Pearl Drone

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This article is about the Drone form taken on by Pearl in Splatoon 3: Side Order. For her original Inkling form, see Pearl.

Pearl Drone
Species Drone
Hair color
Eye color
Age Likely 26 (from Splatoon 3's start)
Relations Unknown parents
Location Order Sector
Maximum HP
Other forms

The Pearl Drone is a form Pearl can change into within the Memverse in Side Order.


The Pearl Drone is a small, pale pink flying robot with a round shape and a white crown with pink spikes on top. Her eyes are rendered as a black LCD screen in the shape of an Inkling eye mask, with two white cross shapes representing her pupils. Above them are two pale yellow sliding buttons, functioning as eyebrows. The Pearl Drone also has a small hole below her right eye, representing Pearl's beauty mark, and two appendages on the sides that each have a pink gradient and a sucker-like white circle below, resembling tentacles. On the bottom are blades attached to a black opening.


The eighth entry of Marina's Dev Diaries depicting the creation of the Pearl Drone.

The Drone form has been created by Marina while finalizing the concept of the Memverse. Pearl was supposed to take on the role of the guide for the users who have to repeat tasks, represented as climbing a tower, in order to regain their memories taken from Kamabo Corporation.


Similar to Smallfry in Return of the Mammalians, Pearl acts as a companion for Agent 8. Unlike Smallfry, she acts independently, by attacking enemies alongside the player. She can also point out enemies with a pink laser, which does no damage. She can be upgraded by placing color chips inside a Palette, enhancing her abilities or adding sub or special weapons to her arsenal, such as Splat Bombs or individual Killer Wail 5.1 speakers, all of which have to be charged before use. The needed points for charge can be decreased with multiple color chips. She is also able to carry the player like a glider. This happens when they are in the air in Octoling form for some time, or by pressing and holding after jumping. If three Disc Pieces are collected, she will perform the Step-Off song, creating a pink haze around the player's screen, which knocks back nearby Jelletons, stuns bosses, and disables portals or gushers for a limited time.

The abilities of the Pearl drone can be upgraded with color chips and the drone chip selection can expanded with Marina's Hacks, which are unlockable by exchanging Prlz with Marina in the Order Sector

Ability Description Color chip Marina's Hacks
More action slots The Pearl Drone has one action slot by default, which can hold one ability. The number of abilities can be expanded to a total of five. Drone Action Slots
Splat Bomb Splat Bombs have to be charged similarly to special weapons and will be thrown at enemies or targets on sight. Drone Splat Bomb
Killer Wail A Killer Wail 5.1 speaker has to be charged and will be aimed at enemies or targets on sight. Drone Killer Wail
Ink Mine Ink Mines have to be charged similarly to special weapons and will be placed under the Drone's current position if the ground is inkable. Drone Ink Mine Drone Ink Mine
Sprinkler A Sprinkler-like ability which has to be charged similarly to special weapons at a low cost and will ink around the Drone's position. Drone Sprinkler Drone Sprinkler
Burst Bomb Burst Bombs have to be charged similarly to special weapons and will be thrown at enemies or targets on sight. Drone Burst Bomb Drone Burst Bomb
Inkstrike A single Inkstrike of the Triple Inkstrike special weapon which has to be charged before use and will be deployed at enemies or targets on sight. Drone Inkstrike Drone Inkstrike
Item generation The creation of items which will appear underneath the Drone's current position. Drone Items Drone Items
Gauge charge Charging the Drone-Gauge over time. Drone-Gauge Charge
Charging the Drone-Gauge through splatting Jelletons. Splat Drone Gauge Drone-Gauge Splat Charge
Charging the Drone-Gauge by painting turf. Turf Drone Gauge Drone-Gauge Turf Charge
Charging the Drone-Gauge by moving around Mobile Drone Gauge



  • When the player is idle in the Order Sector after saving Marina, Pearl may either sleep in drone form, or switch to Inkling form and sit in one of three locations until the player moves:
    • On the large rock to the left of Marina.
    • On the right side of the roof of the Spire of Order entrance.
    • On top of the telephone pole on the left side of the Order Sector.
  • If the player walks in a tight circle repeatedly, the Pearl Drone will twirl around their head and exclaim happily.
  • One of the Pearl Drone's blades has a small sticker with a visual warning for rotating machinery.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヒメドローン
Pearl Drone
Netherlands Dutch Lorelei-drone Pearl drone
CanadaFrance French Drone Perle Pearl drone
Germany German Perla-Drohne Pearl Drone
Italy Italian Alga drone Drone Pearl
Russia Russian Жем-дрон
Pearl drone
SpainMexico Spanish Dron Perla Pearl Drone
China Chinese (Simplified) 小姬无人机
xiǎojī wúrénjī (Mandarin)
Pearl Drone
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 小姬無人機
xiǎojī wúrénjī (Mandarin)
Pearl Drone
South Korea Korean 히메 드론
hime deuron
Pearl Drone
 Internal HimeDroneSdodr[1]