Color-Chip Collection

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Color-Chip Collection available in the Collection menu
And speaking of color chips... we're gathering info about the ones you've set in the Color-Chip Collection.

The Color-Chip Collection is a new feature available in Splatoon 3: Side Order. It is a menu that looks like several smaller Palettes, each holding a category of color chips, and acts as an encyclopedia of all color chips Agent 8 encounters while climbing the Spire of Order.

Collecting color chips

Complete Color-Chip Collection, with all chips at the third level. The logos and outlines are lit up.

Encountering a color chip for the first time adds it to the collection, provided the player completes the floor they encounter it at, awarding the player 3 Prlz per new chip. Color chips encountered through Color Chip Saturation do not count towards unlocking them in the collection, as it is a temporary buff for that floor. There are a total of sixty-two color chips that are able to be added to the collection.

Each color chip has three levels of completion. Achieving each level unlocks a quote from Acht, Marina and Pearl respectively. The player can level up a color chip by setting multiple copies of it into their palette in a single run. The usual progression is one copy for the first level (Acht), three copies for the second (Marina) and five copies for the third and final level (Pearl). Some chips only need one copy to unlock all three levels, which are chips that only have two levels of activation: off and on. Chips that allow for more than five copies to be placed in a palette only need five to unlock the third level.

Color chip details

An incomplete detail screen of a color chip

Pressing on a specific color chip in the collection shows additional information about it, including a description of the chip and quotes from Acht, Marina and Pearl that give tips on how the chip can be used. Acht's quote needs one, Marina's three and Pearl's a total of five of the same color chips placed on a palette to be unlocked. If a color chip only has one as its maximum, all quotes are unlocked instantly. If players find every color chip data from a single category, the outline lights up and spins. If they find every color chip data from all categories, the logo lights all six colors; starting from red, to purple, to orange, to blue, to lime, and to teal.

For a list of all color chip stats, visit the Color chip page.

SO Icon color chip type Power.png Power category

The Power category contains nine color chips. These chips focus on increasing overall damage dealt, whether that be by increasing the damage or fire-rate of the main weapon, increasing damage dealt by explosions or specific Specials, or increasing the damage dealt by Agent 8's ink.

SO Icon color chip Power 1.png Tone A

SO Ability Ink Damage.png Ink Damage
Increases damage dealt by your weapons
and the Pearl Drone.

SO Ink Damage Sprite.png

Acht Beefs up all your weapons–main,
sub, and special. The more you
set, the more you get.
Marina If you ever feel indecisive, you
can't go wrong with these! Unless
you have nine already. Can't help
you there.
Pearl This one chip can power up, like,
ALL your stuff! What's there to
think about? Just take it!

SO Ability Splash Damage.png Splash Damage
Increases damage dealt by explosions.

SO Splash Damage Sprite.png

Acht Gives oomph to bombs, blasters,
and the explosions from breaking
portals or splatting enemies.
Marina It makes a good team with the
Splash Radius chip. Any bombs
Pearl throws get the boost too!
Pearl What if explosions...but MORE.
You can't not take it! It wouldn't
be fair to ME!

SO Ability Sound-Wave Damage.png Sound-Wave Damage
Increases damage dealt by sound waves
from the Killer Wail 5.1, Wave Breaker,
or Pearl Drone.

SO Sound-Wave Damage Sprite.png

Acht Not many attacks use sound
waves. But you don't need many
of these to make them count.
Marina Speaking of powerful sounds,
this also enhances Pearl's
signature Killer Wail!
Pearl My Killer Wail? Oh yeah, the one
from the Drone Killer Wail chip!

SO Icon color chip Power 2.png Tone B

SO Ability Main Firing Speed.png Main Firing Speed
Increases your main weapon's firing rate.

SO Main Firing Speed Sprite.png

Acht This'll let you fire more quickly,
which has obvious benefits, but
you'll also use up ink faster.
Marina Pairing it with Ink Saver (Main) or
Ink-Recovery Rate helps. I also
recommend Ink-Bottle Drop!
Pearl Who cares about running out of
ink as long as you splat 'em all

SO Ability Horizontal-Slash Speed.png Horizontal-Slash Speed
Increases your splatana's horizontal-
slash rate.

