys.

Personality and traits

Iso Padre is described as a gentleman and when talked to, he gives philosophic and poetic lines. He likes mem cakes due to them being a glimpse to the promised land, but because he washed out early when he tried the tests at the Deepsea Metro, only getting two, he instead wants to see the ones received by Agent 8. His briefcase with toys contains "hopes and dreams". He seems to have good relations with Craig Cuttlefish, often talking with him while on the train and one of Craig's raps calling Padre "[his] boy".

Splatoon 2

Main article: Mem cake

Iso Padre is seen in the Deepsea Metro trying to get to Inkopolis.[2] He also has a close relation to mem cakes. When he arrives onto the train, he notices Agent 8 has some mem cakes and asks them to gather more. When Agent 8 completes a full set of mem cakes (including grayscale mem cakes obtained by completing a station with Marina's help), they receive a piece of gear that is unlocked when the player completes the Octo Expansion.

Iso Padre gives a piece of gear for every mem cake set completed. These gear items are listed below.

Splatoon 3

Iso Padre can be seen in Inkopolis Square's café, sitting in the same place Spyke did in the previous game. Like Spyke in Splatoon 2, he cannot be interacted with.

In the manga series

In the Splatoon manga, Iso Padre makes a brief cameo appearance in Volume 7. He plays no major role in the story of the manga itself, but he is seen greeting Goggles and Eight while on the train.


For other quotes, see Deepsea Metro#Quotes.


General dialogue

  • "I may not have much left, but I still have my health. Every day I pray I don't lose that too."
  • "Don't turn your back on what's shabby. And don't embrace a thing because it's clean."
  • "When you see beauty in what's broken or run-down, then the whole world will be art."
  • "Whether a thing is trash or treasure, well, that depends on if you see it with love."
  • "Dreaming too hard takes a lot out of you."
  • "Freshness advice, eh? A fine set of well-groomed whiskers won't steer you wrong."
  • "The elder squid aims to teach me to rap. But I tell my tale slow, to no one else's beat."
  • "I've been riding this train a long, long time, but a thing I've never left behind is myself."
  • "If there's a final destination where we're all headed, we haven't reached it yet."
  • "Stay somewhere long enough and you forget what it's like to be anywhere else."
  • "I envy you your mem cakes, young squire. Both the memories and the cake."
  • "Where am I headed? Oh, nowhere in particular. I ride for the pleasure of riding."
  • "C.Q. Cumber works his tail off morning, noon, and night. Me, I prefer the labor of the mind."
  • "This train glides through the dark of the sea floor. You might be the headlight we need."
  • "The well-dweller knows nothing of the ocean's breadth. But the water's darkness? Now that's a subject with which it's intimately familiar."
  • "You wish you had a confidant closer to your own age? I can sympathize."
  • "I ride a subway called Desire, on a long and winding path to Inkopolis Station."
  • "Is it worse not knowing where you are or how you came to be there? I ponder that myself."
  • "If you need to roll around in the mud awhile, can't no one blame you for that."
  • "Once your life's derailed, it's not so easy to get it back on track."




Iso Padre's given name is a pun on "isopod", referring to his order, and "padre", Italian for "father". This is likely a reference to the film The Godfather, due to Iso Padre's similarities with the main character Don Vito Corleone.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese グソクさん
Mr. Gusoku[a]
Netherlands Dutch P.B. Initials derived from pissebed ("isopod")
CanadaFrance French Don Podio Don is a mobster title
Germany German Don Asselmo Don is a mobster title, and Asselmo comes from Assel ("Isopod") and the male given name Anselmo
Italy Italian Don Isopo Don is a mobster title, and if reversed, Isopo Don sounds like Isopodo ("Isopod")
Russia Russian Поликарп Изоподыч
Polikarp Izopodych
From Поликарп Polikarp, the Russian male given name (which also has a word карп karp ("carp") in it), and a surname meaning "son of isopod"
SpainMexico Spanish Tío Hipsópodo Uncle Hipsopod[b]

Translation notes

  1. From daiō gusoku mushi ("giant isopod")
  2. Tío is also slang for "dude" in Spain