Drizzling Capriccioso

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Drizzling Capriccioso
Species Jelleton
Habitat Over inkable floors
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Drizzling Capricciosos are Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3. They fly over inkable surfaces, subsequently covering them in their own ink.


Drizzling Capricciosos are mechanical fish that resemble stargazers, with their bodies encased in black ink. They move upside-down, inking the ground below them with a Sprinkler-like structure in place of their tail fin.


  • At Protect the zone! levels, Drizzling Capricciosos will target the closest zone and remain still above it until they're splatted.
    • For this reason, if not taken care of, they can quickly take the zone.
  • If being carried by a Battering Lento, they will compensate for the latter's inability to ink its own path.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Over inkable floors
I can't stand these things. They'll
spill ink all day if you let them.
Do yourself a favor, and take
them out before the whole floor's
a mucky mess.
If you defeat them early, they
don't pose much of a threat. And
they don't have much health
either. Try to take them down
as soon as you see them!
They're a good reminder to look
up every now and then. Keep your
head on a swivel, Eight!
Keep it your turf, not theirs!


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Capriccioso is a musical term for playing freely and impulsively.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 撒き散らすカプリチョーソ
makichirasu kapurichōso
Scattering Capriccioso
Netherlands Dutch Druilerige Capriccioso Drizzling Capriccioso
France French (NOE) Capriccioso épanchard Spreader Capriccioso
Germany German Nieselndes Capriccioso Drizzling Capriccioso
Italy Italian Capriccio umoresco Humorous whim
Russia Russian Распыляющее каплеприччио
Raspylyayushchee kapleprichchio
From распыляющий raspylyayushchiy ("spraying"), капля kaplya ("drop"), and каприччио kaprichchio ("capriccio")
SpainMexico Spanish Capriccio pluvial Pluvial capriccio