SO Horizontal-Slash Speed Sprite.png

Acht This lets you keep slashing so
that you don't have to stop until
everything around you is gone.
Marina Be careful, because it also uses
up more ink. Though I'm sure
Pearl has thoughts about that.
Pearl I was just... I was gonna... Uh,
yeah, don't get careless and run
outta ink, Eight!

SO Ability Splatling Barrage.png Splatling Barrage
Increases the number of shots fired from a
single charge with a splatling.

SO Splatling Barrage Sprite.png

Acht This lets you fire for longer on a
single charge. Doesn't take up
extra ink either. Good deal.
Marina Taking Main Piercing along with it
is a good way to get the most out
of every shot in the barrage!
Pearl Line 'em up and extermin-Eight
'em! Heheh, see what I did there?

SO Icon color chip Power 3.png Tone C

SO Ability Main Damage (Close).png Main Damage (Close)
Increases damage dealt with your main
weapon's shots to nearby targets.

SO Main Damage (Close) Sprite.png

Acht Doesn't affect subs or specials,
but it packs more punch per chip
than Ink Damage.
Marina You'll really appreciate having it
when the enemies get a little too
close for comfort!
Pearl OR! Run right up to the enemy
and blast away! Nothing beats
the rush of close combat.

SO Ability Main Damage (Distant).png Main Damage (Distant)
Increases damage dealt with your main
weapon's shots to far-off targets.

SO Main Damage (Distant) Sprite.png

Acht This goes great with chargers or
splatlings. Hit hard from far away
so they never get close.
Marina Imagine what it's like with a few
Main Range chips! Oh, except
Pearl doesn't like chargers.
Pearl The thing about chargers is
I can't hit anything, and for some
reason everything can hit me!

SO Ability Poison Ink.png Poison Ink
Increases the damage enemies take when
they're on your ink.

SO Poison Ink Sprite.png

Acht It's all you need for the big, slow-
moving ones. It's even better with
Main Ink Coverage to take turf.
Marina Just remember that this won't do
much against the little fish who
leave trails of ink as they go.
Pearl It's always the small ones that're
the biggest problems! Yo, Marina,
what's that look for?!

SO Icon color chip type Support.png Support category

The Support category contains thirteen color chips. These chips focus on increasing ink efficiency, offer help with targeting and more.

SO Icon color chip Support 1.png Tone A

SO Ability Ink-Recovery Rate.png Ink-Recovery Rate
Increases ink-tank refill rate.

SO Ink-Recovery Rate Sprite.png

Acht This doesn't just refill ink faster
in swim form, by the way. It also
works while in Octoling form.
Marina It's tough when you're out of ink
but not out of enemies. But with
this, maybe things will be OK!
Pearl So with enough of these, it won't
matter if we run out? And people
will get off our case about it?

SO Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main)
Decreases amount of ink consumed by your
main weapon.

SO Ink Saver (Main) Sprite.png

Acht If you took Main Firing Speed and
are worried about your ink levels,
this should ease your mind.
Marina Yep! It's nice to enjoy those kinds
of perks without running out of
ink all the time. Right, Pearl?
Pearl Why are you telling me?! This is
Eight's thing, not mine! Eight's!

SO Ability Ink Saver (Sub).png Ink Saver (Sub)
Decreases amount of ink consumed by your
sub weapon.

SO Ink Saver (Sub) Sprite.png

Acht At max level, this could bring your
ink consumption down 75 percent.
That buys a lot of bombs.
Marina It's one to watch out for! In fact,
with Splash Damage, you might
not even need your main weapon!
Pearl Great idea! Hear that, Eight?
is out. We're all about

SO Ability Splat Ink Recovery.png Splat Ink Recovery
Refill ink by defeating enemies.

SO Splat Ink Recovery Sprite.png

Acht With this, you could probably take
out a swarm of smaller ones and
not lose any ink.
Marina You recover the same amount of
ink for every splat, so it's most
effective against a horde of
weaker enemies.
Pearl I bet one bomb in the right place
could get a whole ink tank back!

SO Icon color chip Support 2.png Tone B

SO Ability Sticky Ink.png Sticky Ink
Decreases the movement speed of enemies
on your ink.

