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Species Jelleton
Habitat Jelleton central
Hair color
Eye color
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Portals are a type of Jelleton appearing on the Spire of Order's floors in Side Order. They do not attack the player directly, instead spawning other Jelletons. Defeating all of the portals on a floor is one of the possible objectives to clear the floor.


The portals which appear in the Destroy the portal! floors are inky orbs, each encased within a larger semi-translucent orb perched upon thin, stacked Jelleton pieces. Various disassembled Jelleton pieces float suspended within the translucent part. They seem to be made of the same black-gray ink used by Jelletons. The portals which cannot be destroyed resemble gushers.


  • As a portal is attacked, it rises further up above while being covered in the player's ink. When defeated, a portal explodes with a very large radius similar to a Booyah Bomb in the player's ink, harming nearby Jelletons. Collecting three Disc Pieces to enable Pearl's Step-Off Song temporarily disables portals, stopping them from spawning Jelletons.
  • Portals come in both small and large varieties, with larger ones having more health. Portals usually regenerate their health when not under attack, but their regeneration can be stopped if their bases are inked.
  • There is another kind of portals resembling active gushers that are indestructible. These objects appear on Floors with objectives other than destroying Portals. They cannot be destroyed, but the Step-Off Song can still disable them.
  • Inking underneath a Portal stops it from recovering health. It also recieves 50% more of the consecutive damage Jelletons recieve while being stuck in ink.
  • Portals cannot be destroyed via only damage near their base. The final hit must be done by the player in order to destroy them.
  • The size and damage of portal explosions are affected by color chips that affect explosions, including Splash Damage and Splash Radius.
  • Small Portals are almost one-shot by defeated Whirling Accelerando shells.
  • If the player throws a Splat Bomb, Suction Bomb, Curling Bomb, or Fizzy Bomb, they will instantly explode when they come in contact with a portal, causing damage immediately. The damage from this explosion will also harm nearby Jelletons.
  • The Order Stringer's damage dealt by direct hits and explosions are added together.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Jelleton central
They'll regenerate any amount of
damage if you let them. So once
you start attacking, don't let up
until the job is done.
Actually, my research shows they
won't regenerate if you ink the
ground at their base. If you have
Poison Ink, you can even damage
them further that way.
It's the best feeling to watch 'em
go BOOM! Get splatted, all you
fishy freaks!
At least ink the base!



  • Destroying a portal does not count towards a Lucky Chain.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ポータル
Netherlands Dutch Portaal Portal
CanadaFrance French Vortex -
Germany German Portal Portal
Italy Italian Portale Portal
Russia Russian Портал
SpainMexico Spanish Portal Portal