Swarming Languendo

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Swarming Languendo
Species Jelleton
Habitat Anywhere
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Swarming Languendos are common Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3: Side Order. They are very small in comparison to most other enemies, but they can ink the ground well and create trails with their speed.


Swarming Languendos are the smallest of the Jelletons, and like the rest take the form of a white, skeletal fish coated in a layer of black ink (save for their exposed tailfin). Their eyes, which are also exposed, are proportionally large; not fitting into their skulls.

While their typical appearance is that of a small fish bearing a slight resemblance to a telescope goldfish, swarming languendos are able to ascend certain surfaces by generating a spine-like column from under their bodies. This column, their ability to ascend and descend with it, their small stature, and their swarming behavior collectively lend them a resemblance to garden eels.


  • Languendos ink the ground and create paint trails; the player should take precaution as to not get slowed down in black Jelleton ink.
  • If ignored, they become significantly more aggressive and speed up their movements.
  • Since Languendos ink the ground, they are not affected by poison ink or hindrance damage. The player should not depend on these abilities against them.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Anywhere
These ink the ground to ease the
way for the big guys. Get rid of
them quick, Eight, before they
bog you down with their trails.
I've noticed them getting faster
and more aggressive if left alone.
They're easy to defeat, but that
doesn't mean you can ignore them.
Sure, they're small and weak,
but they can be trouble too!
Squash 'em, Eight!
They're trash, so take 'em out!


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  • Swarming Languendos are very similar to the Smallfry in Salmon Run, as they are small and weak, but also fast.


Languendo is an Italian word meaning languishing or pining. It is also used as musical direction to perform in a languishing, feeble, and dramatic style.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 群れるラングエンド
mureru ranguendo
Swarming Languendo
Netherlands Dutch Zwermende Languendo Swarming Languendo
France French (NOE) Languendo grouilleur Swarming Languendo
Germany German Umschwärmendes Languendo Swarming Languendo (prefix "um" indicates it swarms around something)
Italy Italian Sarabanda brulicante Swarming saraband ("sarabanda" is a type of dance)
Russia Russian Роящееся стайкато
Royashcheesya staikato
Swarming schoolato
SpainMexico Spanish Languore en tropel Languore is Italian for "languor." En tropel is Spanish for "in droves"