SO Sticky Ink Sprite.png

Acht Slowing down enemies on your
turf means Poison Ink is even
more effective if you have it.
Marina And if you've set Hindrance Damage,
that synchronizes nicely too!
Pearl The ink's so gunky. Eight's not
gonna get bogged down in this
stuff, right?

SO Ability Knockback.png Knockback
Attacks from your main weapon push
enemies away. Does not affect certain
heavy enemies.

SO Knockback Sprite.png

Acht It makes your main weapon push
enemies away. Might be fun to try
to knock them clean off the floor.
Marina Even if you get cornered, this can
give you a fighting chance! Just
remember one thing...
Pearl "Careful you don't run out of ink,
Pearl!" Name ONE time!

SO Ability Explosion Knockback.png Explosion Knockback
Increases the distance enemies are blown
back by explosions.

SO Explosion Knockback Sprite.png

Acht Explosions from bombs or blasters
will knock foes around even more.
The further the better, I say.
Marina If you've set any bombs to Pearl,
like Drone Burst Bomb, this applies to
those too.
Pearl And if you ALSO set Splat Drone
Gauge... Wait, can we count on
getting all of these at once?

SO Icon color chip Support 3.png Tone C

SO Ability Shot-Spread Reduction.png Shot-Spread Reduction
Reduces the shot spread on your
main weapon.

SO Shot-Spread Reduction Sprite.png

Acht This reduces the spray from your
ink shots. Always helps to hit
whatever you're aiming at.
Marina You don't always want less spread
in a target-rich environment. But
any sharpshooters will love this!
Pearl You sound like Sheldon. This one's
OK if you like to be precise, but if
you'd rather make a mess, pass.

SO Ability Homing Shots.png Homing Shots
Causes your main weapon to track targets.
Having two or more improves the tracking.

SO Homing Shots Sprite.png

Acht It hits marked enemies without
having to aim. It can be quirky,
so not everyone's a fan.",
Marina If you struggle with aiming, this
is for you. But it can be hard to
ink turf when the shots would
rather hit enemies.
Pearl Shooting is awesome, and aiming
is boring. So it gets the Pearl
seal of approval!

SO Ability Quick Charge.png Quick Charge
Increases your main weapon's charge speed.

SO Quick Charge Sprite.png

Acht A must-have for charger users.
The only thing better than having
one is having lots.
Marina This helps with the main drawback
of chargers and splatlings! But
they still use a lot of ink, so...
Pearl "Be suuuper-duuuper careful not
to run out of ink, Eight!" How do
you like my Marina impression?!

SO Ability No-Launch Brella.png No-Launch Brella
Prevents the brella shield from launching,
allowing you to keep shooting with it open.

SO No-Launch Brella Sprite.png

Acht Your brella canopy won't launch
even if you hold , so you
get the shield and the shots.
Marina Isn't that great, Pearl? Now you
don't need to worry about
launching your brella by accident!
Pearl Yeah, isn't that wonderful, Eight?
Oh, and while I'm at it, CAREFUL

SO Ability Brella Cooldown.png Brella Cooldown
Speeds up brella canopy regeneration after
the brella shield is launched or broken.

SO Brella Cooldown Sprite.png

Acht This makes it less of a problem
if your brella canopy is gone,
since you'll get it back faster.
Marina Even when you launch the brella
to clear some space, it won't be
long before you can guard again!
Pearl Great for all those people who
keep launching the brella on
accident! Not me. Other people.

SO Ability Midfire Charge.png Midfire Charge
Allows you to begin a new splatling charge
before the previous charge is depleted.

SO Midfire Charge Sprite.png

Acht Hold while firing to get
a new charge going. Though it'll
stop your current barrage.
Marina Goes great with Splatling Barrage.
If you charge during a lull, you
could keep shooting forever!
Pearl Firing all day long with a splatling
sounds like a party! Uh, assuming
nobody shows up with a charger.

SO Icon color chip type Range.png Range category

The Range category contains ten color chips. These chips ink more turf, make you shoot further or pierce enemies, among others.

SO Icon color chip Range 1.png Tone A

SO Ability Main Range.png Main Range
Increases your main weapon's range.

