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Marie in Splatoon
Species Inkling
Hair color   Light gray/lime green (Splatoon, Splatoon 2, Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass)
  Light gray/neon yellow (Splatoon 3)
Eye color Golden
Age At least 17 (Splatoon)[1]
Likely 19 (Splatoon 2)
Likely 24 (Splatoon 3)
Gender Female
Relations Callie (cousin)
Unknown parents
Cuttlefish (grandfather)
Unknown aunt and uncle
Deep Cut (employees)
Location Inkopolis Plaza
Inkopolis Square
Octo Canyon
Maximum HP
Other forms
I'm Marie. I know you're probably a bit starstruck, but I need you to get over it.
— Dialogue in Octo Canyon

Marie is a recurring character in the Splatoon series. She is part of the Squid Sisters pop idol duo, along with her cousin Callie, as well as Agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. In Splatoon, she co-hosted Inkopolis News and Splatfest events. Additionally, she is a major character in the single-player modes Octo Valley (Splatoon), Octo Canyon (Splatoon 2), and Return of the Mammalians (Splatoon 3). Her signature color is lime green.

She is voiced by Mari Kikuma.



Marie is a very fashionable Inkling with a remarkable resemblance to her cousin, having a more "laid-back" design than her in comparison. She has a light peach skin tone and light gray tentacles, two of which are longer and usually tied in a large bow on the right side of her head; they wrap around to the other side and curl up slightly at the tips, which have a green gradient and are decorated with spots. Additionally, she has a right-parted bang and a smaller one on the left, usually hidden under her hairpiece. She has large golden eyes with darker pupils shaped like four-pointed stars, large oval eyebrows, and a beauty mark under her right eye, mirroring the one on Callie's left cheek. Unlike the usual Inkling eye mask, Marie's eye markings are more droopy, with two small eyelash-like points each; her ears are slightly narrower, longer, and more downturned than those of the average Inkling. Marie's stature is generally depicted as average, with her being slightly taller than the player character in Splatoon and Splatoon 2, and the same height as them in Splatoon 3.

The coloration on the ends of Marie's tentacles

Marie wears a black strapless romper that includes a skirt and a heart-shaped neckline; the corset is form-fitting and closes with green laces in the back. The romper is made of a reflective material covered in color-shifting hexagonal sequins. On the front are three horizontal openings showing a layer of magenta fabric underneath; they resemble the cuts made in ikayaki, or grilled squid, a popular Japanese festival food.

With this outfit, she wears lime green tights, white gloves, white chunky hoop earrings, and a detached white shirt collar. On her feet, Marie wears a pair of ankle-high black boots, with green wedge heels and a green button on both sides of the ankle. In addition to her tights, Marie also wears black shorts under her dress, which are usually unseen; the lining of her skirt is green to match her tights as well.

On the left side of her head is a green and white ornament resembling a calamari ring. Before Splatoon 3, it can be seen briefly flying off of her head when she jumps, akin to Callie's sashimi hairpiece; in Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, it stays in place instead.

During a Splatfest, any part of Marie's appearance that is normally green changes to match the color of her Splatfest team, including the tips of her tentacles. This represents her standard ink color, as seen in her amiibo figure and squid form in Super Mario Maker and Miitomo.

In her squid form, as seen in Super Mario Maker, Marie is a standard green squid, but with her signature pupils and eyelash-like points on top of her eye markings.

Octo Valley

During the story mode in Splatoon while acting as Agent 2, Marie wears a more undercover outfit, with only the top half shown. She wears what seems to be a green shirt, a green baseball hat with a logo similar to that of the clothing brand Firefin, and a white facemask. Her tentacles appear to be in the same hairstyle as her idol outfit, peeking out from the back of her cap. Her attire suggests she is trying to hide her identity from fans that happen to see her.

Splatoon 2

Marie's primary outfit in Splatoon 2

At Tentakeel Outpost, Marie wears traditional Japanese-style clothing, similar to how she dressed as a child. She wears a dark gray kimono decorated with a green and yellow wave pattern at the hem, in a style not unlike the traditional Japanese seigaiha pattern. Around her waist is a green obi belt with a squid-shaped golden obidome charm. On top, she wears a black haori jacket with hanging sleeves and a triangle squid pattern along the bottom hem, similar to the traditional Japanese uroko pattern. On her feet are white tabi socks and black zori sandals with green thongs. The left side of her head is decorated with a tasseled pink ornament tied up with a red ribbon, described in The Art of Splatoon 2 as being reminiscent of cooked shrimp. She also carries a green wagasa parasol prop she got from a costume shop.[2] It has a Cuttlegear brand logo printed on and a small green squid charm hanging from the handle through a piece of magenta rope.

