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Face of Order.png
Hair color
Eye color
Pronouns It/Its
Relations Marina (creator)
Location 10F (Control Room, during the First climb)
30F (Control Room, before clearing it at least once)
Maximum HP
Other forms

SO Sprite Overlorder.png
Hair color
Eye color Red
Pronouns It/Its
Relations Marina (creator)
Location 30F (Control Room, after clearing 30F at least once)
Maximum HP
Other forms

SO Icon Smollusk.png
Hair color
Eye color Light blue iris, black pupil
Pronouns It/Its
Relations Marina (creator)
Location 30F (Control Room, after clearing 30F at least once)
Maximum HP
Other forms
I am Order itself. A consciousness generated from the processes of many who yearn for stability.
— Order introducing itself after the defeat of Marina Agitando
Order redirects here. For other uses, see Order (disambiguation).

Order, also known by its boss name Overlorder and Smollusk after being defeated for the first time, is the titular main antagonist of Splatoon 3: Side Order. It is an AI created by Marina during her creation of the Memverse, serving as the overseer of the Spire of Order, and the final boss fought at 30F.


Order resembles a black cloud comprised of glitches and noise, vaguely in the shape of a cartoon proportioned octopus, with a circular mouth akin to a siphon mouth. It has oval eyes with a line straight down the middle, and wisps trailing off the body that resemble tentacles. The exact proportions of the mouth and eyes constantly change with the glitching effect.

Overlorder is an extremely oversized octopus, colored in the same black ink as Jelletons. All of its facial features are unnatural, as for example, it has two red ∞-balls for eyes. The ink it is covered in is also transparent, with white "bones" inside, similar to the Jelletons.

Once it is defeated, Order is forced into a miniscule form that is dubbed "Smollusk", due to Pearl greatly damaging Overlorder during the climax with a Killer Wail-like scream. As Smollusk, Order resembles an octopus paralarva with black tinted tentacles, albeit with mature octopus eyes. After Order's first defeat, "Smollusk" remains the name used for the character, even when it takes on its Overlorder form again in rematches.


When fought at 30F, Order is in its Overlorder form. Similar to Marina Agitando, all phases consist of Overlorder surrounded by a barrier and several tentacle-like portals. Different types of Jelletons can spawn based on which floors the player has chosen during the run. Once all portals are destroyed, the barrier falls down, exposing it to attack and enabling progression to the next phase.

Overlorder can use various attacks in all phases at random intervals. An alert sound plays and red arrows appear to telegraph its attacks, which may also be accompanied by dialog taunts. These include:

  • Overlorder shoots several large, slow-moving globs of ink at the player.
  • Overlorder fires three continuous Sting Ray beams that track the player.
  • Overlorder spawns a swarm of Jelletons from its mouth.
  • Overlorder propels four Reefsliders consecutively.
  • Overlorder launches Super Chumps around the arena.
  • Overlorder sends its tentacles out underneath the player. This will launch the player into the air on contact, possibly sending them off the arena. Following this, the tentacles fall toward the ground, away from Overlorder.

Phases 1-3

In the first phase, there are two stationary portals which spawn Jelletons. In the second phase, there are three portals. These portals begin to move as they take damage, making it more difficult to fire at them. In the third phase, there are four portals which also move as they take damage; this is the last phase when fighting Overlorder in a rematch.

In the initial Overlorder battle, New World Order plays during these phases. In rematches, Short Order plays instead.

Phase 4

This phase is only fought if the player has not cleared the Spire before. After the player clears the Spire for the first time, a glass case containing a Killer Wail speaker appears to the viewer's right of the elevator entrance upon entering the foyer, allowing the player to replay this phase by interacting with it and selecting "Remember Epic, Vibrant Battle". During this phase, saving and suspending does not cost a Life like it does normally, and being splatted simply restarts the phase.

In this phase, Overlorder removes all the color chips from the player's Palette. However, each portal contains special "Spectrum" chips that the player can obtain by destroying them, with each portal giving the benefits of all of a particular tone's chips when destroyed. After all six portals are destroyed, the player can use Pearl's "Color Wail" (based on the Killer Wail 5.1) with the special weapon button to finally defeat Overlorder. Alternatively, the player can defeat Overlorder without using the Color Wail by simply continuing to attack it until it is defeated; doing so results in slightly different dialogue.

