Destroy the portal!

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Promotional image showcasing the "Destroy the portals!" objective.

Destroy the portal! or Destroy the portals! is one of the five main objectives in Splatoon 3: Side Order, alongside Defeat the fleeing foe!, Sink the ∞-ball!, Protect the zone!, and Escort the turbine tower!.


One to five portals, which will spawn Jelletons, need to be destroyed by Agent 8. Depending on the Floor and difficulty the portals have different sizes and HP. Destroying them leads to a expanding explosion similar to a Booyah Bomb. Each destroyed portal counts as a checkpoint. Destroying all portals on a floor results in the objective being cleared.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ポータルを壊せ!
Pōtaru o kowase!
Destroy the portal!
Netherlands Dutch Vernietig het portaal!
Vernietig de portalen!
Destroy the portal!
Destroy the portals!
Canada French (NOA) Détruis le vortex!
Détruis les vortex!
Destroy the vortex!
Destroy the vortexes!
France French (NOE) Détruis le vortex !
Détruis les vortex !
Destroy the vortex!
Destroy the vortexes!
Germany German Zerstöre das Portal!
Zerstöre die Portale!
Destroy the portal!
Destroy the portals!
Italy Italian Distruggi il portale!
Distruggi i portali!
Destroy the portal!
Destroy the portals!
Russia Russian Уничтожь портал!
Unichtozh' portal!
Уничтожь порталы!
Unichtozh' portaly!
Destroy the portal!

Destroy the portals
SpainMexico Spanish ¡Destruye el portal!
¡Destruye los portales!
Destroy the portal!
Destroy the portals!
China Chinese (Simplified) 破坏传送口!
Pòhuài chuánsòng kǒu!
Destroy the portal!
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 摧毀傳送口!
Cuīhuǐ chuánsòng kǒu! (Mandarin)
ceoi1 wai2 cyun4 sung3 hau2 (Cantonese)
Wreck the portal!
South Korea Korean 포털을 부수자!
Poteoreul busuja!
Let's destroy the portal!
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