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Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -テンタライブ- (Tentalive, meaning "Off the Hook Live") is a live album by Off the Hook. It contains a recording of their solo concert at Niconico Tokaigi 2019. Additionally, it also includes in-game music that was not included in both Splatune 2 and Octotune, a recording of the Squid Sisters' performance at Cho Party 2016, and the Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape (a medley of various Splatoon and Splatoon 2 songs by DJ Octavio). A limited-edition run of the album comes with a Blu-ray disc that contains the footage of the Tentalive concert from Nintendo's YouTube channel and a bonus "choreography version" of the concert which features direct-feed footage of Pearl, Marina, and the dialogue screen displayed behind them.[1] It released in Japan on 24 July 2019.[2]

It debuted at #10 on the Oricon Albums Chart[3] and at #12 on the Billboard Japan Hot Albums chart.[4] It sold 6,855 copies during its launch week.[5]


Track no. English song title Japanese song title Romanization English artist name Japanese artist name Romanization
1 Opening~MC1 (1st Off the Hook Live) オープニング〜MC1 (1st テンタライブ) Opening~MC1 (1st Tentalive) Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
2 Inkoming! (1st Off the Hook Live) Inkoming! (1st テンタライブ) Inkoming! (1st Tentalive)
3 Blitz It! (1st Off the Hook Live) Chip Damage (1st テンタライブ) Chip Damage (1st Tentalive)
4 Entropical (1st Off the Hook Live) エントロピカル (1st テンタライブ) Entropical (1st Tentalive)
5 Nasty Majesty (1st Off the Hook Live) ナスティ・マジェスティ (1st テンタライブ) Nasty Majesty (1st Tentalive) Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
6 MC2 (1st Off the Hook Live) MC2 (1st テンタライブ) MC2 (1st Tentalive)
7 Acid Hues (1st Off the Hook Live) リップル・リフレイン (1st テンタライブ) Ripple Refrain (1st Tentalive)
8 Color Pulse (1st Off the Hook Live) ウルトラ・カラーパルス (1st テンタライブ) Ultra Color Pulse (1st Tentalive)
9 Muck Warfare (1st Off the Hook Live) レッド・ホット・エゴイスト (1st テンタライブ) Red Hot Egoist (1st Tentalive)
10 MC3 (1st Off the Hook Live) MC3 (1st テンタライブ) MC3 (1st Tentalive)
11 Shark Bytes (1st Off the Hook Live) ミッドナイト・ボルテージ (1st テンタライブ) Midnight Voltage (1st Tentalive)
12 Into the Light (1st Off the Hook Live) フレンド・フロム・ファラウェイ (1st テンタライブ) Friend from Faraway (1st Tentalive)
13 MC4 (1st Off the Hook Live) MC4 (1st テンタライブ) MC4 (1st Tentalive)
14 Fly Octo Fly (1st Off the Hook Live) フライ・オクト・フライ (1st テンタライブ) Fly Octo Fly (1st Tentalive)
15 Ebb & Flow (Octo) (1st Off the Hook Live) フルスロットル・テンタクル(Octo) (1st テンタライブ) Full-Throttle Tentacle (Octo) (1st Tentalive)
16 Seasick Diss-Pair 合食禁 Gasshokukin
17 Kinetosis Eazy Queazy
18 Chopscrewey チャンポン・チャント Champon Chant SashiMori
19 Entropical エントロピカル Entropical
20 Frantic Aspic 鼕々 Tōtō ω-3
21 Opening~MC1 (Cho Party 2016) オープニング〜MC1 (超パーティ2016) Opening~MC1 (Cho Party 2016) Squid Sisters シオカラーズ Sea O' Colors
22 City of Color (Cho Party 2016) ハイカラシンカ (超パーティ2016) High-Color Sinker (Cho Party 2016)
23 Ink Me Up (Cho Party 2016) キミ色に染めて (超パーティ2016) Kimi-iro ni Somete (Cho Party 2016)
24 MC2 (Cho Party 2016) MC2 (超パーティ2016) MC2 (Cho Party 2016)
25 Maritime Memory (Cho Party 2016) マリタイム・メモリー (超パーティ2016) Maritime Memory (Cho Party 2016)
26 Calamari Inkantation (Cho Party 2016) シオカラ節 (超パーティ2016) Shiokara-Bushi (Cho Party 2016)
27 SPLATOCALYPSE (Final Splatfest Announcement – Background Music) SPLATOCALYPSE (ファイナルフェス 告知映像BGM) SPLATOCALYPSE (Final Fes Kokuchi Eizō BGM)
28 Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape High-Color Memorial Mixtape DJ Octavio


  • The timing of the sound effect that plays when Pearl's Princess Cannon is ready is changed so that it does not overlap with her vocal dialogue. As a result, the sound effect is out of sync with the visuals when the concert is viewed on the Blu-ray.
  • The blast of the confetti cannons during Ebb & Flow (Octo) is softened in the album version. It is more audible in the Blu-ray version.
  • SPLATOCALYPSE lacks the sound effects from the trailer.


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Music By

Sound Effects By


Recorded & ProTools Operated By

Live Arrange & Direction

Tentalive Musician

Shiokalive Musician

Live Mixing Engineer (Tentalive)

Kazuo Takei (as 武井一雄 (public address))

Live Mixing Engineer (Shiokalive)

Yuki Kakuto (as 各取由紀(MSI JAPAN TOKYO))

TrackDown & Mixing Engineer

Takahiro Tezuka (as 手塚貴博)

Live Stage Direction

Tomoya Ueda (as 植田智也)


Melochin (as めろちん)

Choreography Coordinator

Yuuki Hashiguchi (as 樋口雄樹)

Mastering Engineer