Her haori bears the Kensaki clan crest[3] on both sides, though any connection between her and the Kensaki clan is unknown.

Splatoon 3

Marie in Alterna

Marie sports a new outfit and neon yellow ink color in Splatoon 3, to signify her role as Agent 2 in the New Squidbeak Splatoon. She wears an asymmetrical white coat that closes with a small squid clasp near her right shoulder; the coat is decorated with three horizontal yellow stripes down the front, similar to those on her original black dress. Marie also wears dark gray leggings and ankle-high black jika-tabi shoes with yellow soles. On her head, she wears her signature calamari ring ornament, which is now black with yellow spots, while the inside remains white. Overall, her style is now more professional and mature in appearance.

To accessorize, Marie wears chunky iridescent earrings and black gloves. She carries with her a white parasol similar to the one from Splatoon 2, with the Cuttlegear brand logo and a triangle squid uroko pattern in neon yellow.

As she returns performing during Splatfests, starting with Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Bigfoot, Marie wears the same outfit as in Splatoon, albeit with a few minor tweaks, such as small buttons holding her collar and gloves. As with the other idols, she also wears special outfits during certain Splatfests, all of which are based off her usual one.

During the Zombie vs. Skeleton vs. Ghost Splatfest, Marie's romper is made of an orange corduroy fabric with darker dress and black underside. Her collar, tights and gloves are black; she also has red eyes and wears black makeup resembling stitches around her eyes and a painted nose, resembling a jack-o-lantern.

During the Friends vs. Family vs. Solo Splatfest, Marie wears a fuzzy, white version of her standard dress with a slight swirl pattern; she also wears a white knit scarf and matching gloves, as well as light gray sleeves and leggings, while her shoes are brown. All parts of her outfit typically affected by her variable ink colors glow in each of the three Splatfest colors in turns.

During the Baby Chicks vs. Li'l Bunnies vs. Bear Cubs Splatfest, Marie wears a pastel green dress with all her usually white accessories colored pink, and green and pink striped tights underneath; she sports a lime flower marking on her left cheek.


Like her cousin, Marie's childhood appearance is depicted to have been quite unique in comparison to other Inklings, as they both already looked humanoid, contrasting with the squid-like appearance most Inklings have as children.

As a child, Marie had larger eyes and eyebrows, and her tentacles were much shorter, messier, and without bangs. The calamari accessory on her head was also much smaller.

Marie was often depicted wearing traditional Japanese-style clothing as a child. Her first outfit, shown in Sunken Scroll 17, consisted of a dark blue kimono with a white polka dot pattern along the bottom hem. She wore a pair of thick black okobo sandals with pink thongs.

For her second outfit, which was shown in promo art for the Grasshopper vs. Ant Splatfest, Marie wore a white yukata with a seashell pattern in lime green, navy blue, and lavender. The calamari accessory was depicted with a mix of deep purple and green colors.

Personality and traits

Marie is seemingly quieter and not as excitable as her cousin, and usually only gives a half-smile, if at all. She can be sarcastic from time to time, and is slightly prone to complaining, but is usually in a mild mood. Overall, her disposition is laid-back and friendly, although she gets easily annoyed and can be grumpy sometimes. She is also an expert at doing impressions, as mentioned by Agent 1.

She dislikes overly-thrilling activities and can even be somewhat lazy. She also does not seem to be a big fan of vegetables, especially tomatoes, even to the extent of saying that she would rather eat a Splattershot than vegetables.

Marie and a Zapfish doll for the Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Green Splatfest

She has shown a demonstrably cheekier side, as seen in the Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue Splatfest ending dialogue, where Callie asked how to change the name of Marie's Vulpix she traded her from "BLUEISBEST" and Marie hurriedly ends the broadcast, slyly avoiding the question. In addition to this, when reattempting the final boss fight of Splatoon 2, at one point her dialogue reads: "Octavio, stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!", laughing at the fact that DJ Octavio's "fists" need to be shot back at him. She states that she 'can't throw shade without Callie' in Octo Canyon, further implying her cheeky side.

When anticipating an announcement (for example, the theme of a Splatfest, or the contents of an update), she often repeats herself in excitement. (Ex. "What is it? What is it?!")

