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S3 Oonie Artwork.png
Artwork from Splatoon 3.
Species Sea urchin (specifically Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus)
Hair color Dark blue, sea green, and orange (Splatoon 2)
Black, silver, and lime (Splatoon 3)
Eye color Magenta
Gender Female
Relations Unnamed parents
Maximum HP
Other forms

Oonie is a character in the Splatoon series. She first appears in Splatoon 2 as the bassist for Ink Theory, and returns in Splatoon 3 as the bassist for Yoko & the Gold Bazookas.


Splatoon 2

Oonie is a humanoid sea urchin with sea green skin, off-white eyes with magenta pupils, and magenta lipstick. Her hair is made from her test, resembling a bowl cut. Unlike other sea urchins in the Splatoon series, her test is largely devoid of spikes. Her test is segmented, alternating with some segments being dark blue, and others being sea green and orange. She wears a sleeveless black dress with a gold tie, matching the other members of Ink Theory, alongside black pants, and white boots resembling Punk Whites.

Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, Oonie is given a new outfit, now wearing a red and black blazer, a long plaid skirt, black platform shoes, and a spiked bracelet on her left hand. The dark blue segments of her test are now black, while the sea green and orange segments are now silver and lime.

Personality and traits

Oonie grew up in a strict household with parents who are famous musicians. For a short while, she favored bands with a different musical style from her parents, but lately, she has been observing classical music in a new light. She is romantically inexperienced, often falling for self-degrading people.[1]




Oonie's name is a phonetic rendering of the Japanese word for urchin, "ウニ". It parallels her Japanese name, which is a rendering of the English word "urchin".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あーちん
A rendering of the English word "urchin", Oonie's taxonomic class.