Battering Lento

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Battering Lento
Species Jelleton
Habitat Anywhere
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Battering Lentos are Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3: Side Order. They are large in size and attack by lunging at the player.


Battering Lentos are mechanical fish encased in a black ink membrane. Their bodies are comprised entirely of a separated white plastic skeleton, with tight-packed internal ribs anchoring two external rectangular pectoral fins, an external triangular tail fin, and a bulbous skull housing circular red eyes beyond their oval-shaped sockets (on floors where the "Stronger Jelletons" danger condition is active, these eyes will instead be black). Their jaws are lined with large triangular teeth, the top jaw having three and the bottom jaw having four, that fit together when closed. The lower jaw is slightly detached from the rest of the skull. Their skulls possess a large protruding hump atop the eye sockets like the humps on the heads of kobudai, which the design of the Jelleton is based on, although the Lento has its hump on its skull unlike real kobudai due to the "imitations of Order".[1] Battering Lentos utilize their bulky foreheads to withstand attacks and deliver powerful headbutts as a means of attacking or moving targets, similar to the unique behavior the male humphead parrotfish exhibits. Their thick stature matches that of beluga whales excluding the humped skull and piscine fins.


  • Battering Lentos attack when they get close to the player, so it is better to keep a distance.
  • They are not able to ink the ground below them, so inking the surrounding ground significantly slows them down.
  • Battering Lentos may sometimes carry other Jelletons (specifically Springing Spiccatos, Whirling Accelerandos, or Drizzling Capricciosos) on their backs, which are released to attack the player if they are not splatted before the Lento is. They may also shove Jelletons in their path out of their way, possibly directly towards the player's location.
  • They are drawn to ∞-balls and try to attack them even if the player is in range of them. It is advised to clear them out to prevent them from knocking the ∞-ball away from any nearby goals, although in some cases they may push the ball toward the goal instead.
    • They exhibit similar behavior in the Pinging Marciale fight, in which they will attempt to knock the boss around instead of the player.
  • The Order Blaster and Order Brella are very effective against Battering Lentos because of the Blaster's splash damage and the Brella's shield knocking them back, cancelling its charge attack.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Anywhere
If you let them in close, their
lunge attack seriously hurts. But
they don't ink turf, so draw them
into your territory and finish
them off once they're weakened.
Sometimes they give enemies
rides, and sometime they push
others out of the way. Does that
make them good or bad allies?
They're weirdly drawn to ∞-balls.
Do NOT let these bruisers
headbutt you, not even on a dare.
I like to ink the ground in front of
'em and laugh as they crawl
through it.
The more distance, the better!


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  • Given the similarities in appearance and behavior, one of Battering Lento's inspirations may be the goldfish taught to play football.[2]


Battering refers to their mechanic of charging against the player with their head. Lento is a musical term for a slow tempo, referencing their limited speed.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 制圧するグラーヴェ
seiatsu suru gurāve
Conquering Grave
Netherlands Dutch Rammende Lento Ramming Lento
France French (NOE) Lento cogneur Slugger Lento
Germany German Preschendes Lento Dashing / Thrashing Lento
Italy Italian Ritmo battente Beating rhythm
Russia Russian Буйное напроломенто
Buynoe naprolomento
From буйный buynyy ("violent"), напролом naprolom ("baldahead", "right through") and ленто lento
Spain Spanish (NOE) Lentezza al azote Ramming lentezza