She mentions several times on Inkopolis News that her preferred weapon class is the charger. Given the existence of the Hero Charger, it is possible that Marie used a charger as Agent 2 in Octo Valley. In Splatoon 2, she mentions that she is "more of a charger girl", and in the final battle, Tide Goes Out, she is shown using the Hero Charger. In Side Order, her signature weapon class is once again confirmed through her Palette.

Despite her constant teasing of Callie, it is shown in the Squid Sisters Stories that Marie constantly stresses about Callie's well-being and worries about overshadowing her, even leading to self-loathing.

Many of Marie's Splatfest choices are lazy, smart, and sassy, as seen with her choices of Save It, Perfect Mind, and Marie. Marie states that she hates pineapple on pizza and even wonders about getting a slice of 'pineapple-free pizza from the future' while alone in Octo Canyon. Marie also stated that she would rather join team Future than team Past so she can 'give out massages and print out pizza slices'.

Marie hates Callie's puns, at one point calling them "punbearable", although while at a live concert, Callie states that Marie has her own "signature puns". This implies that Marie truly cares about what Callie likes, although she is prone to cheeky insults. Marie may be acting cheeky to help raise her popularity.


Early life

Callie and Marie winning Inkopolis's first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest

Marie was raised in Calamari County, regularly counting the stars with her cousin Callie at night. At a young age, she became interested in singing and entered Inkopolis' first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest with Callie. Their stunning performance earned them a standing ovation from the audience, as well as a first-place trophy and certificate.

After moving to Inkopolis, Marie worked at Walleye Warehouse with Callie. She resented this job, saying that the best thing about it "was quitting" and burning her uniform, despite thinking that her co-workers were nice. Eventually, Marie joined Callie in creating the Squid Sisters, slowly rising in notoriety to become Inkopolis' premier pop icons.


Callie and Marie in the Inkopolis News studio.

By the events of Splatoon, the Squid Sisters had become household names in Inkopolis Plaza, with one of their celebrity jobs being hosting Inkopolis News. Marie usually interjected sarcastic statements regarding stage news, often groaning at Callie's puns, but was known to also make silly, nonsensical, or even off-topic comments herself. She also helped to announce updates and Splatfest news and could be seen chatting with Callie in the Inkopolis News Studio. Whenever a Splatfest occurred, Marie and Callie could be seen singing and dancing to City of Color atop trucks in the Plaza equipped with platforms and stage equipment. While Callie won 25 Splatfests across all regions, Marie only won 18.

Agent 2's icon in Octo Valley

Marie also made a major appearance during Octo Valley. After initially making a news broadcast about the disappearance of the Great Zapfish, she appeared as Agent 2 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, led by her grandfather, Cap'n Cuttlefish, with Callie as Agent 1. Throughout Octo Valley, Marie was heard communicating to Cuttlefish, Callie, and Agent 3 regarding the looming Octarian menace. Once Cuttlefish was kidnapped after Agent 3 defeated the Octomaw, the two agents acted as Agent 3's mentors in his place, albeit in disguise, not revealing their true identities.

The group eventually reunited during Enter the Octobot King!. As the final phase of the battle with DJ Octavio began, Marie and Callie performed the Calamari Inkantation, revealing their true identities as the Squid Sisters, freeing Cuttlefish, and spurring Agent 3 to defeat Octavio. The two revealed the Great Zapfish's return on Inkopolis News, not disclosing their part in its rescue, and performed Maritime Memory over the credits.

After Splatoon

As detailed in the Squid Sisters Stories, by nine months after the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, the Squid Sisters rocketed to even greater fame as the biggest stars in Inkling society. However, after they released their first solo recordings, they began following separate paths. Marie began putting on solo concerts, appearing on music shows, and even starting a career in theater. Their schedules allowed for little quality time spent together, but when they were together their relationship seemed to be intact. Unfortunately, shortly after planning a trip home to Calamari County together, Callie disappeared. Fearful for what may have happened to her, Marie soon found that DJ Octavio had escaped his prison and the Great Zapfish had disappeared again. With Cap'n Cuttlefish not around, Marie moved to Inkopolis Square, taking a break from her career and going into hiding.

