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Haicalive Kyoto Mix (ハイカライブ KYOTO MIX(JP)[a]) was a pair of virtual live concerts that took place at the Nintendo Live 2019 event in Kyoto, Japan on 13 October 2019 and 14 October 2019. They were based on previous Splatoon concerts. While the setlist was the same between the two concerts, the dialogue portions were different. The main act lasted for approximately fifty minutes, the longest yet for the Splatoon franchise. K.K. Slider from the Animal Crossing series served as the opening act.


First concert.

Second concert. (Live stream archive.)


These concerts were originally announced on 1 August 2019.[1] They took place in the Annex Hall of the Kyoto International Conference Center, making the first Japanese concerts to be held outside of the Kanto region. There was one performance each day, with lotteries held to determine who would be able to attend the concerts in person the mornings of.

The first performance was originally scheduled to start at 09:00 UTC before being delayed twenty minutes due to another event ending later than scheduled.[2] The second performance on the following day was already pushed to 09:10 UTC as a result of the schedule for Nintendo Live 2019 being changed in anticipation of Typhoon Hagibis, but was held a few minutes past 10:00 UTC in the end.

The concerts were streamed on Niconico and YouTube for those who were not able to see the performance in person. Viewers were invited to comment on the Niconico live stream, but unlike previous Japanese concerts, these comments were not displayed at the concert itself. The stage where the Fifth Splatoon Koshien regional tournament for the Kinki region took place also held viewing parties for those who were not able to get in the venue.[3] Merchandise from all previous concerts were sold for this event in limited quantities.

The live stream archives of both concerts were originally left public on YouTube and have been trimmed to start at K.K. Slider's performance and to end shortly after the concerts' conclusions. As of 4 November 2019, both videos were made unlisted and replaced with a recording of the second day's concert that corrected some glitches and timing issues. The concerts' original live streams were broadcasted at 30fps, while the newer video is at 60fps.

On 21 January 2020, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe uploaded localized versions of the concert. The footage used is the same as the aforementioned replacement video, but the localization has elements from both concerts' dialogue.

Comparison to previous concerts

Most of Off the Hook's set was based on their previous Tentalive concert held earlier in the year, while the Squid Sisters' set was based on their appearances at Niconico Cho Party 2016 and previous Haicalive concerts held throughout 2018.

However, in addition to the opening act and some new animations, other new elements were brought in as well:

  • Splattack! was performed for the first time at a hologram concert.
  • There was a countdown video shown that was similar to the one at the Tentalive concert, but it served as the introduction to Shark Bytes rather than being shown before the Inkopolis News broadcast like other countdowns.
  • Both Off the Hook and the Squid Sisters wore different colored versions of their outfits. They began wearing the normal variants of their outfits from the beginning of Fresh Start.
    • Pearl's casual outfit had a color scheme similar to the Nintendo Switch and one of the launch bundle's Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con, having red ink.
    • Marina's casual outfit had a color scheme similar to the Nintendo Switch Lite systems that had released the month prior, having blue ink.
    • Callie's casual outfit had a color scheme similar to the Famicom, having red ink.
    • Marie's casual outfit had a color scheme similar to the Super Famicom, having a red hat and gray ink with the tips of the lower part of her hairdo being colored red, yellow, green, and blue.
  • Off the Hook performed a Shark Bytes / Nasty Majesty medley to start their act. Nasty Majesty was at a higher tempo than the original version.
  • Off the Hook also mainly wore their casual outfits until the last portion of Ebb & Flow (Octo), where they had an on-stage quick change into their normal outfits.
  • City of Color was given a longer opening to introduce the Squid Sisters.
  • The transition from Fly Octo Fly to Ebb & Flow (Octo) was shortened, and Pearl's Princess Cannon was smaller than at the previous concert.
  • Callie and Marie join Pearl and Marina for the last portion of Ebb & Flow (Octo), dancing along and cheering until the end.
  • Nintendo of America's localized version of the concert includes some dialogue that was previously only in Octotune's transcription of Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018. Official recordings for both concerts show that this dialogue was not originally present for this event.

Live musicians


  • Some choreography for this concert was mocapped on 2 September 2019.[4]



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