SO Main Range Sprite.png

Acht It's nice for taking out far-off
enemies. Even nicer if you can
pick up Main Damage (Distant).
Marina Some weapons have a bigger
spread the further they fire,
so you might also want
Shot-Spread Reduction.
Pearl But the whole reason I love close
combat is because I can't hit
anything over five feet away!

SO Ability Splash Radius.png Splash Radius
Increases the radius of damage and turf
inked by explosions.

SO Splash Radius Sprite.png

Acht This plus Splash Damage chips
equals big explosions that deal
big damage. Class dismissed.
Marina It works with Triple Inkstrikes and
Booyah Bombs, too, to catch even
more enemies in your blasts.
Pearl It even affects portals when they
blow?! That's the biggest boom
there is, and now it gets BIGGER!

SO Ability Main Piercing.png Main Piercing
Your main weapon's shots pierce enemies,
with damage decreasing per enemy.
More chips means more enemies pierced.

SO Main Piercing Sprite.png

Acht If you put this together with
Main Range, you should be able to
shoot through the biggest foes.
Marina With this, you can take out a
whole swarm at once! That's good
news for your Lucky Chain count.
Pearl The way this works is wild! Think
we could get all the enemies to
line up? What if we said please?

SO Ability Ink Attack Size.png Ink Attack Size
Increases the size of your main weapon's
shots, making it easier to hit enemies.

SO Ink Attack Size Sprite.png

Acht Good if you need a little help with
aiming. Just one of these makes
a noticeable difference.
Marina The bounding box around each
shot shows its effective size. Set
this chip and see for yourself!
Pearl So...even the shots from a
charger would be huge? Can I
bring this into Turf War?

SO Icon color chip Range 2.png Tone B

SO Ability Main Ink Coverage.png Main Ink Coverage
Allows you to ink more turf with your
main weapon's shots.

SO Main Ink Coverage Sprite.png

Acht Claiming more turf is important in
battle. Fills your special gauge
too. I'd advise getting this one.
Marina It combos well with Poison Ink and
Sticky Ink to turn your turf into
a damaging slog. So much fun!
Pearl Poison what? Sticky which? What
you're saying is that inking turf
leads to victory—I got that right?

SO Ability Rush Ink Coverage.png Rush Ink Coverage
Allows you to ink more turf with your
main weapon while moving, such as with
a roller or brush.

SO Rush Ink Coverage Sprite.png

Acht You'll ink a wider swath when on the
move with a roller or brush. Also
when launching the brella canopy.
Marina Some chips only show up for you
if you have the right weapon.
Like this one!
Pearl I love running around like a maniac
with these things! Let's give our
enemies a brush...with DEATH!

SO Icon color chip Range 3.png Tone C

SO Ability Special Charge Up.png Special Charge Up
Increases special-gauge fill rate from
inking surfaces.

SO Special Charge Up Sprite.png

Acht I'll just let you imagine how good
this is with Main Ink Coverage.
Marina Remember that using a special
refills your ink. So this can help
to make sure you never run out!
Pearl Whaaat?! Who doesn't use their
special as soon as it's ready?!

SO Ability Turf Drone Gauge.png Turf Drone Gauge
Fills the drone gauge by inking surfaces.

SO Turf Drone Gauge Sprite.png

Acht It's useful for weapons that ink
lots of turf. Especially if you've
set some Main Ink Coverage chips.
Marina Know what's cool? If you give
Pearl the Drone Sprinkler chip,
this lets her fill her own gauge!
Pearl I'd be like a Pearl-petual motion
machine! Think of the damage I
could do that way!

SO Ability Turf Lucky Chain.png Turf Lucky Chain
Inking the ground adds to the Lucky Chain.

SO Turf Lucky Chain Sprite.png

Acht Guess this makes sure you can
always keep a Lucky Chain going
by inking the ground.
Marina Well, even so, there won't be any
item drops unless you splat
some enemies.
Pearl Easy—ink turf to build up the
chain, then splat everything!
Problem solved!

SO Ability Hindrance Damage.png Hindrance Damage
Increases damage dealt to enemies when
they're slowed by your ink or Toxic Mist.

SO Hindrance Damage Sprite.png

Acht Main Ink Coverage helps to spread
your ink around, and Sticky Ink
makes it a trap.
Marina It also works on enemies in your
Toxic Mist. If you don't have that,
try the vending machines!
Pearl It's kinda like kicking enemies
when they're down...which is the
best time to kick them, really!