Splatoon 2

Marie introducing herself to Agent 4

In Splatoon 2, Marie recruited Agent 4 in Octo Canyon to help rescue Callie and the Great Zapfish, taking Cap'n Cuttlefish's role as their main advisor and guide. After beating the Octo Shower, she and Agent 4 received a call telling them to leave Octo Canyon and never look back. However, Marie quickly realized that the caller was Callie since she held the phone upside-down; a trait that Callie has admitted to having. During Bomb Rush Blush, they learned that Callie had been brainwashed by DJ Octavio using his hypnoshades and was forced to fight him and Callie. Marie was able to shoot off the hypnoshades with a Hero Charger filled with her special "low-tide ink", slowly bringing Callie back to her senses and reuniting the Squid Sisters. After Octavio was defeated for the second time, the Squid Sisters made a new single, Fresh Start, which is played over the credits.

Marie stayed at Cuttlefish Cabin to look after Octavio while waiting for Cuttlefish to return, where she was later joined by Callie. They provided various stats and information about the player during their conversations with Agent 4, where Callie revealed that Marie had been tracking their every movement and logging it in her "Agent Four Factopedia."

Octo Expansion

Marie does not make a physical appearance during the Octo Expansion, but after all the stations in the Deepsea Metro are cleared, she appears in the Bonus Log of Marina's chat room that is unlocked. She stumbles upon the chat room under the username of "Agent 2". Accidentally discovering Cap'n Cuttlefish chatting there, she initially worries about it being a dating site, but quickly dismisses this idea and finds out that Cuttlefish and Agent 3 are fine. She attempts to convince Cuttlefish to return home for seaweed stew before signing off. If the player goes to Octo Canyon after unlocking the Bonus Log, Marie can share with Callie in Tentakeel Outpost that she found Cuttlefish in a chat room and that he and Agent 3 are doing well.

Splatoon 3

Callie, Marie, and the Captain in Alterna.

As part of the New Squidbeak Splatoon along with Callie and the Captain, Marie has been doing reconnaissance work into a previously undiscovered shelter that was abandoned by humans, called Alterna. The new Agent 3 first encounters the trio on Future Utopia Island after falling into Alterna due to a cave-in. As Agent 3 and Callie explore the other sites, Marie and the Captain stay on Future Utopia Island at their base camp. Marie also acts as a 'translator' for the Captain, relaying their thoughts and feelings to Agent 3, as the two do not directly interact.

After Agent 3 bests the three bosses and collects all components of the treasure, Callie and Marie assemble the machine for the Captain to use in order to remove all of the Fuzzy Ooze surrounding the Alterna Space Center, where the Squid Sisters' grandfather, Craig Cuttlefish, has been taken captive. After the treasure has served its purpose, Marie then gifts it to Deep Cut, who are extremely grateful. To show their thanks, the Deep Cut members profess their desire to make Marie their boss, much to her dismay. She complains on multiple occasions about the added paperwork the Deep Cut trio has caused her to have.

When the New Squidbeak Splatoon finally reaches Craig Cuttlefish, they are heartbroken to find that their grandfather has presumably been dehydrated. However, Cuttlefish is revived after a tear from the Captain falls on him.

As Agent 3 battles Mr. Grizz in space, Marie, along with Callie, Deep Cut, and DJ Octavio, perform Calamari Inkantation 3MIX in order to hype them up for battle.


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Fictional Band Song Name Audio
S Band Squid Sisters.jpg
Tide Goes Out
S Band DJ Octavio.png
DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs. Marie
Tidal Rush


SO Icon Marie.png Marie's Palette
S3 Weapon Main Order Charger Replica 2D Current.png
Order Charger
S3 Weapon Sub Ink Mine Flat.png
Ink Mine
S3 Weapon Special Triple Inkstrike.png
Triple Inkstrike
SO Icon Smollusk.png
What was this one's name? Mawie?
She's pwobably the most pwomising of
the bunch.

Her bwilliant, sharp mind cuts through
the noise and stwaightens out chaotic
airheads! She's pwactically a guardian
of order alweady!

Except...she kinda seems OK with chaos?
And that's a big no-no for sewious order
Most common Tone:
SO Icon color chip type Support.png Support
Second Most common Tone:
SO Icon color chip type Range.png Range

In the manga series

She, along with Callie, first appeared in Issue 1 of the CoroCoro manga Splatoon, where she announced the CoroCoro Cup. She and Callie are hosts and commentators for that tournament. She now often appears in issues starting with Issue 2.

In the Hero Mode issue, she takes the role of Agent 2, together with Callie, who is Agent 1. They appear in the fight against DJ Octavio and battle alongside both Agent 3s, Goggles and Rider, with Marie using the Hero Charger.

Marie doesn't make another appearance in the manga until Volume 11, where she reunites with Goggles and recruits Gloves as Agent 4. During this arc, she plays the same role she did in the game.

