Springing Spiccato

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Springing Spiccato
Species Jelleton
Habitat Hopping grounds
Hair color
Eye color Red
Location Spire of Order
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Springing Spiccatos are Jelleton enemies in Splatoon 3: Side Order. They move around by hopping, and attack the player by creating an explosion around the area they land on, similar to a Splashdown, when they get close enough.


Springing Spiccatos are mechanical lampreys with their bodies encased in black ink. Their eyes seem to be popping out of a pair of black swimming goggles, and their mouth, which they use to jump, is attached to the head by a black spring.


  • The Springing Spiccato will attack similarly to a Splashdown if it gets close to the player, which can be cancelled if it is splatted before it lands.
    • If it rides a Battering Lento, and the Lento is splatted before it, it will immediately use its splashdown attack.
  • The pedestal they leave behind when splatted can launch the player into the air. It can be used to escape when cornered.
    • The pedestal creates a small explosion when used, damaging nearby enemies.
    • If the pedestal is not used after a certain amount of time, it vanishes.
    • Launching into the air via the pedestal does not count as a jump on no-jump bonus floors.
  • The pedestal also launches ∞-balls that touch it.


The following text is quoted from the Jelleton Field Guide.

Habitat: Hopping grounds
They'll try to splash down on you
when you get close. But you can
fix that. Just look up and splat
them before they hit the ground.
The pedestal they leave behind
can launch you if you touch it.
It can be a handy escape route if
you ever find yourself swarmed!
It's also just fun! Are you cool
with heights, Eight? Because
Beating 'em is your ticket upward!


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  • Bouncing on a pedestal left by a defeated Spiccato does not count against the "Don't Jump" Bonus Challenge.


"Spiccato" is a bowing technique for string instruments in which the bow appears to bounce lightly upon the string.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 伸縮するスピッカート
shinshuku suru supikkāto
Elastic Spiccato
Netherlands Dutch Verende Spiccato Spring-loaded Spiccato
France French (NOE) Spiccato élastique Elastic Spiccato
Germany German Punktuierendes Spicatto Puncturing Spicatto
Italy Italian Spiccato enfatico Emphatic spiccato
Russia Russian Пружинящее прыгато
Pruzhinyashchee prygato
Springy jumpato
Spain Spanish (NOE) Spiccato saltarín Jumping spiccato