During this phase, Spectrum Obligato ~ Ebb & Flow (Out of Order) plays. Once all portals have been destroyed, opening the Palette menu and interacting with each chip in boustrophedon order sounds out the chorus of Ebb & Flow.[1]


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

SO Sprite Overlorder.png

Habitat: The top floor
Order was vicious. But we're no
slouches ourselves. I always knew
Eight and Pearl could do it. And so
we returned to the real world,
happily ever after.
Wasn't that li'l Order cuuute?
I wonder where it went.
That's the last we'll see of THAT
creep, I bet. And if not, then
Eight, Marina, Acht, and me are
gonna fry it up all over again!
Even here, we stay Off the Hook!

Relations to Other Characters

See List of Palettes in Side Order to view Smollusk's opinion on the main cast of the Splatoon series.






  • Order is the first final boss in the Splatoon series that does not come from the distant past, being an infant compared to DJ Octavio, Commander Tartar, and Mr. Grizz.
  • Overlorder has 13 different boss titles that can be shown at the start of its battle. The first time it is fought after the credits, its title is "The One Slight Catch", advancing to the next title in the next run only when the player uses a Palette different to that of their current run. For example, after fighting "The Second Restoration" with a new Palette, players will face "History Threepeats" in their next run even when using a repeated Palette, but they will not face "The Foursaken Remnant" until after defeating "History Threepeats" using a new Palette. The first ten rematch titles have a numerical motif that match the rematch number.
    • Initial title: "The Magistrate of Order"
    • First rematch title: "The One Slight Catch"
    • Second rematch title: "The Second Restoration"
    • Third rematch title: "History Threepeats" (a pun on "history repeats")
    • Fourth rematch title: "The Foursaken Remnant" (a pun on "the forsaken remnant")
    • Fifth rematch title: "Pent-Up Frustration"
    • Sixth rematch title: "Back to Basix" (a pun on "back to basics")
    • Seventh rematch title: "Acsept No Substitutes" (a pun on "accept no substitutes")
    • Eighth rematch title: "Increasingly Despereight" (a pun on "increasingly desperate")
    • Ninth rematch title: "Saturnine Squatter"
    • Tenth rematch title: "Tentacled Troublemaker"
    • Eleventh rematch title: "Last Order"
    • Final rematch title after clearing with all Palettes: "Obstructive Ordeal"
  • In the English version of the game, Smollusk speaks by having its L's and R's replaced with W's in a manner that can be considered childlike, to further portray its smaller and weaker nature as well as the fact that it had only recently been "born".


Overlorder is a portmanteau of "overlord" and "order".

Smollusk is a portmanteau of "small" (or possibly "smol", internet slang for "small" that also implies cuteness) and "mollusk".

Overlorder gains new boss titles containing numerical puns for the first ten rematches, with the digit count going up by one after each rematch where a new Palette is used. These puns use English digit names, with two exceptions: "Pent-Up Frustration" comes from pente, Greek for "five", while "Acsept No Substitutes" comes from septem, Latin for "seven".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オーダ
Netherlands Dutch Orde Order
CanadaFrance French Ordre Order
Germany German Ordnung Order
Italy Italian Ordine Order
Russia Russian Порядок
SpainMexico Spanish Ordon From orden ("order")
China Chinese 秩序
Zhì xù
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オーダコ
Large Octopus[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Oordeler Judger[note 2]
CanadaFrance French Ordrissime From ordre ("order") and the suffix -issime, a superlative expressing greatness
Germany German Ordokto Combination of Ordnung ("order") and okto ("octo")
Italy Italian Octordine Octo-order
Russia Russian Порядокракен
Order kraken
SpainMexico Spanish Ordominio From dominio ("domination, dominion, rule, control") and "orden" ("order")
China Chinese 秩序巨蛸
Zhìxù jù xiāo
Giant Octopus of Order
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese コダコ
Little Octopus
Netherlands Dutch Molluskuul From mollusk ("mollusc") and minuscuul ("minuscule")
CanadaFrance French Minusque Portmanteau of minuscule and mollusque ("mollusk")
Germany German Ordnuckel From Ordnung ("order") and Nuckel ("pacifier")
Italy Italian Minusco Fusion of minuscolo ("minuscule") and mollusco ("mollusk")
Russia Russian Мелколюск
SpainMexico Spanish Pulpín A combination of pulpo ("octopus") with pequeñín (diminutive version of pequeño ("small"))
China Chinese 小小蛸
Xiǎo xiǎo xiāo
From 小 Xiǎo ("Little") and 蛸 Xiāo ("Octopus"), which are very close in pronunciation. Literal meaning: "Tiny Octopus".