SO Icon color chip type Mobility.png Mobility category

The Mobility category contains thirteen color chips. These chips focus on movement, letting the player swim and run faster, recover the special gauge on the go and more.

SO Icon color chip Mobility 1.png Tone A

SO Ability Swim Speed Up.png Swim Speed Up
Increases movement speed in swim form.

SO Swim Speed Up Sprite.png

Acht Whether you're closing in or
retreating, swimming fast is an
advantage in combat.
Marina It's tough running from those fish
when they never give up. I hate to
think of you getting cornered...
Pearl Easy there, Marina. But yeah, this
is a good chip to have around if
things start to look bad.

SO Ability Run Speed Up.png Run Speed Up
Increases movement speed in Octoling form.

SO Run Speed Up Sprite.png

Acht Some ground can't be inked. This
chip is situational, but when you
need it, you really need it.
Marina It makes you go faster while
shooting too! That way, they
can't catch you and...and...
Pearl Chill, Marina, before we all start
to panic! But yeah, I like this chip.
Move fast, keep shooting, and win!

SO Ability Moving Ink Speed.png Moving Ink Speed
Increases movement speed when moving
while inking with a roller or brush.

SO Moving Ink Speed Sprite.png

Acht You can double your speed with
enough of these. You'd practically
be a blur on the battlefield.
Marina That sounds even faster than
swimming! Careful, Eight. Don't
go so fast you run off the edge!
Pearl We oughta race to see who's
faster—Drone Me or Eight! Last
one there's a rotten fish!

SO Ability Extra Dodge Roll.png Extra Dodge Roll
Increases the number of times you can
Dodge Roll in a row with dualies.

SO Extra Dodge Roll Sprite.png

Acht Multiple Dodge Rolls can get you
anywhere fast. It's extra good if
you also have Dodge Roll Attack.
Marina Ooo, Dodge Rolls! Pearl's favorite!
You can get as many as six in a
row if you max it out.
Pearl Eight, you gotta do ALL the Dodge
Rolls for me, 'K? Dodge Roll to the
fridge! Dodge Roll to the sofa!

SO Ability Charge Storage.png Charge Storage
Allows you to store a charge. Having two
or more of this color chip increases how
long the charge can be stored.

SO Charge Storage Sprite.png

Acht This one lets you store your
charge with a charger, splatling,
or stringer.
Marina You can swim around without
losing your charge! Useful for
quickly maneuvering into a good
vantage point for taking the shot.
Pearl That explains the time I got one-
shot by a charger popping out of
ink. Guess they weren't cheating!

SO Icon color chip Mobility 2.png Tone B

SO Ability Rush Attack.png Rush Attack
Increases damage dealt by rushing attacks,
like Reefslider and inking while moving with
a roller or brush.

SO Rush Attack Sprite.png

Acht This powers up Squid Attacks,
Dodge Roll Attacks, you name it.
It's a solid chip, no lie.
Marina Well...that's IF you have any rush
attacks to work with. Though if
you don't, this also affects the
shell from those spinny things.
Pearl We can body-slam enemies even
harder?! You heard 'em, Eight!
Get in there and CHAAARGE!

SO Ability Rush Knockback.png Rush Knockback
Push enemies further with rushing attacks,
like Reefslider, inking while moving with
a roller or brush, etc.

SO Rush Knockback Sprite.png

Acht You'll want this if you're going
with chips like Squid Attack and
Dodge Roll Attack.
Marina Sending enemies flying off the
edge of the floor is a knockout
no matter how tough they are!
Pearl Serve, volley, GAME! Knocking
stuff out-of-bounds is how you
win in table tennis, right?

SO Ability Squid Attack.png Squid Attack
Causes Squid Rolls and Squid Surges to deal
damage. This damage is increased by having
the Rush Attack color chip.

SO Squid Attack Sprite.png

Acht Hitting the smaller fish with a
Squid Roll splats them instantly.
The move also knocks foes away.
Marina Try a Squid Roll into the target just
outside the elevator to get a feel
for the move's range.
Pearl's like your body is
registered as a weapon now.
How do you keep getting cooler?!

