Haicalive at Chokaigi 2018

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Haicalive at Chokaigi 2018 (ハイカライブ 超会議2018(JP)[a]) was a virtual live concert that took place during the Music Festival (超音楽祭(JP)[a], Cho-Ongakusai) at Niconico Chokaigi on 28 April 2018.


Viewable on Niconico.


On 13 April 2018, it was announced that Haicalive would be held again at Chokaigi 2018 during the Music Festival. In the initial announcement, it was teased that an additional song had been added to the setlist.[1] On the day before the concert, it was confirmed to be the song used in the Octo Expansion trailer, Nasty Majesty.[2] The Music Festival's live stream where one could view the concert was region locked for foreigners. However, an official video without region lock was made available on Niconico on 8 May 2018.

In addition to the new song, the dialogue between songs was also updated to reflect the 3.0.0 update released prior, and the then-upcoming Octo Expansion. Callie mentions coming to Octo Canyon to accompany Marie, and Pearl mentions checking up on "Gramps and Eight," to which Marina warns is supposed to be secret.[3] Some concert dialogue was omitted in the last talking session before Now or Never!.


  • The concert reveals what it looks like when an Inkling and an Octoling change ink colors, which occurs before and after Pearl and Marina perform Nasty Majesty.
  • This is the first and only Splatoon concert not to be held concurrently with any other events related to the franchise.
  • This is the only pre-Final Fest Japanese concert to not receive a remastered recording released on an album. This is also the only concert in general to lack an HD release.



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