Boss titles

The Magistrate of Order
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 秩序の守護者
Chitsujo no Shugosha
The Guardian of Order
Netherlands Dutch De magistraat der Orde The magistrate of Order
CanadaFrance French L'Empereur de l'Ordre The Emperor of Order
Germany German Oberster Verteidiger der Ordnung Highest Defender of Order
Italy Italian Giudice dell'ordine Judge of order
Russia Russian Консерватор порядка
Konservator poryadka
Conservator of order
SpainMexico Spanish Guardián del Orden The Guardian of Order
China Chinese (Simplified) 秩序的守护者
Zhìxù de shǒuhù zhě
The Guardian of Order
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 秩序的守護者
Zhìxù de shǒuhù zhě
The Guardian of Order
The One Slight Catch
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 一難去ってまた一難
Ichinan Satte Mata Ichinan
Misfortunes Never Come Al-one
Netherlands Dutch De eerste verantwoordelijke The first person responsible
CanadaFrance French Face à l'as Facing the ace[note 3]
Germany German Eins mit der Ordnung One with Order
Italy Italian Ogni viaggio inizia con un passo Every journey starts with a step
Russia Russian Одинокий воин
Odinokiy voin
Lone warrior[note 4]
SpainMexico Spanish La primera no se espera The first one is not expected
China Chinese 一波未平一波又起
Yì bō wèi píng yì bō yòu qǐ
One wave has not yet subsided, and another wave has risen again[note 5]
The Second Restoration
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 二度目の復活
Nidome no Fukkatsu
The Second Revival
Netherlands Dutch De binaire baas The binary boss
CanadaFrance French 2 retour Back again[note 6]
Germany German Zweifellose Übermacht Doubtless Superiority[note 7]
Italy Italian Non c'è tre senza due There's no three without a two[note 8]
Russia Russian Второе нашествие
Vtoroe nashestvie
Second invasion
SpainMexico Spanish Acto segundo, más iracundo Second act, angrier
China Chinese (Simplified) 二度复活
Èr dù fùhuó
Twice Revived
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 二度復活
Èr dù fùhuó
Twice Revived
History Threepeats
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 海鮮三昧
Kaisen Zanmai
Seafood Galore[note 9]
Netherlands Dutch De drieste directeur The most audacious director[note 10]
CanadaFrance French Esprit é3 Narrow mind[note 11]
Germany German Dreist erneut zum Kampf bereit Brazenly ready for the fight again[note 12]
Italy Italian La storia si ripe-tre History three-peats
Russia Russian Тентаклевый триумфатор
Tentaklevyy triumfator
Tentacled triumphant[note 13]
SpainMexico Spanish Se acumula el es-trés "Sthreess" accumulates[note 14]
China Chinese 三珍海味
Sān zhēn hǎi wèi
Luxury delicacy[note 15]
The Foursaken Remnant
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 取りつくシマなし
Toritsuku Shima Nashi
The Foursaken[note 16]
Netherlands Dutch De fiere voorzitter The proud chairman[note 17]
CanadaFrance French Champion toutes 4égories All c4tegories champion[note 18]
Germany German Vierwünschter Erzrivale Accursed archrival[note 19]
Italy Italian Ripartenza in quarta Restart in fourth [gear][note 20]
Russia Russian Кварта равновесия