SO Ability Dodge Roll Attack.png Dodge Roll Attack
Causes a Dodge Roll with dualies to deal
damage. This damage is increased by having
the Rush Attack color chip.

SO Dodge Roll Attack Sprite.png

Acht This way, you can do some
damage as you Dodge Roll your
way out of a tough situation.
Marina Try it out on the target in front
of the elevator. Just tilt
and press while firing your
dualies with .
Pearl Body-slamming baddies with Dodge
Rolls? I wanna try! How come you
get to do the cool stuff, Eight?!

SO Ability Lunge Attack.png Lunge Attack
Causes a lunge with a charged splatana swipe
to deal damage. This damage is increased by
having the Rush Attack color chip.

SO Lunge Attack Sprite.png

Acht This adds an area effect to the
lunge attack. Tilt forward
during a charged slash.
Marina It's three attacks in one! The hit
with the splatana, the ink it gives off,
and now the lunge itself does damage
too. Works great on portals!
Pearl It's so satisfying when a lunge
attack lands! Let's go find some
suckers to practice on, Eight!

SO Icon color chip Mobility 3.png Tone C

SO Ability Mobile Special Charge.png Mobile Special Charge
Fills the special gauge by moving.

SO Mobile Special Charge Sprite.png

Acht Running or swimming triggers it,
but it works on distance traveled.
So swimming's a bit better.
Marina There's a third trigger too.
Using Pearl to glide counts as
moving for this chip!
Pearl Here's my big idea, Eight. Let's fly
around to charge your special,
then drop down and let it rip!

SO Ability Mobile Drone Gauge.png Mobile Drone Gauge
Fills the drone gauge by moving.

SO Mobile Drone Gauge Sprite.png

Acht Pearl's drone gauge will fill up
anytime you move. Run, swim,
whatever. It all works.
Marina It's especially effective if you
can pair it with Run Speed Up or
Swim Speed Up!
Pearl My gauge fills up if Eight runs?!
Eight! I need to get you an
exercise wheel or something!

SO Ability Mobile Ink Recovery.png Mobile Ink Recovery
Refills ink by moving.

SO Mobile Ink Recovery Sprite.png

Acht This should ease your worries
about running out of ink. Keep
moving and you can keep shooting.
Marina If you have the Charge Storage
chip, you can recover ink even
while keeping a charge stored.
Pearl The best part is it works with my
dualies' Dodge Rolls! Shoot, roll,
shoot, roll—it pays for itself!

SO Icon color chip type Lucky.png Lucky category

The Lucky category contains eight color chips. These chips help spawn armor, ink refills, helpful bombs and more!

SO Icon color chip Lucky 1.png Tone A

SO Ability Armor Drop.png Armor Drop
Increases the chances of enemies dropping
armor. Armor will absorb damage and break
so you don't lose a Life.

SO Armor Drop Sprite.png

Acht I recommend Marina hack things
to up your armor count. Can't
ever be too protected.
Marina Yes, I'd love to! See me before
you head into the Spire, alright?
Pearl Armor's the stuff I see floating
around Eight, yeah? Ha! So we
have that in common!

SO Ability Ink-Bottle Drop.png Ink-Bottle Drop
Increases the chances of enemies dropping
ink bottles. An ink bottle fills half of your
ink tank.

SO Ink-Bottle Drop Sprite.png

Acht If there's an ink bottle on the field
and you're set for ink, it's a good
time to toss out a sub weapon.
Marina Does Acht just hate to see things
go to waste? Never mind them,
Eight. No need to go out of your
way if your tank is full.
Pearl So splatting enemies can get us
ink bottles with this? Then why
keep warning me not to run out?!

SO Ability Canned-Special Drop.png Canned-Special Drop
Increases the chances of enemies dropping
canned specials. A canned special fills half
of the special gauge.

SO Canned-Special Drop Sprite.png

Acht A canned special at the right time
can be a game changer when it
feels like all hope is lost.
Marina Not only will your special make a
splash, it'll fully restore your ink
for the start of a big comeback!
Pearl I like to dive right in with a good
Reefslider and juke around to mop
up whatever's left standing.