Tableturf Battle

RotM Icon Agent 2.png Agent 2's Deck
Classic Squiffer


Classic Squiffer
Splat Charger


Splat Charger


E-liter 4K


E-liter 4K
E-liter 4K Scope


E-liter 4K Scope
Bamboozler 14 Mk I


Bamboozler 14 Mk I
Goo Tuber


Goo Tuber
Undercover Brella


Undercover Brella
Splat Bomb


Splat Bomb
Splash Wall


Splash Wall
Ink Mine


Ink Mine
Killer Wail 5.1


Killer Wail 5.1








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  • Marie seems to be cross-dominant; she has been shown writing with her right hand but holding chopsticks with her left. She shares this characteristic with Shiver.
  • The Art of Splatoon 2 states that Marie's kimono has the Kensaki family crest embroidered upon it. It is unknown whether she is related to Toni Kensa, known as Tataki Kensaki in Japan.
  • Marie states in Industrial Toast that she refuses to eat the ends of loaves of bread.
  • Marie was on Team Order for the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest, as she likes to keep things nice and neat, even stitching up her conversations with Callie with a solid one-liner.[4]
  • In Tentakeel Outpost dialogue, Marie mentions she still has scars from Callie having hit her with a bug net when they were children.
  • When attacked by Agent 4 in Octo Canyon in Splatoon 2 or Agent 3 in Alterna in Splatoon 3, Marie will block their attacks with her umbrella. It is not possible to get any ink on her, unlike Callie, the Captain and Cuttlefish, who can be covered.
  • In Octo Canyon, Marie is seen to have a caged pet. Artwork suggests the pet is an evolved form of a scallop that gained the ability to fly with its shells acting as wings.[5] The creature also appeared in Splatfest art, starting with Grasshopper vs. Ant, where Callie is seen catching it and Marie is shown with it caged. It is also shown hiding in Marie's lab coat pocket in Perfect Body vs. Perfect Mind.
  • According to The Art of Splatoon 2, Marie enjoys watching the TV drama that Callie acts in.
  • Dialogue in Tentakeel Outpost reveals that Marie's favorite band is the Chirpy Chips.
  • When Marie is standing next to the map of Tentakeel Outpost, she tells Agent 4, "I'd tell you what's written on this sign, but my Octarian is pretty rusty," which implies that she once learned the Octarian language.
  • Counting cameos and Palettes, Marie, Callie, and DJ Octavio are the only characters to have appeared in all five single player campaigns.
  • Marie has an appreciation for Agent 3's Smallfry in Splatoon 3, shown in her dialogue throughout the game. She sometimes even seems to forget about Agent 3 in favor of Smallfry.
  • Marie's ink having special properties is a trait only mentioned in certain NOA localizations.[6] In the English version, it is referred to as "low-tide" ink, which matches the theme of her solo song.
  • When scanning her amiibo in the amiibo box in Inkopolis Plaza Splatoon 3 during a Splatfest, she will show up despite normally being unable to when in photo mode.
  • In Splatoon 3, Marie's signature can be seen on the exterior of Hotlantis.
  • As of Side Order, Marie is one of the only two idols never fought as a boss, the other being Pearl.


"Marie" is a variant of the Latin name "Maria", which originated as the feminine form of Marius. When placed next to each other, Callie and Marie's names sound like "calamari", the Italian plural word for squid as well as the name of a fried squid dish. Ironically, Marie never realized this until saying the word out loud during the rematch of Bomb Rush Blush.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ホタル
From the Japanese word ホタルイカ hotaru-ika "firefly squid"
Netherlands Dutch Marie Same as the English name.
CanadaFrance French Oly With Callie's French name (Ayo), it sounds like aioli
Germany German Limone From limone, or lime, referring to her main color and as a pun for a sauce
Italy Italian Marina From marina, or marine. With Callie's Italian name (Stella), it forms stella marina, or starfish
Russia Russian Мари
Transliteration of the English name.
SpainMexico Spanish Tina Feminine name, Spanish for tub. With Callie's Spanish name (Mar), it forms martina.
China Chinese (Simplified) 萤火[note 1]
Yíng huǒ
From 萤火鱿; pinyin: yíng huǒ yóu, Chinese for firefly squid
小萤[note 2]
Xiǎo yíng
A nickname derived from 萤火
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 小螢
Xiǎo yíng
South Korea Korean 호타루
Transliteration of the Japanese name.

Translation notes

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  2. Splatoon 3


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