Kvarta ravnovesiya
Quart of balance
SpainMexico Spanish Sin cuartel a la cuarta Without barracks to the fourth one[note 21]
China Chinese (Simplified) 四若无睹
Sì ruò wú dǔ
Turning a blind eye[note 22]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 四若無睹
Sì ruò wú dǔ
Turning a blind eye[note 23]
Pent-Up Frustration
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 揺るがぬカクゴ
Yuruganu Kakugo
Unwavering Resolution[note 24]
Netherlands Dutch De vijfde official The fifth official
CanadaFrance French Le saint des 5 The saint of saints[note 25]
Germany German Rasende Cyber-Quintelligenz Raging cyber quintelligence[note 26]
Italy Italian Cinquina Tribolata Suffered cinquina
Russia Russian Квинтэссенция порядка
Kvintessentsiya poryadka
Quintessence of order[note 27]
SpainMexico Spanish Quinta con inquina Fifth one with aversion
China Chinese (Simplified) 不动如山的觉五
Bùdòngrúshān de jué wǔ
Unwavering Resolution[note 28]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 不動如山的覺五
Búdòngrúshān de jué wǔ
Unwavering Resolution[note 29]
Back to Basix
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese とどろく逆恨み
Todoroku Sakaurami
Thunderous Grudge[note 30]
Netherlands Dutch De preses van de planning The praeses of planning[note 31]
CanadaFrance French Némé6 Neme6[note 32]
Germany German Sechstra salziger Superschurke Extra salty supervillain[note 33]
Italy Italian Esagerazione Exaggeration[note 34]
Russia Russian Шестеренка неизменности
Shesteryonka neizmennosti
Gear of immutability[note 35]
SpainMexico Spanish A la sexta, rechazo extra On the sixth one, extra rejection
China Chinese (Simplified) 以怨报德六亲不认
Yǐyuànbàodé liùqīnbùrèn
Repay virtue with resentment and refuse to recognize one's family.[note 36]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 以怨報德六親不認
Yǐyuànbàodé liùqīnbúrèn
Repay virtue with resentment and refuse to recognize one's family.[note 37]
Acsept No Substitutes
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 頑なな軟体生物
Katakuna na Nantai Seibutsu
Stubborn Mollusk[note 38]
Netherlands Dutch De machtsevenwichtige manager The power-balanced manager[note 39]
CanadaFrance French Trouble-7 Par7y pooper[note 40]
Germany German Versiebte es mehrfach Failed multiple[note 41]
Italy Italian Sette abbastanza bello A quite pretty seven of golds[note 42]
Russia Russian Семикратный чемпион
Semikratnyy chempion
Seven-time champion
SpainMexico Spanish La séptima sepia The seventh cuttlefish
China Chinese (Simplified) 七而不舍的软体生物
Qī ér bù shě de ruǎntǐ shēngwù
The Persevering Mollusk[note 43]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 七而不捨的軟體生物
Qī ér bù shě de ruǎntǐ shēngwù
The Persevering Mollusk[note 44]
Increasingly Despereight
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ザ・ヤケッパチ
Za Yakeppachi
The Desperate[note 45]
Netherlands Dutch De achtzame aanvoerder The heedful captain[note 46]
CanadaFrance French Lutte au zén8 Fight at the zen8[note 47]
Germany German Achtung, neuer Versuch Watch out, new attempt[note 48]
Italy Italian Tormento autoindotto Self-induced torment[note 49]
Russia Russian Осьмос отчаяния