SO Icon color chip Lucky 2.png Tone B

SO Ability Drone-Battery Drop.png Drone-Battery Drop
Increases the chances of enemies dropping
drone batteries. A drone battery fills the
drone gauge by 100 points.

SO Drone-Battery Drop Sprite.png

Acht They fill a good amount of Pearl's
drone gauge. Keep her equipped,
or these won't do anything.
Marina My hacks can help with that! I can
give Pearl more action slots or
set it so the system will give you
chips that grant her actions.
Pearl If we set, I dunno, Drone Inkstrike
or something, that's powered by the
drone gauge!

SO Ability Lucky Bomb Drop.png Lucky Bomb Drop
Increases the chances of enemies dropping
Lucky Bombs. Lucky Bombs explode from
the closest enemy to the farthest.

SO Lucky Bomb Drop Sprite.png

Acht When you have Lucky Bombs, it
only takes a few splats to put the
hurt on a whole mob of fish.
Marina And enemies splatted by Lucky
Bombs can drop more Lucky
Bombs. It's a self-feeding cycle!
Pearl Lucky Bombs, huh? The reward
for splatting a bunch of fish in a
row is...splatting more fish!

SO Ability Disc-Piece Drop.png Disc-Piece Drop
Increases the chances of enemies dropping
disc pieces. Get three, and the Pearl Drone's
Step-Off Song will temporarily close portals.

SO Disc-Piece Drop Sprite.png

Acht The Step-Off Song is Pearl's
secret weapon. It triggers once
you pick up a third disc piece.
Marina Pearl's song jams all the portals,
which ought to give you some
breathing room, Eight.
Pearl Grab every disc piece you see,
Eight. That way I can bust out the
Step-Off Song over and over!

SO Icon color chip Lucky 3.png Tone C

SO Ability Lucky Chain Window.png Lucky Chain Window
Increases the duration of a Lucky Chain.
The larger the chain, the more likely
enemies are to drop items.

SO Lucky Chain Window Sprite.png

Acht The longer your chain, the more
items you'll see. This helps you
rack up those long chains.
Marina Set Max Lucky Chain with this,
and your odds get even better!
Pearl Lucky Chain, huh? I say splatting
a bunch of fish in a row is its own
reward, but this is cool too!

SO Ability Max Lucky Chain.png Max Lucky Chain
Increases the Lucky Chain maximum. The
longer the chain, the more likely enemies
are to drop items.

SO Max Lucky Chain Sprite.png

Acht The chance of an item drop
doubles when the chain hits 10
and triples when it reaches 20.
Marina Having Lucky Chain Window helps
keep your Lucky Chain as high
as it can go!
Pearl It seriously goes up to 99?! Do
we...usually splat that many fish
per floor?

SO Icon color chip type Drone.png Drone category

The Drone category contains nine color chips. These chips boost Pearl Drone's abilities in various ways.

SO Icon color chip Drone 1.png Tone A

SO Ability Drone Splat Bomb.png Drone Splat Bomb
Allows the Pearl Drone to use Splat Bombs.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Splat Bomb Sprite.png

Acht This lets Pearl throw Splat Bombs,
which explode after rolling around
a little bit.
Marina But she'll hold off if there are no
enemies around Eight, so get in
close if you want her to attack.
Pearl I know better than to waste good
gauge. No bombs until I get
something in my sights!

SO Ability Drone Burst Bomb.png Drone Burst Bomb
Allows the Pearl Drone to use Burst Bombs.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Burst Bomb Sprite.png

Acht Burst Bombs aren't the biggest
bang, but they explode on
contact whenever they hit.
Marina If you already have Splash Damage
or Drone-Gauge Charge, Pearl will
be a force to be reckoned with.
Pearl That's right! Beast mode ON!
Get all the chips you can for
me, Eight!

SO Ability Drone Killer Wail.png Drone Killer Wail
Allows the Pearl Drone to use Killer Wail.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Killer Wail Sprite.png

Acht Killer Wail's a special weapon, so
it needs more gauge than bombs
or other sub weapons.
Marina Sound-Wave Damage amplifies it,
so if you can set that too, this
can really clear the floor.
Pearl No 5.1, huh? Well, even in mono,
there's nowhere to hide from my
deadly pipes!

