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Development notes of the Project Memverse in the 7th entry of Marina's Dev Diary
This is the Memverse. It's a prototype VR... that is, a virtual reality that I made.
Marina explaining the Memverse

The Memverse is a virtual world as a part of Project Memverse. It features an uncolored version of Inkadia and it serves as the mission hub for Splatoon 3: Side Order.

It contains the Order Sector[1], a mysterious colorless world resembling Inkopolis Square, inhabited by various sea creatures[2] and governed by its own set of rules[3].


Based on what we can see of it through the Order Sector, the Memverse resembles an off-white version of Inkadia, drained of color and covered in bleached coral.

It is part of Project Memverse, created when the Splatoon 2's Final Fest "Chaos vs. Order" ended, having the purpose of restoring the memory and thoughts of Sanitized Octarians and it is the primary setting of Side Order in Splatoon 3 — specifically the Order Sector and the Spire of Order.

In the 11th entry of Marina's Dev Diaries, she names the temporarily-titled Project Memverse "★Dramatic Days in Orderland★".


Marina describing the Memverse

In the 1st entry of Marina's Dev Diaries, it was mentioned that the idea of "Project Memverse" originated when the Chaos vs. Order Finalfest of Splatoon 2 ended with Chaos as the winner. Marina came up with this project to assist Agent 8 and all the Sanitized Octarians that Kamabo Co. victimized. The name of the project was not yet finalized. She also prepares Off the Hook's highly anticipated world tour while developing her project.

In the 11th entry of Marina's Dev Diaries, she finally names the temporarily-titled Project Memverse "★Dramatic Days in Orderland★". In the same entry she realizes that the Sea-Cucumber Phones, which she was planning to use as entrypoints into the virtual reality, have a security flaw that could be exploited to pull anyone inside against their will — which is exactly what Order ends up doing.

In the events of Side Order, Agent 8 wakes whitin it, encountering Pearl Drone and they must acend the Spire of Order to save Marina in the tutorial of Side Order. They also met Acht in the Spire.

Jellyfishes, Inklings and Octolings whose minds got trapped into the Memverse (including Acht on the left)

After completing the tutorial of Side Order, Marina, who was mind-controlled by Order through a Controller VM and wired into a large tentacle blob as Marina Agitando, has been saved by Agent 8, Acht, and Pearl, and starts discussing the issues of the Project Memverse.

She explains that it is her prototype virtual reality contains the Memverse, and the only thing that is "real" in it is their minds. Marina also reveals that the fuzzy cloud they encountered when rescuing her was Order, which took control of her and hijacked the entire project.

Its ultimate goal is to create a colorless and changeless world of order, and forcibly connect as many people to it as possible. To keep pulling people into it, Order uses a process called "Grayscaling" to neutralize the will of everyone trapped in the virtual world. Anyone who goes through Grayscaling will also slowly start to lose their free will in reality as well, losing the world they had been living in.


The Memverse as seen in the credits, with the Inkopolis Tower

After clearing the 30th floor of the Spire of Order for the first time, Agent 8, Off the Hook, and Acht ascend in a glass elevator, where the credits roll.

During the credits, the Memverse is viewable from the sky, and the Inkopolis Tower can be seen on the right side of Agent 8.

The credits can be viewed again in the Foyer of the Spire of Order by inspecting a glass box to the right of the elevator containing a rainbow Color Wail speaker, also used to replay the final phase of the final boss battle and recall the first time in Inkopolis Square (after the 7.1.0 version) using the same speaker.



The white appearance of the Order Sector in the Memverse, with the coral scattered throughout it
  • The Memverse's completely white appearance, including the Order Sector, is a deliberate reference to coral bleaching in the real world.


Mem comes from memory, like in Mem cakes; verse comes from universe — or possibly metaverse, which also comes from universe.

Names in other languages

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Translation needed
Finish translating French, Chinese (both+romanization) and Korean (+romanization) edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ネリバース
Combination of 練り ("paste" or "kneading"), and ユニバース ("universe") or メタバース ("metaverse")
Netherlands Dutch Herinniversum From herinnering ("memory") and universum ("universe")
CanadaFrance French Poulpivers Octoverse, derived from Patapoulpe, the French name of Kamabo Co.
Germany German Memoversum Memverse
Italy Italian Noriverse Marinaverse
Russia Russian Консерватория
SpainMexico Spanish Pastiverso[note 1] Paste-verse
China Chinese (Simplified) 忆界宇宙
Yì jiè yǔzhòu
A pun on 记忆 Jì yì ("Memory") and 异界 Yì jiè ("Otherworld"). 宇宙 means "Universe".
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 憶界宇宙
South Korea Korean 네리버스
Same as Japanese
Translate logo.svg Internal Sdodr_World[4] Side Order World
Project Memverse
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese プロジェクト・ネリバース
Purojekuto neribāsu
Project Memverse
Netherlands Dutch Project Herinniversum Project Memverse
CanadaFrance French Projet Poulpivers Memverse Project
Germany German Projekt Memoversum Project Memverse
Italy Italian Progetto Noriverse Memverse Project
Russia Russian Проект «Консерватория»
Proekt «Konservatoriya»
Project «Memverse»
SpainMexico Spanish Proyecto Pastiverso Memverse Project
China Chinese (Simplified) 忆界宇宙
Yì jiè yǔzhòu
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 憶界宇宙計畫
South Korea Korean 프로젝트 네리버스
Peulojegteu nelibeoseu
Same as Japanese
★Dramatic Days in Orderland★
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese トキメキ★秩序世界の大冒険!
Tokimeki★chitsujo sekai no dai bōken!
Exciting★The great adventure in the order world!
Netherlands Dutch ★Dramatische dagen in Ordeland★ ★Dramatic days in Orderland★
Canada French (NOA) ★Tiraillage au domaine de l'Ordre★ (Marina's Dev Diaries)
Jours Tragiques au pays de l'Ordre (Module) Tragic Days in the land of Order (Module)
France French (NOE) ★Rififi au domaine de l'Ordre★ (Marina's Dev Diaries)
Jours Tragiques au pays de l'Ordre (Module) Tragic Days in the land of Order (Module)
Germany German ★Stürmische Reise ins Ordnungsland★
Italy Italian ★ Panico nella terra dell'Ordine ★ ★ Panic in the land of the Order ★
Russia Russian ★Приключения в Порядляндии★
★Priklyucheniya v Poryadlyandii★
★Adventures in Orderland★
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ★ Reto dinámico en un mundo ordenado ★ ★ Dynamic challenge in an orderly/ordered world ★[note 2]
Spain Spanish (NOE) ★ Reto complicado en un mundo ordenado ★ ★ Complicated challenge in an orderly/ordered world ★[note 2]
China Chinese (Simplified) 心跳★秩序世界大冒险!
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 心跳不已★秩序世界大冒險!
South Korea Korean 두근두근★질서 세계 대모험!

Translation notes

  1. From pasti ("paste", "mem") and universo ("universe")
  2. 2.0 2.1 The word ordenado can mean both "orderly" and/or "ordered"