Os'mos otchayaniya
Octovoice of despair
SpainMexico Spanish Octava a la desesperada Desperate eighth
China Chinese (Simplified) 自八自弃
Zì bā zì qì
Self-abandoning and self-harming[note 50]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 自八自棄
Zì bā zì qì
Self-abandoning and self-harming[note 51]
Saturnine Squatter
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese キュートなキュウバン
Kyūto na Kyu'uban
The Cute Suction Cup[note 52]
Netherlands Dutch De genegen generaal The prepared general officer[note 53]
CanadaFrance French Un effet 9 Magnineficent impression[note 54]
Germany German Aufgeben? Neun danke! Giving up? No thank you![note 55]
Italy Italian Nove vite... andate Nine lives... gone
Russia Russian Девятый вал
Devyatyy val
The ninth wave[note 56]
SpainMexico Spanish El nueve todo lo mueve The nine moves all
China Chinese (Simplified) 可爱得无可九药的吸盘
Kěài de wú kě jiǔ yào de xīpán
The Absolutely Adorable Suction Cup[note 57]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 可愛得無可九藥的吸盤
Kěài de wú kě jiǔ yào de xīpán
The Absolutely Adorable Suction Cup[note 58]
Tentacled Troublemaker
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デカイタコ
Dekai Tako
Gigantic Octopus[note 59]
Netherlands Dutch De obstinate organisator The obstinate organizer[note 60]
CanadaFrance French 10ension en fin d'ascension End of ascent's dissension[note 61]
Germany German Ein Boss zeigt Zehne A boss shows teeth[note 62]
Italy Italian Dieci e lode Full marks, with "dieci" being "ten"
Russia Russian Деспот постоянства
Despot postoyanstva
Despot of consistency[note 63]
SpainMexico Spanish Decálogo de tentáculos Decalogue of tentacles
China Chinese (Simplified) 超大章鱼
Chāodà zhāngyú
Gigantic Octopus[note 64]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 超大章魚
Chāodà zhāngyú
Gigantic Octopus[note 65]
Last Order
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラスト・オーダー
Rasuto Ōdā
Last Order
Netherlands Dutch De laatste orde The last order
CanadaFrance French L'ultime sommet The ultimate peak
Germany German Die letzte Ordnung The last order
Italy Italian L'ultimo ordine The last order
Russia Russian Последняя порция Порядка
Poslednyaya portsiya Poryadka
The last serving of Order[note 66]
SpainMexico Spanish Orden final Last Order
China Chinese (Simplified) 终极秩序
Zhōngjí zhìxù
Ultimate Order
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 終極秩序
Zhōngjí zhìxù
Ultimate Order
Obstructive Ordeal
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 立ちはだかる試練
Tachihadakaru Shiren
Looming Challenge
Netherlands Dutch De hardnekkige hindernis The stiff-necked hindrance
CanadaFrance French L'Ordre sauvage The savage order
Germany German Unermüdliche Urgewalt Tireless primeval force
Italy Italian Ordalia suprema Supreme ordeal
Russia Russian Страж стабильности
Strazh stabil'nosti
Guard of stability
SpainMexico Spanish Objetivo obstructivo Obstructive objective
China Chinese (Simplified) 拦路的试炼
Lánlù de shìliàn
Obstructive Challenge
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 攔路的試煉
Lánlù de shìliàn
Obstructive Challenge