SO Ability Drone Inkstrike.png Drone Inkstrike
Allows the Pearl Drone to use Inkstrike.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Inkstrike Sprite.png

Acht This needs a lot of gauge to use.
Setting multiple copies of it or taking
Turf Drone Gauge helps some.
Marina Make your Inkstrike bigger with
Splash Radius so even more
enemies get swept up in it!
Pearl No Triple version, huh? Who
cheaped out there? Oh well...
so long as I aim good, we're set!

SO Icon color chip Drone 2.png Tone B

SO Ability Drone Ink Mine.png Drone Ink Mine
Allows the Pearl Drone to use Ink Mines.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Ink Mine Sprite.png

Acht If you want Pearl to drop Ink
Mines, here you go. Ideally she'll
place them on high-traffic paths.
Marina Splash Radius and Splash Damage
enhance its effect, so see if you
can grab those too!
Pearl Don't sweat getting flanked. I'll
make sure no one sneaks up
on you!

SO Ability Drone Sprinkler.png Drone Sprinkler
Allows the Pearl Drone to spray ink.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Sprinkler Sprite.png

Acht Pearl's drizzling ink is there to
help you ink turf and splat fish.
Marina With enough of these and some
Drone-Gauge Charge chips on top,
Pearl will be gushing ink!
Pearl Yeah, like a Sprinkler! Wait, but
don't throw me anywhere!

SO Ability Drone Items.png Drone Items
Allows the Pearl Drone to generate items.
Having two or more of this color chip
reduces the required points accordingly.

SO Drone Items Sprite.png

Acht Pearl will generate random items
for you. Just don't expect any
drone batteries.
Marina They'll appear right underneath
Pearl. So don't forget they're
there, Eight!
Pearl I can even create items? Yo, is
there anything Drone Me CAN'T
make happen?!

SO Icon color chip Drone 3.png Tone C

SO Ability Drone-Gauge Charge.png Drone-Gauge Charge
Increases drone-gauge fill rate.

SO Drone-Gauge Charge Sprite.png

Acht Set a few of these, and Pearl's
drone gauge will fill faster than
paint dries.
Marina And if you set Mobile Drone Gauge
to go with it, she'll be giving you
assists left and right!
Pearl But remember—there's no point in
building gauge unless you gimme
a chip that lets me do stuff!

SO Ability Splat Drone Gauge.png Splat Drone Gauge
Fills the drone gauge by defeating enemies.

SO Splat Drone Gauge Sprite.png

Acht If you're going to go up against
lots of enemies, might as well fill
Pearl's gauge while you're at it.
Marina Splat Ink Recovery also kicks in
when you take out fish, so having
both gives you double benefits!
Pearl It works when I splat stuff too!
I'm thinking...RAMPAGE!


Main article: Badge#Story Mode

There are six color chip categories total, each containing three different tones. A tone is a group of color chips that share the same color. Completing all color chips in a specific tone awards the player with a Badge.

Color-Chip Collection Badges
S3 Badge Power Chip A.png S3 Badge Power Chip B.png S3 Badge Power Chip C.png Collected Data for All Color Chips of the Same Tone Unlock extra Collection information for all chips in a group
(indicated by a line in the Collection screen) by equipping
5 copies of a given chip in your Palette during one climb.

Unique chips (unstackable) only need to be equipped once.

S3 Badge Support Chip A.png S3 Badge Support Chip B.png S3 Badge Support Chip C.png
S3 Badge Range Chip A.png S3 Badge Range Chip B.png S3 Badge Range Chip C.png
S3 Badge Mobility Chip A.png S3 Badge Mobility Chip B.png S3 Badge Mobility Chip C.png
S3 Badge Lucky Chip A.png S3 Badge Lucky Chip B.png S3 Badge Lucky Chip C.png
S3 Badge Drone Chip A.png S3 Badge Drone Chip B.png S3 Badge Drone Chip C.png

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Kleurenchipcollectie Color-chip collection
CanadaFrance French Collection de puces chromatiques Color chip collection
Germany German Farbchip-Sammlung Color-Chip Collection
Italy Italian Schede colore Color chips
Russia Russian Коллекция тон-жетонов
Kollektsiya ton-zhetonov
Color-Chip collection
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