Translation notes

  1. Also contains a large part of オーダー ("order"), while being reminiscent of コーダ ("coda")
  2. Pun on orde ("order")
  3. A pun on aces from playing cards, which indirectly represent the number one.
  4. The word одинокий odinokiy ("lone") comes from the word один odin ("one")
  5. A Chinese idiom with a similar meaning to the Japanese title.
  6. From être de retour ("to be back"). The number two, deux, is a homophone of de.
  7. Zweifellose contains zwei ("two")
  8. A pun on Non c'è due senza tre
  9. Contains 三 ("three").
  10. Drieste is a pun on drie ("three")
  11. From étroit ("narrow"). The number three, trois, is phonetically identical to the word's second syllable.
  12. Dreist contains drei ("three")
  13. The word триумфатор triumfator ("triumphant") starts with the word три tri ("three")
  14. A pun on estrés ("stress") and tres ("three"), forming es-trés
  15. Originally 山珍海味 Shānzhēnhǎiwèi with 三 Sān ("three") substituted in for the pun.
  16. Shima contains Shi ("four").
  17. Fiere is a pun on vier ("four")
  18. Quat' is an apocope of quatre ("four") and sounds identical to the "cat" in catégorie.
  19. Vierwünschter is a pun on vier ("four") and verwünschter ("accursed").
  20. As in "to take off at a fast speed"
  21. A pun on cuartel meaning "barracks", "quarters" and "a fourth" (although in this case it means "barracks"), and cuarta ("fourth one")
  22. Originally 视若无睹 Shìruòwúdǔ with 四 ("four") substituted in for the pun.
  23. Originally 視若無睹 Shìruòwúdǔ with 四 ("four") substituted in for the pun.
  24. Kakugo contains Go ("five").
  25. If omitting the q from cinq ("five"), the number becomes a homophone of saint.
  26. Quintelligenz is a pun on quint and Intelligenz ("intelligence")
  27. The word квинтэссенция kvintessentsiya ("quintessence") comes from the word квинта kvinta ("quint" or "quinta", a five steps wide musical interval)
  28. is a pun on 觉悟 Jué wù ("consciousness") and 五 ("five")
  29. is a pun on 覺悟 Jué wù ("consciousness") and 五 ("five")
  30. Todoroku contains Roku ("six").
  31. Preses is a pun on zes ("six")
  32. From némésis.
  33. Sechstra is a pun on sechs ("six") and extra.
  34. Esa refers to the number 6
  35. The word шестерёнка shesteryonka ("gear") originally comes from the word шесть shest' ("six")
  36. Both 以怨报德 and 亲不认 are Chinese idioms, with 六 liù meaning "six". To disregard one's six relations (father, mother, older siblings, younger siblings, spouse, kids) is considered heartless in ancient Chinese teachings.
  37. Both 以怨報德 and 親不認 are Chinese idioms, with 六 liù meaning "six". To disregard one's six relations (father, mother, older siblings, younger siblings, spouse, kids) is considered heartless in ancient Chinese teachings.
  38. Katakuna na contains Nana ("seven").
  39. Machtsevenwichtige is a pun on zeven ("seven")
  40. From trouble-fête.
  41. Sieb in the word Versiebte is short for sieben ("seven")
  42. "Seven of golds" is called settebello, which literally means "pretty seven"
  43. 而不舍 is a pun on 锲而不舍 Qièérbùshě "to persevere, to chisel away without giving up" and 七 Qī ("seven").
  44. 而不捨 is a pun on 鍥而不捨 Qièérbùshě "to persevere, to chisel away without giving up" and 七 Qī ("seven").
  45. Yakeppachi partially contains hachi ("eight").
  46. Achtzame is a pun on acht ("eight")
  47. From zénith and huit ("eight").
  48. Achtung contains acht ("eight")
  49. Autoindotto contains otto ("eight")
  50. Originally 自暴自弃 Zìbào zìqì with 八 ("eight") substituted in for the pun.
  51. Originally 自暴自棄 Zìbào zìqì with 八 ("eight") substituted in for the pun.
  52. Both Kyūto and kyu'uban contains Kyuu ("nine").
  53. Genegen is a pun on negen ("nine")
  54. From effet bœuf (literally "beefy effect").
  55. Neun means "nine" but is also used here to stand in for nein ("no").
  56. The ninth wave is considered the strongest wave in a storm and is also a famous painting of the Russian marine painter Aivazovsky
  57. Literally "A suction cup so cute that it cannot be saved". 无可药 is a pun on 无可救药 Wúkějiùyào ("hopeless" or "cannot be saved") and 九 jiǔ ("nine")
  58. Literally "A suction cup so cute that it cannot be saved". 無可藥 is a pun on 無可救藥 Wúkějiùyào ("hopeless" or "cannot be saved") and 九 jiǔ ("nine")
  59. From deca- (Greek root for 10), hidden in dekai.
  60. Obstinate is a pun on tien ("ten")
  61. From dissension.
  62. Zehne is a pun on zehn ("ten") and Zähne ("teeth")
  63. The word деспот despot starts similarly to the word десять desyat' ("ten")
  64. Direct translation so the pun is lost. However, the shape of 十 Shí ("ten") is contained in both the characters 章鱼 ("octopus").
  65. Direct translation so the pun is lost. However, the shape of 十 Shí ("ten") is contained in both the characters 章魚 ("octopus").
  66. May be a reference to the Russian name of Side Order, Порядочная порция Poryadochnaya portsiya ("Decent serving", where "decent" has the same root as the word порядок poryadok ("order"))